How does zerg beat mass thor terran?

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BL Infestor is your go to.
Only a problem in team games, all you need is a goodly batch of tunnelers: get up under them, pop up, kill one, reburrow, repeat as often as necessary, same as for tanks.

They will scan eventually, so you'll need another batch, but 10? That's nothing.

It's easy enough to counter of course, just get a Raven, but they hardly ever do.

In that case, Roaches and ultra would probably work, but I usually just use Roaches and Hydra, microing the roaches while they're busy with the Hydra.

Good Hydra micro is getting them up on a high spot.

If you're still having problems, they may just be teching faster than you.

Mass broods will work, but it takes some very touchy micro, and if you don't have enough AA, one Viking can ruin your day.

Trying to counter Thors one one side and Rays on the other, that's a problem.

This is pretty much completely wrong; roach/baneling decimates thors (or thor/marine). Just engage with roaches first, run in banelings directly behind them, surround the thors, and let the banes and their splash do the rest.

Also, it's extremely tough to spread out thors or avoid banelings with marines. Marine spreading doesn't even become really relevant until mid/high masters (players' micro isn't good enough), and thors are slow as hell and thus very tough to spread out. If they're too spread, you can just pick them off one by one with your roach ball.

Nope, Thors are really easy to keep spread out, especially since most Terran players by mid gold are comfortable with 5 control groups, if I set my marines to one control group, then my Thors and SCVs to the remaining four control groups then spreading is as easy as 'click, 1 click, 2 click, 3 click, 4 click. And if I am going Thors and I see lots of banelings then I just count it as a win and go back to macroing.

i'm sorry to say but u have no clue what your talking about, people who go mass thors for 1 won't have an insane marine count and 2 if a zerg's gonna engage with banes it'll be on creep, thors are generally bulky so they're split up a bit but each baneling can easily hit 3-4 thors depending on the positioning and it's easily done on creep and still rather easy off it. The point of banes is to clear the field not to fight over cost since reproducing say 10 thors is alot longer then reproducing 50 banes.
Lol, I've said this before and I'll say it again. There's a recent build I've developed that is quite effective if it's unscouted. It's called the Sparkypop no gas 3 base double expand and drone until 40 with mass spines build. Maybe shorten it to the SNG-3B-DEAD U 40-WMSB. GLHF, and I've actually used this build before.
I go roach infestor with neural
ling roach + mass infestor into ling roach even bigger mass infestor

mass thors are terrible against mass infested terrans

if he tries to be cute and add banshees just add a few hydras

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