Breakout Part 3

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I saw the Protoss in the far back, and see the chimera penetrated through defenses.

"Fall back, there's nothing we can do for Command. We'll head back later, but the situation is too much for our current equipment to handle."

I shove my blade through an infested, letting its body slump off the blade. I pull out a grenade and throw it.

"Fall back!"
OOC:So Jake, how many Chimera casualties? I'm thinking a few dead but the rest sustaining some form of injuries.

OOC: The command squad has lost one of the gunners and 2 of the swordsmen, which means they're down to half strength, and the first chimeras from the medical bay have started to expire, although most of the horde is fresh and new, meaning they won't expire for a few hours.
I sit on a cloud, and look at Martha.
"Since this is not my subconscious, I do not feel the tranquil effects of being here. I am sorry for my rash behavior towards that other creature... but... sometimes the genetic personality programmed into me resurfaces. Compared to Terran culture, the Zerg hierarchy may seem horrid and aggressive... and maybe it is. It does not matter, for if one such as myself shows any signs of weakness, I will be abandoned or killed outright."

I sigh, and look at her again.
"I'm sorry, I should probably get down to business. Here, you think completely clearly, without hinderinces like affiliation and alliances. What is going on in your body is something that is irreversable and unknown to Terran Science. Going into the science of it will take too long, and frankly I do not want to go over it. As I said before, I will leave you with my powers once the Chimera are freed."

I take a breath, taking in the sweet air her mind created, and place a leg over another.
"You will live forever, and you will have a connection to the Swarm through me. I will share with you all of my knowledge, all my memories... but I want you to know this. You will have nearly unlimited scientific knowledge, but you will not be able to go back into the Terran Scientific community without being dissected and experimented on... just as what had happened to me."
"I suppose you have my memories too? It feels strange, I wanted to die seconds ago but this's so exhilarating. When will I awaken?"

The conversion will make Martha more likely to side with the swarm now? Is her humanity completely gone or will it disappear over time?
I am released from the hallucination, but am no less confused. It is difficult to determine exactly what my priorities should be. The Defiler is a higher-level strain and should be obeyed, but the Changeling claimed to be directly subordinate to the Queen of Blades. Each of the two creatures asserted that the other was a direct rebel to the Swarm.
"Defiler: I have received directly opposing orders and data from you and another apparent higher-order strain. It has become necessary to personally ascertain which faction, if either, is loyal to the Swarm. Therefore I will be forced to remain severed from the command structure at this time."
I begin to move off down the corridor to collect data on the situation.
OOC: She will still be Martha, but it will show her that the Changeling is more like a Human than she thought.

"Your memories... Yes... I have them."
It holds a sphere, and in it, familiar pictures flicker, none lasting even half a second before they are replaced. It was so intoxicating... Martha was drawn to it, and couldn't help but stare into it.
"Ah, that's what I was worried about."
He flicks it, and it shatters, disappearing.
"Now, they are back in your head. You will awaken soon enough, but here it will feel a lot longer, to give you time to relax, and think about everything."
It leans back, and it's tail wraps around and lays on it's chest. Martha Gasps.
"Didn't you-"

"Yeah, these things grow back quickly. Well, in here anyway, back in the real world I don't have a true body... yet."
The grenade exploded, giving us some extra room between the infested. We slowly walk backwards down the hall.
"So what is my purpose? How much free will do I have?"
"The reason I need you is to help me finish my own mission. You will still have your Free Will, as does Ashley. She just chose to cooperate with me."
"Ok..." Martha says nonchalantly. He says I have free will. Not too long ago, I tried killing myself. Now I don't have such tendencies. Is it a subconscious reaction? Or is it subtle? She shakes her head, trying to wipe out those thoughts.

I have other priorities now.
"It's because you know that it isn't a good thing to do. You realized that you really don't want to kill yourself, and even if you did, it wouldn't have made any difference. You and the Doctor before called Ashley a pawn, something that I would just throw away. I will say, right here, that that is not going to happen. Ashley and I have become, in a way, friends. Just because I am a Zerg doesn't mean that I am a mindless monster... Such common Racism..."
It sighs.
OOC: There's a sleeping gas cloud in the command room where the changeling is.
A cloud comes over Ashley, and the Changeling wraps itself around her mouth, creating a mask to filter the air.
"Nice, I wonder what else you can do..."
A series of spores is silently dropped from the vent the Chimera leader came from. They land on the ground and shakes violently.
OOC: I can't do much until Martha says something : /
Martha is just waiting for the thing to activate. She still in a state of shock so don't expect too much talk for the time being. I'm also waiting for the protoss to do something. It's just me and you for a while.

"Perhaps I can learn more about your kind in this form."
Jake, don't forget the large amount of chimeras I cut down, and this is what is fighting now that is Protoss:
4 Zealots
A normal Dark Templar
When they first arrived this is what they had:
5 Zealot
2 normal Dark Templar
Three Protoss have died.
IC: I spot an infected that looks bigger than the rest. I cloak and start jumping over the human barricades until I get to the bigger one. I put my two Warp Axes to its neck and whisper into its ear, "stop the assault on the Terrans, and let them leave. But stay here for the entire time. Or I will kill you and as many of your infected as I can until you all stop fighting."
"As I said beforehand. You will witness everything that has been done in my lifetime. Every breakthrough, every genetic code I know will be put into your brain. The likewise will, or, has, been done with yours. This... are my memories."
It holds up another sphere, this one several times larger than Martha's was. The Changeling gets up, walks over to her, and looks her in the eye.
"When I press this into you, your mind with begin decoding it and turning it into a format in which you will be able to relive all of my memories as if they were your own. This process will take a fraction of a second, even here, and then it will be done. You will have complete access to my powers and abilities. I will always be a part of this plane of existance, and will always be able to communicate to you. Any questions you have, I will be here to answer. Are you ready?"
Martha nods. "I am ready..."

The Changeling brings the sphere back...
and punches Martha. She bends over in pain, except she didn't feel anything. Getting back up, she was about to yell at it, but saw that the sphere was gone.

Suddenly, a blinding light. She couldn't see, then, she found herself in an entirely different environment. She was in a desert, on a cliff, looking out. Something was moving... no, the desert looked like it was moving. She tries to look closer, but find she can't move her body. A Zergling runs up to her, Martha, stunned by the creature, tried to run away, but again, she could not move, and just watched as the beast came up to her... and sat?

A purple hand reached out and stroked the creature's head. Martha finally realized it; she was reliving one of the Changeling's memories. Several more memories of joy, when it had created a new strain of virus, and caring, as it tended to the Zerg of it's brood, acting as a replacement for their dead Brood Mother.

Another light, and she was back on the clouds, except the area was different. She still felt calm, like before. The sky was dark, and she approached the edge of the could, and looked down. There was a spiderweb of cracks along the hard rocky ground. In the cracks an orangish light seeped through them. Lava.

"My subconscious is now merged with yours, and it created an environment based on both of our subconscious' likes, dislikes, and where we feel comfortable."

OOC: Sorry for controlling Martha, I thought it was the best way to do this.

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