Breakout Part 3

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i ran, there were just too many of the f*ckers to handle. i stumbled down hall after hall i hear a crackling like a psi-storm,weird. i turned the corner to find.... Nick and the rest!!! "yo guys!!!" i yell as i run towards them.
No response from her...what to do, what to do? That changeling is right in the middle of the room and it can attack in all directions and quickly. And I don't know if the Doc is up to something or just cowering. Why did I not think of entry through the vents? Is there no other choice?

Martha sees a mug of coffee next to her with the corner of her eye. Dr. Abe did say it was weak to caffeine but I doubt a mug of coffee has sufficient amount of it to do anything.

Martha grabs the mug ands slowly walks to the right, her eyes focused on the changeling. "This offer is tempting. What else should I expect besides immortality and some of your powers?"

Martha is heading to the right, Dr. Abe is crouching underneath a table at the far left side of the room.

As of now, I consider this RP closed until further notice but people can still attempt to create a character. It's unlikely that you would get in though. Also, my RP characters are now killable. Just don't insta-gib them in one post.
"Well. You can expect me to act as a second mind. Ashley here is experiencing some effects of a disease that she has had since birth, and I promised I would help her conduct experiments to try and cure it. A noble cause, don't you think?"

Ashley puts on a grim face and slowly begins to nod.
"When it talked to me when I was controlling it, I knew that it would take over me, and once it did, I was able to strike a bargain with it. It will leave the part of it inside me under my control when I fufill my end of the deal. My current... appearance, is an effect of a degenerative disease, not the Changeling. I am speaking to you honestly and sincerely here. Unlike that other girl... Molly... she gave herself entirely to it, she wanted to be a puppet, to not have to deal with the atrocities she committed here on Protoss and Zerg alike. Seeing what the Changeling has seen truly does change your views on them. Molly was using the limited amount of brain she had left to tell you the things it has seen, and when you connect with it... It feels as if you are there, and are reliving each memory as if it was your own. Turns out I was in a comatose state while the Changeling was manipulating me, but when I resurfaced, I spoke with it."

It nods.
"A very interesting conversation indeed. It was the first time I had struck a bargain with a new host, and... I can honestly say I don't mind it. I'm not a big fan of ruining ripe young minds... unless they want me to... then it is an entirely different story. Molly was begging me, concentrating solely on me while I was being tested on, thus her... distant appearance... I promise that you will not regret this deal, and it is the only one you will ever receive."

It finally acknowledges what Martha is holding.
"Ahh, that Terran Poison you call Coffee. I remember that you knew about it... but do you know that the sugars in it also have an effect on me? Come on, splash some on me. The Sugar and Caffiene will combine their opposite effects, making me easily enraged and sleep-like, unable to respond using any higher thinking skills. I would most likely kill almost everybody... Your choice Martha!"

It begins to laugh.
"This mug of joe? I am merely enjoying it. You assume things too quickly. I know it is pointless to even attempt to do something so frivolous. Or are you saying that because you are afraid?"

Martha takes a sip, still looking at the changeling. The changeling twitches.

Its skin absorbs the chemicals even if it doesn't want to. But this cup holds a low amount of sugar and caffeine. Can a drop of it be that potent? ...Wait a moment, both substances keeps you awake. If I remember, Abe said that substances have opposite effects on the changeling. So it should be knocked out if I throw this. But if it was telling the truth...? That property, how can I exploit it? It isn't bluffing when it threatened to kill everyone...

Martha begins to walk again to the right. It sounded a bit impatient there, how much longer before it decides to cut the deal off? "One more question if you will, what do you plan to do with these Chimeras?"
Clutching his chest, Doctor Abe peered sideways. The changeling's back was towards him. He remembered there was one weak point the changeling had but he could not remember where. It was somewhere in the forearms.

Why am I forgetting this information? Think carefully! Where was it? That's how we got it last time. Was it the left or right forearm? Tell me it's location does not change with its host...
"Why of course, see how they... adapt. The new virus has never been seen before, and I want to witness all of it's effects on an ecosystem first-hand..."
It laughs, and rolls it's shoulders, popping the joints out and back in. It did this to relieve stress. It slowly begins to flow back into the bump in Ashley's back.

"Well, I wish I could give you two time to think this over, but we have a planetary collapse to initiate. Choose quickly."
Doctor Abe shut his eyes. The surroundings he could not recall clearly. It was a blur of red and screams. There was a lot gunfire and human bodies cut to pieces. A seemingly benign, weak creature they found became a nightmare for them. No matter the amount of bullets shot at it, it did not stop.

It lunged for him but he fell down. The creature was on top of him and it attempted to stab him. In a fit of desperation, he ran his knife up the creature's arm. Was it the left? The right? With a terrifying yell, it fell sideways and was still.

Although he was never part of the research team, he read their reports zealously. There was never a report in which the Changeling acted the way it did when it was tried to kill him even with all of the terrible weapons being tested on it.

