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Some short and basic tips for each round of Starcraft Master

1: Move one marine in circles to be never hit by the zealot and have the other constantly attacking the zealot.

2: Pretty simple stutter step micro. No tricks or anything. Just move your stalkers back, shoot, and move back more. If you have having a hard time with this one, just keep practicing.

3: As soon as the round starts move all your zealots to the back of the platform and squeeze them in at the bottom of the back of the platform.(between the rubble and the southern ledge) Then just attack the lings. Only one or two lings should be attacking a zealot at a time.

4: Pretty simple stuff here. Just shift queue attack commands and to kill each one. Move back the ones with low hp and have the higher hp hydras soak the damage. Move them back when they get low hp etc.

5: Attack the spine with both stalkers. When a stalker gets down to one hit before it dies, move it back and then when the spine starts attacking the other stalker bring the damaged stalker back.

6: Unburrow and move to the south. Wait until the marines go back to the top of the patrolling path. When they are at the top, move your lings in and burrow on the bottom of the path. When the marines move over your lings, unburrow.

7: Attack with the colossus and when the lings get to the top of the ramp, move off the ledge and force the lings to run back around. Move the colossus up the ledge again when the lings are almost at your colossus. Repeat.

8: Blink a stalker in the middle of both siege tanks. Easy stuff. Earns an achievement.

9: Attack the bunker with all three roaches. As the first one gets in the red, burrow it and unburrow it as soon as the marines start attacking a different roach. As the second one gets in the red burrow both the first one and the second one. Unburrow both as soon as the marines focus the last roach. When the last roach is in the red, burrow them all and let the bunker burn down as it should only have about 25 or so hp left. When your roaches are at about half health unburrow them all and focus fire each marine down. Earns an achievement.

10: As soon as the first three roaches get to the top of the ramp, forcefield the bottom of the ramp. Move back all your forces so the roaches on the bottom won't be able to support the 3 roaches on the top. When the first three roaches get to the top of the ramp attack them with everything and then when the forcefield dissapates, kill the other three.

11: This one can take some time. Use your first storm so half the marines start in the storm and half don't. Do this for your second storm. If you can't beat it, you can always use the high templar to keep the last few marines in a storm by standing still and having the marines attack you while they are standing in the storm.

12: Throw one infested terran to the bottom left corner of the left marine pack. Wait 3 seconds. Throw the second one right below the marine in the middle of the pack. Wait 3 seconds. Throw the third one right below the higher hp marine. This time wait 6 seconds(one tank fires twice). Repeat with the second pack of marines using the same pattern. Now you should have 2 infested terrans left. Throw one right next to each of the tanks at the same time(BE SURE THE TANKS CAN FIRE IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE INFESTED TERRAN EGG LANDS AS THE EGGS HAVE MORE HP THAN THE INFESTED TERRAN ITSELF!!) The splash should make the tanks kill each other.

13: Easiest one of all. Just move command your probes onto your cannon and hit hold positon. The lings all die without hitting anything.

14: This one takes practice. Throw forcefields quickly around all your sentries/stalkers and only partially surround the zealots in forcefields.

15: Feedback 2 sentries quickly(I don't think this is necessary, but I did it anyway) and then immediately turn the 2 high templar into an archon. Smash the ffs and let the zealots and archon kill everything.

16: Have each infestor throw 2 infested terrans after you fungal the zealots the first time. Fungal again every time the zealots start to move(or you can count to 4 between every fungal).

17: Click on any mineral patch with the scv selected and then run around the nexus and down the ramp onto the beacon.

18: This is another that just takes practice. Stim your marine and stutter step around.
Re-stim every time stim runs out. You should be able to kill the zealot before you can't stim anymore.

19: Attack the pylon until you are fully charged up and then click to attack on the missile turret.

20: Command your stalkers to move right below the ledge. While they are still moving to that ledge HOLD shift and b(blink) and click right above the ledge and then release b (still holding down shift) and right click on the beacon. If a few stalkers screw up, just try it again.

21: Click a zealot and while holding shift, right click a location and hit h(hold position). Do this for every zealot. The key here is how fast you can do this!

