Breakout Part 3

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"I'm having with this at all...."

I haven't fired yet, seeing how useless my weapon was in this case.

"Of the firearms I could have picked, I decided to pick the one that helps them....."

I slashed with my sword at a chimera that decided that it was safe to charge.
Lobalisk (a spider-like strain that flings spines, evolution of the Hydralisk that uses webs and poison).
This specimen was realeased accidentally like the others and is confused as to its location and what it should do, as it has no orders it will likely align with the first higher strain that attempts to command it.
The two gunners began to pick off the soldier who had started shooting at me, and the swordsmen were close behind. I parry the sword of one of the troops and jammed my bullseye into it's face, then pull the trigger.
Martha wakes up in a dreamlike place. The Changeling is looking out, over a cliff, its back to her. The floor... wait, no, they are up on clouds? The Changeling turns around and smiles.
"Hello Martha."
Sounds similar to a modified lurker I made. I suppose you can provide a "different experience" for the other factions.
"Where am I?" asks Martha.
We held our position at the door, waiting until Theta returned with the supplies. We slashed at any infested that got too close, and shot at any of them that didn't run fast enough.

"Where's Theta? We need more bullets, we can't swing forever!"
"You are in an environment created by your subconscious, in which you are currently residing in until your conversion is complete. Even though it will be a fairly short time in the real world, in here, it can feel like eternity. Go ahead, ask me anything, I will not fight here, and neither will you."
I am changing to a first person perspective now.
I put one of my warp axe to my side and throw a couple shurikens at the closest Chimeras, they lodge themselves in each of the three chimeras heads. I lunge at the next closest one and cuts its head off and tear my shurikens out of the dead chimera heads. It's nice you have joined the battle Cazil, we could use your skills right about now, since Sorlan was defeated by a infected. He did not deserve a death like that, not a death by one who did not show himself after his strike, I would never use stealth in a fight to the death against him.
I scurry along the corridor, attempting to assess the situation. There is Creep present, indicating that this Terran structure is infested as proper, however there are no command signals.
I digest this fact. What should I do now? There is only one thing to do, continue moving.
Suddenly the Zerg's mind is pulled into Martha's dreamstate. The Changeling regards it coldly.
"Hello there..."
"Strange, I don't feel any particular loyalty towards you. But I don't harbor any animosity to you either. And this feels...good."
I am unsure how to react to this sudden change.
"Is this a hallucinatory effect induced by the restraints I recently was released from? Or is it a new method of data/command relention?" I question suspiciously.
My mind is flooded with the Changeling's probing curiosity. I sever command reception synapses and glare at the creature. "Why is a Changeling displaying such initiative? Your Psionic Index is also nonstandard. Is this a new prototype for the Swarm, or are you a rogue?"
Part 3
The fire teams finally decided to go and assist Command. However, they are in a race against time as they are deep in the fourth floor and must go up by stairs.

Meanwhile, the defiler tracks the changeling after defeating the proto-chimera, leaving it in bad state. However, it quickly recovers.

Ross finds that he has injected a serum with the changeling's essence. It gives him the power of the "Darkness", which enables the growth of tentacled monstrosity from the wielder's body. Increased regeneration and strength also is gained. But, Ross finds out that there is a price. He must attempt to control it or be devoured by it. He also must fight off the changeling's maddening whisperings and returning to his human companions would warrant suspicion.

He fights the changeling but finds that his powers are too undeveloped. He is beaten by the changeling once more and leaves Ross to die to the defiler who caught up with the changeling. Ross fires wildly and manages to escape, primary because the defiler has little interest in him.

As Ross wanders the hallways, he kills Chimeras in his way. After some time, he manages to find the fire team. However, they are too busy dealing with their own situation to notice him and they disappear from sight as they head up. It seems he would need to find them once more.

The Changeling/Ashley tells the proto-chimera to commence an attack in order to bust out of the facility. The changeling climbs onto a vent, quickly traveling through the facility in order to find the Command Room.

As this was happening, Martha prepared for an onslaught. With 15 men and inadequate equipment, she had to defend against an unknown number of super soldiers. She managed to procure a turret. After readying her defenses, she heads into the control room to inform the fire teams.

However, the changeling comes down from the vent and kills 3 personnel. It offers Martha a choice, die or join it. Dr. Abe hids under a table. Martha tries to appeal to Ashley so she can reject the Changeling. It fails. She slowly walks towards the door and talks with the changeling to buy some time.

