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~The StarCraft II Art of War Discussion Threads Compilation~
Discussions created by Daxxarri
Will add on as more are posted

Below are Discussions throughout the forums on topics related to StarCraft II. Each discussion contains a host of player feedback, ideas, and opinions, from Bronze to Masters. If you are new to StarCraft II and would like to know more about anything specific, this is a great place to start to see what the rest of the community has to say about it.

Unit & Ability Discussions:
Warp Prism -
Immortals -

Mechanics Discussions:
Chronoboost -
Spawn Larvae -
Control Groups -
Supply -
The Minimap -

Gameplay Discussions:
ZvP Late Game -
Rushing -
Scouting -
Choke Points -
Basic Economy -
Keeping Your Lead -
Taking Your Third -
Map Control -
Timing Attacks -
Tech Choices -
Psychological Warfare -

Building Discussions:
Barracks -

Other Discussions:
Morale -
Terrain -
Replay Analysis -
When to GG -
Mental Blocks -
Map Vetoes -

Art of War Feedback Discussion:
I like this. Even though I don't care much for the Art of War threads. Helping people find them is nice.

i am going to request a sticky here there are far to many art of war threads to sticky all of them but this is a good way to find them and would be a worthwhile sticky to help players see some fairly productive discussion about stratagy instead of QQ about everything else.
Thanks! Daxxarri has done a fantastic job with coming up with topics! I know there are too many art of war threads so I thought why not just put them all in one thread?
It looks solid, good work. :D
Great Work IronMan

I gotta congratulate Daxxarri as well for participating more actively on the forums, as well as the other forum mods, like Aldrexus ^_^
Liked and sticky requested. Hopefully we can get this stickied.
bump this needs moar stickys!
Beat me to it!

Thanks for the hard work, IronMan.
Yay for sticky!1
Reported for trolling.... kidding. :)

Sticky Sticky!
02/28/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Daxxarri
Beat me to it!

i winz :D
This is fantastic work, stickied?

What a good idea =D
02/28/2012 04:27 PMPosted by PotatoLiSK
Damn good job.

I was sober when I made this.

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