22: Make the zerglings a control group and make the banelings another control group. Move the banelings around so they don't explode on the first few zerglings he sends out to attack them and kill those zerglings with your zerglings. Move your zerglings back and send your banelings in right as their zerglings start to fight your zerglings in the main battle.

23: Emp each banshee(remember you have to emp where they would be on the GROUND so try to estimate it) and focus fire them down one at a time.

24: This one is really easy. As each stalker gets to low hp, AND a roach attack is in the air coming towards that stalker(so it misses when u blink back) blink them back behind your other stalkers. Earns an achievement.(If you don't lose any stalkers)

25: Put your stalkers all on hold position. Run up with both high templar and feedback the point defense drones. Run back before the high templar die to the tanks. Morph an archon. Send in both phoenix to kill the vikings. Focus fire them one at a time and kill the raven also. Pick up both tanks and attack with your stalkers + archons. It doesn't matter if you blink them forward. Kill the marauders and then the tanks.

26: Don't allow your scvs to mine, just hit hold position or something. When you see that the cloaked dark templar is about to kill an scv, attack that scv with both of your tanks. You should be able to kill the dt quick enough.

27: This one takes a lot of practice. Move your banshee around the ring counter clockwise while hitting HOLD POSITION when you think you are in range of the marines. As soon as the missiles come out of the banshee move back and repeat after about 1.25 seconds. Just stick with it if you suck at banshee micro. You will get better quick. :)

28: Snipe all the banelings!!! That's really all you have to do. Move your marines and ghosts to the bottom of the platform to make it easier. Let your marines mop up the zerglings(so basically don't worry about them). This one was the most fun in my opinion :)

29: Immediately move both your marines to the bottom of the platform. The zealots should not be targetting the middle marine and instead go for the ones of the bottom. When the marines on the bottom join together and the zealots get close to them, run the two marines around the platform in circles while both zealots chase them. The marine that started in the middle shouild just keep attacking the zealots until they die.

30: Put your medivac on hold positon instantly! While the stalker projectiles are in the air pick up your tank so the attacks miss. Put the tank back down instantly. The stalkers should be attacking the tank again and not the medivac if you put the tank down quick enough. Repeat this until there are no more stalkers. NOTE: Remember to have the tank selected and click on the medivac, don't click on the medivac and pick up the tank or it cancels the hold position. (Thanks to Snow for reminding me about the last part)

Now everyone can be a Starcraft Master :DDDD
Post questions down below if you would like me to elaborate one of them or if you are having trouble with one!
Good guide. Anyone having trouble should read this. +1
Thanks!! <3
For 14, GS only reduces range damage, I don't believe it helps at all against lings.
28 is giving me lots of trouble =/
Likebungu, I can't believe I forgot that -.- Updating now.

For 28: move all your stuff to the bottom of the platform right away. Dont worry about the marines and just keep sniping every baneling as it comes out of the vision blocker. Just keep practicing if it is because you can't snipe fast enough.
Yeah I am as fast as I can, just their always out of range when I do.
Always try to snipe the closest bane, even if your cursor is near one that isn't the closest. That should take care of the problem.
30 is impossible is soooooooo hard i
Practice :)
Bleh I know I click to snipe them but they just dont listen to me! lol
argharghaqgrh medivac keeps going to ledge and i cant drop
Just finished all of them - without using a guide!

27-30 are ridiculous. 30 took a LOT of tries before I figured out to set the medivac on hold position right away.
BOOM. now for the last 2 lol.
I finished all of them without a guide also in about 1 hour 30 mins. I decided to make a guide because I found the game awesome and fun. :) BTW I should add that hold position on the medi in the guide. Forgot all about it -.-
i hate my cheap keyboard and its delays
I hit hold position, It keeps flying away! God dam stupid medivac.
03/02/2012 08:05 PMPosted by xSPHxtbatz
I hit hold position, It keeps flying away! God dam stupid medivac.

If you hit d and click on the ground, it cancels the hold position. Press hold position, click the tank, then hit d and click on the MEDIVAC, not the ground. It should stay in hold position if you do it this way.
lol what in the world 30 is crazy

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