In her talks, she discovers that the changeling wants to unleash the Chimeran horde on the surface. As they talk, Dr. Abe aims a gun at the Changeling's forearm. Part of the expedition that secured the Changeling, he had almost died but had a lucky hit on the changeling's weak spot. However, he knew it was somewhere in the forearms but where he did not. Martha sees Dr. Abe pointing the gun. With little choice, she concedes that he is giving up his life so she can escape.

As the bullet is fired, the high templar in the image of Cazil suddenly appears. It engages the changeling. Martha uses this chance to escape but the Changeling throws it tail and covers her in a liquid substance. Cazil is revealed to be the replicant after a brief but fierce clash with the changeling. The replicant Cazil assumed the form of the Changeling and escaped through the vents.

It is at this moment that the Chimera attacks. There are heavy casualties for the humans as their weaponry are mainly small arms. The guards open the door to Command and find Martha on the floor and also the Changeling. They bring her out and lock the doors. They manage to taser most of the living liquid off Martha.

As the templar fought with the changeling, Dr. Abe quickly worked to secure the data for the facility and wiping them out. He radios the fire teams one last time with their last orders. Get the disk, head for the starport and get out.

Knowing that it was a matter of time before the changeling notices him. Doctor Abe shoots 4 rounds into the left forearm in hopes of hitting its weak spot. However, it fails and he is killed.
As he struggles for his last breaths, he remembers the weak spot was on the right forearm. Seeing that the camera had recorded the entire event, he makes a stabbing motion on his right forearm hoping that the fire team will find the recording and understand the message.

The remaining liquid silently crawl up Martha as she fights, forcing itself inside her when the time was right. Although she wanted to kill herself to prevent assimilation, Martha falls asleep. She is in a "dream state" with the Changeling.

Cazil and two more Protoss warriors attack the Chimeras from the back, realizing that it was the bigger threat.

The fire team still continues upward, receiving their last orders and preparing for the worst.

The defenders are down to their last man, unlikely to hold out any longer.

The Chimera horde grows stronger by the minute

Another specimen finds itself in contact with the changeling.

The defiler finds the changeling. Hiding in the vent, it drops a sleeping gas where the changeling stood. In the event it chased him, he left a present for it in the vent. He finds another vent where the 3 way battle of Humans, Chimera, and Protoss are taking place.
I don't think Cazil was actually there, the replicant was posing as him.
As I slaughter through more of the Humans attempting to fight, I suddenly notice new scents, and moments later, new battlecries. I turn around to see three creatures who's likes I had never seen before. They wore extravagant golden armour and had blades the gleamed a bright blue hue. For a moment I almost thought they were a divine intervention, that had come to help free us from this human prison of a labratory.

But then I realized they were cutting down my command squad, and I hissed. They were divine, that much was certain, but they had come to help the humans, not us. Even the gods themselves wanted to keep us locked in here!

At the sight of this, I decided to finish off the humans all the swifter, so I may quicker rend these angels of death.
The last human defender fall, their weaponry were too weak to pierce through the new breed's naturally resilient skin and armor.
Good, good, now get closer...

So Jake, how many Chimera casualties? I'm thinking a few dead but the rest sustaining some form of injuries.
My confusion continues, I do not know how to react to this new situation. I cast my thoughts around like a net.
"All higher level strains, I am currently unpurposed and seeking orders. Is there a Changeling authorized to use initiative/repurpose Terrans?"
No, it is not. It has refused to obey my orders. It refused and rebelled against the Swarm by attempting to create its own brood. You will see, you will see with your own eyes how it wishes to subjugate us...
I recognize the contact as a higher-order strain, an infestor, or maybe a defiler.
"I await orders. Unfortunately, I am currently in a hallucinatroy state, and suspect this rebel changeling initiated this state."
I turn my thoughts to the Changeling.
"If you are the source of this mental detachment I am undergoing, release me immediately."
I look at it once more.
"You are looking at a Being who's ranking in the swarm rivals that of Brood Mothers. You will obey ME, or once I escape I will inform Queen Kerrigan of your defection. The Defiler has betrayed me and for that, the entire Swarm. You will treat it as the enemy. I heard it's thoughts, we both did. I didn't create my own brood you idiot. It was brought under my power when it's Brood Mother was killed in battle."
I walk up to it, primal rage flaring through me.
"You WILL NOT follow the Defiler's orders, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?"
I scream at it, and sever the connection to the hallucination. I turn back to Martha, and slowly relax.
"That Defiler has been a Thorn in my side for far too long Martha... The same goes for you as well, I presume..?"

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