He opened his eyes. Martha continued in vain trying to buy time. There wasn't any point in waiting now. He had done many horrible things. There was a sad smile forming on his lips; why was he thinking of these things? Shaking his head, he drew his civilian pistol, aiming for the left forearm. There was a 1 in a 1000 chance of hitting that same spot and that was if that was the right arm. Was there even such a spot? Biting his lips he knew what he must do. He pulled the trigger.
Martha's eyes widened at the the changeling's intention. Just as we experimented on it, it wants to experiment on us with its creation. This won't bode well for me or humanity. I can't let it go out. But what can I do?

She saw Dr. Abe aim a gun behind the changeling. He nodded his head. Her heart sank at the thought. She continued to go right. She gestured both hands and made a twirling motion with her hands. "You know, that deal won't be so bad now that I think about it. I like the idea of gaining such powers. Why don't you and I do this transaction?"

With the BANG, she and the two other workers in the room ran for the door.
Sorry if anyone thinks that I controlled their character to much.

IC: The first scientist to reach the door was the unlucky one.
He opened the door only to reveal a High Templar in the doorway.

The blast from the Templar's hand took the mans head off entirely, cauterizing the neck. The remainder of the man's body hit the floor with a thump.

The second blast was targeted at Ashley. Only the changeling's action saved her. The appendages flew out defensively to take the blast, while others anchored themselves to the roof so she could move above the next blast.

The scientist behind the table fired a round at the Templar, but the small caliber round bounced off his shield harmlessly.

"You must be the one responsible for this. I sense too much free will for it to be otherwise... Ashley."

The Templar attacks during the split second that she wonders how he knew her name.
Ignoring the fact that the facility is 4 floors and you came from the bottom (So Protoss can go faster w/e and he reach the area yadayada), did you forget that you had to go through chimeras and even then, 15 armed men with a turret? I did draw a map of the lobby and there's only one way through (besides the vents) and there's a lot of barricades. Otherwise, I don't have a problem if the Command Room was on some other floor.

Speaking of which, are the chimeras going to attack?

And the humans are making their last stand there, if they die, the exit is literally in sight (although locked down)

Hmm...a small, tight setting seems to have its own sets problems. Or maybe it's just me?
The chimera were the psi-storm's target.

I had forgotten about the barricade however.

So... Is it a plot hole, or a never happened?
Let's stick with you killing the chimeras at the second floor and see how HBRB responds. He should have some sort of connection with them. Then you can probably head up to the barricades.
At the barricades...
"Man it's awfully quiet in here. Where's those critters at? They should be coming here any second now."
The men at the barricades see a a flash of light and Sorlan appears with 2 Zealots at his side. "Terrans, you may want to let us pass, we will not harm you, we will aid you in your attempts against the Chime-" A chimera is behind Sorlan and he seems lifeless, the chimera had stabbed through his shields and straight through his gut. "Today I meet my ancestors." He disappears with a flash of light and the Chimera is cut down by the Zealots.
"Another protoss? Why must I always have to deal with them, when my brother isn't here!"
The Changeling smiles and rushes at the Templar, jumping and spinning into a kick, aimed at the protoss' head. The shields take the kick easily, and the Templar retaliates, sending a psi-blade into the Changeling's gut. It coughs blood, then smiles, as it pushes itself off the blade, holding the bleeding hole in it's abdomen.
"Well well. Isn't this interesting. Certainly a warrior capable of defeating me... if only he knew what 'I' really am. Luckily there are only a select few who know the full extent of my abilities, and I doubt even the Protoss within them would tell you..."

The tentacles behind Ashley erupt and begin constricting the shield, while the Templar was busy trying to slice the mass of protoplasm around him, the Changeling ripped off it's tail and threw it at Martha.

"Here you go!" it cackled while the Templar was distracted. The wound quickly closed, and the tail hit the ground in front of Martha, and liquefied, bursting all over her. The sudden mass on her knocked Martha to the ground, and was forced to watch as the liquid began to trickle to her mouth.

The Templar released a Psionic blast, but too late, as his Shields flickered and shut down. Now the tide was tipped somewhat in the Changeling's favor...

OOC: I give control of the Chimera to Jake, as he is the leader of them.

EDIT: About the shot... It's the Right Forearm, and it has a pocket of Acid in it that is it's failsafe to make sure it isn't captured again. The Acid travels through the veins into every cell in the body, eating it away entirely until nothing is left. So... even if I wasn't oblivious to you two running, I still would have initially attacked the High Templar.
Let's stick with you killing the chimeras at the second floor and see how HBRB responds. He should have some sort of connection with them. Then you can probably head up to the barricades.
At the barricades...
"Man it's awfully quiet in here. Where's those critters at? They should be coming here any second now."

A faint clatter is heard, causing the soldiers to panic. A metal hatch slams on top of one of them, and several chimera with tanks and weaponary dive through, slaughtering the men stationed at the checkpoint and ushering the others to charge through.

Chimera Leader: <Alright. With our forces focused on a single area, the defenders will be forced to set up more tropps threre, leaving other areas to be easily exploited. We just need to wait a few minutes for the effect to set in. Meanwhile, let's set up at the next place of attack.

