Breakout Part 3

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Lets get ready to rumblllllllleeeeeeee!

IC: The Leader lept into the air, fast enough the gunman was having difficulty swinging up the gun to face him. He landed axe-first into the man's face and took cover behind the reception desk on the oppisite side of the exit. Chimeran were attempting to smash through the door behind him in addition to the ones to either side. He looked at the turret gleaming beside him and smiled with glee. He ordered the two chimeran gunners to run to him, and began to swing the turret around.

"EAT LEAD, YOU DOMINION SCUM!!!" It screached out through the enemy's headsets, momentarily stunning them from the ringing in their ears, and thousands of rounds hailed down upon the defenders.
We all stop as we receive the message. The facility was lost.

"Lets..... Lets find somewhere to resupply until the enemy has cleared out of the command room. No doubt there's going to be an overwhelming amount of contacts....."
OOC: Editing is done. Electricity has to have some effect on a limb...

The defenders near the barricades had small arms weaponry and they tried shooting the loose chimeras in the middle of the lobby.

Blood splattered on the floor as Martha watched hopelessly. These Chimeras, they were merciless, fierce, efficient, resilient... But they could not lose. "Don't let them get past this point!" Take them down with everything you got!

"EAT LEAD, YOU DOMINION SCUM!!!" It screached out through the enemy's headsets, momentarily stunning them from the ringing in their ears, and thousands of rounds hailed down upon the defenders

Her ears exploded and she was dazed. When she came to, there was still fighting. The guards near the barricade switched sides and were still shooting back. The turret ripped apart the barricades. Three men were unable to head for cover and were riddled with holes.

There was a Chimera right in front of them arming the turret, not noticing her and her two rescuers. "Plant a grenade, We get away from here as soon as we throw it in..." One of the guards removed the pin and threw it in.

They ran to the sides and began to shoot the "leader" and other hostiles.

8/11 are alive since Martha is also fighting. 5 are behind the barricades that are being shredded and the other 3 including Martha are on the opposite end of the lobby near the exit door.

For the Human faction, please read my long post on page 5. You have new orders again. Remember that you still have not stock up on ammo. I will DM that faction a lot less starting now.
The Changeling finally took notice of the doctor who was shooting it. A single bone fired from it's arm, and shattered the handgun. It slowly walked over to Doc. Abe, and picked him up by his throat.
"I remember you... You actually almost killed me. I see you struggling... I feel your fear..."
It smiled, a crazed smile, the sight of it's fangs sending a wave of slight panic down Abe's spine.
"I am going to enjoy feeding you to the chimera..."
Ashley took a step to the left, where she could see Martha, still covered in the liquid. As she was barking orders, Ashley took control of the substance, and forced a drop of it down her windpipe, the rest still trying to get in.
Alright, Ashley and the changeling are one being right now and the changeling is speaking through Ashley, correct? The guards locked the door when they grabbed Martha out and almost tasered her to death attempting to get that living goop off her. They got most of it...unless you mean the small amount of goop that is still on her tried to force itself down her throat? Did you reread my post?

And which changeling is this one?
Yeah. The tiny amount got in there is all I need, but the process will take longer. I think Martha will go into a comatose state in about 45 minutes...

IC: As The Changeling spoke through me, I felt a surge of power come from within me. Somewhere, although it felt so far away, an electric shock went through a part of my body. Then I felt warmness.
"It made it. You are too late Abe... Martha is soon going to be one of us... You never gave me an answer, by the way..." She smiled.
Malak sees Sorlan fall and he uncloaks and pulls his scythe in half and each one sends out Psionic energy at the end and he starts cutting every chimera near him down.
There's a grenade at the leader's feet...

The bits of goop on Martha's body suddenly jets into her mouth as she barked orders. She coughs in fits and feels a strange sensation in her chest. She hears soothing words.

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You never gave me an answer, by the way..."

What a beautiful...I could simply close my eyes...what am I saying? I'm about to become like Ashley! With a grunt, she tells the changeling, "My the same...I won't l-let you take will is my own!"

She pounds her hands on the ground, vomiting some strange liquid. "Damn, damn, I got careless again."

The chimeras sees that their master is at work and ignore her for the time being for she is undergoing conversion.
Doctor Abe gasps for the air. The changeling loosens his grip slightly, allowing the doctor to breath somewhat more comfortably. "Don't think you have won. Did you forget? You are public enemy #1 here. The squad we sent down will come for you. As will the Protoss and the defiler. And you can't get out."
As I hear the tink of something hitting the floor, I instinctivly grab the grenade from the floor and throw it at the men behind us. I order the swordsmen to keep them busy, and continue to fire at the defenders, the cries of the incoming horde getting louder.
Malak sees Sorlan fall and he uncloaks and pulls his scythe in half and each one sends out Psionic energy at the end and he starts cutting every chimera near him down.

Seconds later a massive psi-storm engulfs the rear of the chimera's battle line. Many scream as their minds are torn apart.

The High Templar floats past the bodies so he can get in range of the mid-group of chimera. They two are destined to die in a storm.

The protoss have truly joined the battle.
Incoming horde implies there's more chimeras?

The grenade lands near one of the guards. "Oh shi-"

The guard pops up from cover and fires at a chimera. After reloading his clip, he notices that Martha is in a state of agitation. "Ma'am? Ma'am! Keep yourself together!" A bullet whistles over his head.

