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what do you guys use for mac to record the screen?
You can use SnapzProX it's pretty solid. I've used it for years, i bought a liense for it like 5 years ago, it's still good, same license, no upgrade fees, and they continue to push updates and keep it running on latest and greatest OS X versions, cannot beat that support.

It's pretty high end though but it'll work with any program, well, ANYTHINg on your screen really, it can and will also record mac audio, or it can even record mic audio so you can add vocal annotations to what you're doing in your recording. Ah array of options, it takes a bit to get used to but once you get hang of it, quite nice.

you may have to play in windowed mode, or start recording in windowed mode then swap to full screen. Not sure if sc2 will override snapzpros system keys or not in full screen mode.
Is there any word on Blizzard implementing their WoW video capture ability to SC2? Maybe have it run at the dashboard level (where you choose game type, replays, etc) so you can record from there?
I don't see why the kind of video recording we're able to enjoy in World of Warcrap shouldn't be available in Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 as well. What gives?

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