Can someone here explain the RP System?

Joeyray's Bar
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I am flattered that you think I am one of the divine ones of the forums. But I am an average at RPing, I am just very active.
There is only one rule that must be followed, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Be nice. We're really a good bunch of people, even if we have our crazy moments. Just be nice, don't be a jerk, and we'll get along fine.
Nikola's finally done it. He's an actual member of the Bar. Can I light the ceremonial bonfire?
You get the lighters, I'll get the hoods. Let the hazing begin.
*gets lighters, blowtorch, and a rubber duck* Here we are. I forget, do we stand on one leg and yell, 'Hai' before or after we drench him in tabasco sauce?
*Speechless* I start to walk away before I get caught up in it.
No, no, we've been over this. We stopped doing the one leg after Fury fell over and got some in his eye. Now it's the hula with whiskey. And we need an apple, a crossbow, and a blindfold.
*Scared* I run as fast as my legs can carry me.
Get back here CR, we did it with you, and you weren't injured. Remember, the crossbow is for the fireworks target practice, the blindfold is for Zanon, and the apple is for me. I'm kinda peckish.
Ah. *grabs crossbow and a few apples* Sorry, no blindfolds. I do have a belt, though.
Good. The cannon and wing set should be ready in a minute. Remember, use the aerosol to knock him out, then inject him. I don't want another mistake like what happened to Knarled.
Hey, that was not my fault, that was Wfawwer. Besides, I thought we traded injecting for force-feeding Zergling eyeballs after what happened to Crymson.
No, the injection worked fine, CR was just allergic. Besides, Zergling eyeballs just makes everything messy.
Suddenly I question becoming a part of the bar. Especially where injections are involved.
One day, you will understand, grasshopper. The injection is required for entering my inner circle.
I drink a Mind Shredder. "The Tabasco sauce was better after I added a Mind Shredder."
We stopped including you in the initiations after you started drinking Shredders. I'm not sure if you want to remember what happened or not. As I recall, you needed therapy.
"I'm sorry my Mind Shredders eat things." I start drinking another one. "Plus I have always needed therapy."
There's therapy, and then there's what you did with the Roaches.
What did he do with the roaches?

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