"Damn! This is really bad!" He looks up again. A blue light was at the end of the hallway past the barricades. "What the hell...?"
C T C====CR

The way I'm seeing this, the Protoss are behind the Chimera and the guards (G) are shooting at Chimeras both in front and behind them. CR is control room and M is Martha. The C is where the chimeras can be.

7/15 still fighting, 5 of them located in the middle. Martha and 1 guard is in the corner near the exit.
The Changeling smirks, as Ashley goes to work in Martha's mind.
"Don't resist, you will simply damage yourself further in the end. It's over Martha. The Protoss will not defeat the Chimera in time, and each one who falls will rise again. You are feeling incredibly tired I presume. Just go to sleep and it will all be better once you wake up. The comatose is to keep you from feeling anything while you undergo your transformation. Without it, you will feel more pain than you can fathom as your body rejects it."

The Changeling, through Ashley's face, smiles.
"As I said, I always have a backup plan, Abe. If I can't get out alone, then Martha will help me..."
I see his eyes widen as he takes in the meaning of my words.
"Yes... You understand... I have been one step ahead of you the entire time. The Barricades will be eliminated from behind when she wakes, and then the Chimera will overrun the Protoss, then my experiment will be released upon this doomed world, and you won't be able to do anything about it. Goodbye, Dr. Abe."
With her other hand, Ashley slits his throat, leaving the old man on the ground as he struggled to breathe, and finally collapsed, dead.

She then leaned against a wall, waiting for Martha to awaken again before assisting her.

OOC: Most of the facility's staff are currently undergoing a transformation, and the main Chimeran horde is not complete. In about half an hour, the combined howls of the newly formed will echo throughout the halls, and then it will be too late. This is basically just the initial infected, the ones in the medical wing. The rest will be here shortly ;)
"God damn it command, we will follow orders. That disk is our priority. But I'll be damned if I don't come back for whoever is left." he turns off his comms.
"Lets get this done fast."
Nick says as he pulls the saftey off all his weapons. Nick slams his leg into the door ahead, knocking it clean off its hinges. Chimeras turned, looking on tawrds their new foes.

"See you in hell." He says as he sprays down a group of them with gunfire, ripping through their flesh carapaces.
Martha grabs a hold of the guard. She grips the sleeve tightly and opens her mouth to speak. I feel so tired, so tired. I can't let it control would be too dangerous... She looked at the guard with sorrowful eyes. "Mr Thomson...I h-have a favor to ask you."

"Now's not the right time but go on then, make it quick."

"Kill me, kill me now. That changeling is attempting to subjugate me and I won't let that happen. I need you to end me. End this torment. ARGHH!"

The guard keeps his head down. "That's a big favor you are asking of me."

"Don't feel guilty. Do it, do the right thing." She closes her eyes.

There was hesitation from the man. He finally placed his pistol on her head. "Good bye Commander." There was a shot...

Martha slowly opened her eyes. Was she still alive. She looked up and let out a cry of terror. The guard was slumped against the wall, blood flowing freely from his neck. "No, no..." She stretched her hand for the pistol.

"I must reach it...I must reach for the gun..." Her hands touched the gun. But she felt so tired. All she wanted to do was lay her head on the ground and sleep...
Dr. Abe gasped for air. The blood dripped from his neck. He rolled his head and saw the camera in front of him. It had recorded everything. He knew where the weakness was. He had remember. Now he had to pass it on. Mustering the last reservoir of his strength, he placed his left hand on the right forearm and made a stabbing motion. The body convulsed one last time. The rest was up to the fire team to figure out. Perhaps they would stand a better chance. I leave the rest to you...
Theta 1 yells to the fire teams. "Hold that doorway! My squad will head into the armory and restock. Then we will cover you while you refill. We are going to need every firepower at our disposal. Theta 3, keep The Tamer for that changeling. Just wish we still had that plasmathrower and armor. That thing is the biggest gun we had here..."

OOC: Up to you (Humans) whether you are in the 3rd floor armory or 2nd floor armory.
Inside Martha, something was stirring. The single drop that had entered her stomach had rushed through her digestive system, and had been accepted into her bloodstream, where it multiplied quickly. Soon the black substance flowed through her body, and finally reached her brain, where it released several numming and tranquilizing chemicals directly into it, then began to collect under the skin, behind the small of her back.
*sigh* I would join, but it looks like climax and resolution are rapidly approaching.
Just pitch a character. This RP may go into another thread or two before it ends.

You are here... The defiler peers from above and releases several spores on the ground emitting a pungent yellow-green cloud, slowly filling up the room.

Scuttling away, he leaves a present in case the changeling decides to chase him...

He peers at a second opening where the chimera came through. Interesting, I sense Protoss, I will bid my time.
The turret's barrel was white hot, and refused to continue firing. Frustrated, I charged at the remaining marines, my battle cry filling the air.

And blasting into the enemy headsets.
The guards concentrate their fire on the charging Chimera.
Nick Fired another round of his C-10 canister rifle into a infested, blowing out the back of it's headagianst the wall. Another infested approached. He raised his rifle.


But no bullet was heard. He quickly reached for his Psi-knife, flinging it at the infested. It buried itself in the infested's chest with a meaty THWACK.

"...And another one bites the dust..." He says as he rips the Knife out of the creatures chest.

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