OOC: Command Squad Armament (in addition to their packs)

Chimera Leader
-adamantine axe
-enemy radio
-Advanced Chitin Armour

Two Chimeras
-Neosteel Bayonets
-Adapted Flak Jackets

Four Chimeras
-Neosteel Swords/Axes/Maces
-Cobbled together scrap in the shape of armour
HBRB acted on it so just for fun...

Plot twist!

03/13/2012 08:39 PMPosted by HowBabysRBrn
The Templar released a Psionic blast, but too late, as his Shields flickered and shut down. Now the tide was tipped somewhat in the Changeling's favor...

"I am no longer favored by the odds. Initiating change."

There is a flash as the Templar disappears. A spheroid shape floats in his place.
"Target acquired."

There is a hum and buzz as the replicant changes yet again.
A second Ashley now stands in the room.

(Everyone's shock goes here)

"I now calculate the odds my escape to be significantly in my favor."

Appendages spring from replicant/Ashley's back. Before anyone can truly react the replicant exits the room through the (vent I think it was) that the real Ashley used to enter the room.
Bravo!!! You should consider signing up at the Roach Warren.
"Well. That f*cks up everything."
The Changeling puts it's hands on it's hips as the Replicated Ashley went up through the vents.
"Ashley, contact the Chimera, and tell the leader NOT to listen to you."
Ashley concentrates on the leader.

Hello again, I have grave news. There is an imposter running around, looking like me with the same abilities. It is a Protoss Machine. If I tap you three times on the left shoulder, it is me. If I don't, it isn't. You can do what you wish wit the imposter, but consider it highly dangerous, understand?
As the changeling and Protoss fought, Dr. Abe went over to one of the computers, unnoticed by both of them. This facility is lost. If I am going to die today, then I must make sure that our work here gets out to the Dominion. Typing quickly, he inserted a disk to download all of the data in the facility. Then, a wipe out of the network would be initiated after the data downloaded. He turned off the power to the monitor.

He moved over to the radio control. "Fire teams, listen carefully as this may be your last orders. This facility is lost. The changeling came here before you and everything went south from there. They are likely to breach the barricades. We won't last much longer. Your final objective is to retrieve a disk in the command room located in the master controls. Get that and get out of here. Head for the starport and get a ride out of here. If fortune smiles on us, you may not be the only ones there..."

A bright light illuminated the room. The Protoss was gone. Dr. Abe stepped away from the radios and turned just in time to see something jump up through the vents. There were screams and gunfire outside.

So it is over now? He held up his gun and aimed once more at the left forearm. It was just him and the changeling now. It did not give any indication of acknowledging his presence. 4 more I shoot?" He clutch his gun tighter. Sweat trickled down his cheeks. "Let it be the left forearm." BANG BANG BANG BANG.
A guard took up the turret and rained fire upon the chimera leader. Several guards were already injured in the initial ambush. One of them was cleaved in half as the leader swung his axe. Two men went to the door leading to Command.

Look at the map on page 4. There are two guards per barricade. The reception desk has 4 guards. All the assault rifles are in the back. The chimera leader is in the area in front of the turret. All the others are advancing foward.
The liquid was on top of her, slightly smaller than her but she was on her fours trying to avoid being engulfed in it. Despite it's amorphous and liquid quality, it was surprisingly heavy. She shut her mouth tightly and with great force, looked around for something, anything to get the thing off her. The door opened revealing two guards. "What in the world? Oh my god, that thing is here! Move her out and lock that door!"

They each grabbed a hold of her arm and dragged her out. Gunfire was all over the place. The door closed ominously behind her and the other guard put in the lockdown code for the door. They went behind the reception desk

"It's not getting off her! What do we do?" "Gimme your taser! If we shoot it, we may kill her. At least with this, she may live. A painful jolt went through Martha's body. "Yes, yes! Increase the voltage! That thing is loosening its grip!" Another painful jolt ran through her. "Almost there, one more, put it on max!" The liquid trembled and released its grip and laid still. Martha panted and crawled out of the liquid. No doubt that "tail" will attack them again. There were some left in her clothing but she ignored them for now. Survival was more important.

She saw a chaotic scene. She breathed heavily there was no time for respite. She drew her pistol. "Ma'am, you should rest for the time being!" yelled the guard. "Times like this, you need fight!" she yelled back. The big brutish chimera was frightening resilient and quick and advanced on the turret She drew her pistol, aimed for the foot and opened fire.

11/15 men are alive, 2 deaths from the chimera, 2 from the changeling ===========================================================
The defiler was completely still in the darkness. Sounds were coming and they sounded familiar. Yet its scent was strangely protoss. It passed him. An does not carry the smell of the changeling. So it is near, very near.
I kwanae!
OOC: But that was an entire like 5 ft long tail turned into liquid and trying to force it's way into you. You don't just spit that out XD
I didn't know how long it was nor the qualities of it. And although it was moving, I thought it was easy to brush off since it is a liquid. Unless it is the kind that sticks? Well, gimme 5 minutes to change my post.

Well, The Changeling is about 7 ft tall, with a 15 ft wingspan outdoors. It's tail is about 5 ft long...

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