Can someone here explain the RP System?

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That is one question you don't want to know the answer to. I like killing people, I don't like traumatizing them.
Its all very humane that way.
Plus it's cheaper. Last time I traumatized someone, I had to pay the medical bills.
"All I did was eat them just to have them regenerate. And do it repeatedly after making the Roaches eat people 'till they were sick."
Yeah, that's just the part you remember.
I only now check this thread, and find un-imaginable horror waiting for me.
Welcome. Ain'tcha glad you joined?
Why do I get the feeling that my suggestion to have them stand on hot coals instead of leeches is going to be ignored?
Why do I fell uncomfortable.
You went through the process already, you can't feel uncomfortable now unless you don't want to do this to someone else.

Is that true?
Actually, the hot coals sounds good. It's getting expensive to keep those fish-vampires alive.
Do I at least get some sort of protective equipment? If not, what form am I in when undergoing this procedure? Am I allowed to kill anyone in anger?
Wait, I went through this. Did you sneak a roofie in my drink.
When do you go through this procedure? Is it after 1, or 2 people join after you? Or is it at some certain date after you join?
Do you really want to know the answer, CR?

I can't actually tell you anything, Nikola. Hazing initiations have strict rules.
I'll pass.
I wanna know what he did with the roaches. Otherwise, I'll just vaporize the Mutalisks I caught the other day.
The fire's lit. Give me my robe. I think I have been here long enough to have been upgraded to a red robe. I'm tired of this blue one.
Wasn't there one where the initiate had to spend the day with HBRB in locked dark room?
"Yeah, they planned to do that to me, then they noticed it wouldn't phase me... ANYWAYS! I have the perfect plan for the next initiation! Make them drink one of the Mind Shredders I've touched. Then put their heads back on the next day. And did the first to arrive receive an initiation?"

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