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As we all know, the internet is a huge interconnected community much, much larger than this site at large. We've explored and searched the internet for years, maybe decades depending on your age. We've seen lots of glorious and inspiring thanks. Things that make or jaws drop, give us great joy, and/or confuse us to no end. Therefore this thread is a dedication to the internet's triumphs. Post a site which inspires or entertains you, but keep it clean. Anything you've found of the internet gets posted here in the form of a web page. It can be anything, but it has to exist on the internet and be something special that any the internet has. Any Rick rolls or websites containing viruses will get the poster mercilessly reported and hopefully banned. Please give a description of what the website is and what the content of the site is. No one should go to a site that doesn't have a description. I'll start us off.

There's a website called 'stickpage' where people post videos of stick figure animations that have wide range of genres. One of the contributors is named 'Terkoiz' (real name is Philips Lacanlale) who does a lot of stick fight animations. One of his best, in my opinion, is an 'inspirations' fight that he did where he give tributes to a lot of his favorite artists who inspired him. Check it out here:
Just because someone actually bothered to type the whole thing.

On another note:
Now there are a lot of good things on the internet, but some things don't get very appreciated. Maybe you liked it, but the majority of the people didn't. One of my favorite songs that exist on the internet is called 'The Curbstomp Song' which has a link to it from TV Tropes which is another triumph in its own right. The guy for this song isn't that great a singer, but he freely admits it which I respect. It helps that the song is catchy as hell.!@#$aPowerpuffGirlsZ

I... can't... stop... LAUGHING!!!
Making the Boondocks be able to be put on youtube.
Best show about black people EVER!

Some people do not know when and where they should be doing certain things. Men and women are not perfect and I can understand someone wanted to relieve some tension, but sometimes you should be careful about where you are doing this. This man learned the hard way what "not safe for work" really means.
Hmm, maybe I should've made this "All Media's Triumphs" or "Entertainment's Triumphs".
Please note: If you don't want to read this, then just scroll down and open the links. You will not be disappointed. Trust me.

As you could tell, I like Stick fight animations. You would think that most stick animations would suck @##. I mean it is lazy stick animations, right? Easy crap that deserves no attention since a five-year-old could make it, right? Wrong. Some people take stick animations to an extreme. They animate stuff that is way more complicated than what most people would consider necessary and, indeed, animating to any degree is time consuming. Once I tried my hand at it and it took me half an hour to an hour to animate a one second punch. Now granted, the more animating you do, the better you get at it. Therefore, anyone can put half-@## work in it and come out with a random, unoriginal piece of crap, right? Right, but not these guys. Some animators take it to the extreme and some even put stories behind the animations. Or they create something original and awesome or hilarious or awesomely hilarious or awesome and hilarious. You get the point. RHG stick fights, for example. People come up with an original style of fighting that transcends the realm of reality, but fit within the story. They then have a fairly decent animator or, if they are good themselves, he or she takes over to start a fight between his or her character and someone else's. Terkoiz (Philips Lacanlale) is such an example.

Check out this fight:
Or this one:
That ending is so heart warming.
Or this one:
Did you see that fight?! Jesus, can you believe that was a stick animation?! And that ending, that is hilarious. Just look at Alfa's face. Classic!
Or this one:
That is beautiful. Plus, you get to see what happened to all the old competitors. I feel sorry for them. Seriously, check these out.

Then you have ones that are just awesome. These fights are made by people like Xiao Xiao. This man was a ground breaker. Did you know that Xiao is one of the people who inspired Terkoiz? He even put Xiao's character in his inspiration video.

Check it:
Or here:

Now back to Xiao. He made a lot of stuff. Even flash games. And they're addictive. Back to his flashes. Awesome to reiterate. You should check them out. They're creative, there's a lot of hard work put in them and the battle aren't one-sided and boring. It's one guy running into a building kicking everyone's @##.

Check them here:

Xiao Xiao 3 is where he took off in my opinion. The sudden shift at the end to the 3rd dimension is great.

You want really creative, though? Go to ghost fight here:
Control it with 'q', 's', '1-4', and the arrow keys.

Interactive, unique, and all around entertaining. You'll be crying "moar" at the end of it, but don't get your hopes up. The creator seems to have disappeared after he created this little gem.

Now, you want overpowered hilariousness? This is blasphemy! This is madness! Madness? This is MADNESS COMBAT!!!


Just watch yourself, you may be overwhelmed by the carnage. Krinkles, you madman!

What was that? Humor, you want humor? Look no further! Hyun's got the goods.


Or how about this:

Animator vs. Animation is notable.

What's that you want a good story with action and yet drama?

Have you not listened to me on other forums. Go to Delection Quality. Watch what Oscar Johansson has to offer. His first two Castle animations are from his newb days. Now we have Repercussions. Watch the series. It is amazingly detailed. You will feel for the characters. What started as a stick animation with plot excuse turned in a complicated search for an energy source to save the planet from an endless resource war. With a little "better than it sound" TV trope feel, you not be disappointed as zombies come out of the freaking walls like the locust in the Bible. Okay, bad analogy, but make no mistake. It's good stuff.

Find it here:

Not convinced? Then, you are lost. Begone from my sight. JK. You can like what you want, but for me, this stuff rocks. Love it or hate.

Oh. Here's stickpage's facebook:
It's been less than a day, but I must type. Today, we talk about the magnificent abridged series. Woot! Let's get Yu-gi-oh abridged and DBZ abridged out of the way and get to more obscure abridged series that need love. Yu-gi-oh abridged is the series that started the genre (technically "The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged" came fifteen years earlier). Love it for I have seen little of it and I need to be shot for it. I can't talk about it, but from what I've seen and heard of it, it is a master piece. Little Kuriboh fame has grown and he is known far and wide. He recently even appeared in a Nostalgia Critic video which will be a Triumph discussed another day.

Check his cameo here:

DBZ abridged makes me j!## in my pants:

It is the best. Update more frequently d!@# it!! If you didn't see Dragon Ball Z, then you are either too young or too old. Either way, you will be dragged out into the street and shot. Prepare yourself.

Next we sure bring up Golden Sun abridged. Golden Sun is a Japanese game based around a universe where the world is made of four elements: wind, water, fire, earth. The world is controlled by Alchemy and certain people can use magic. The four elements are amplified by four lighthouses and creatures called Djinn. ( These lighthouses have the possibility of wiping all life off the face of the Earth if they are lit and if they don't kill everyone, people can use their power to conquer the world. Therefore, since it's a Japanese game, teenagers must travel the world and stop the lighthouses from being lit. The sequel is taken from the opposite perspective of the antagonists who are friends of the previous game's heroes. The abridged series is an affectionate parody: (some day I'll do a thing on TV tropes). The abridged series is very humorous if you have played the game and if you haven't, please get in the street now and save me the trouble. It would be nice if you shot yourself ahead of time too. Please and thank you. (I do not advocate in murder or suicide. I just joke about it).

It can be found here:

Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged by Lanipator. He's popular so he needs no help from me explaining it.

Find him here:

Then you have Naruto The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show which is a Naruto fan-based parody BASED on a Naruto fan-based parody. That is what it claims and it works! It's good stuff. It turns Naruto into a smoker and turns Kakashi into David Bowie and it works! Why? F!@# if I know. Did I mention the Little Kuriboh made this series? I was really surprised. What started as an April Fool's joke turned into a series.


What's that? You want more. Well, I haven't seen many others, but for the popular ones, you will find them here:

Simply look for your favorite series on that site, click the link, and on that page will be a link to the creators site or it will take you straight to the series. Any abridged series that doesn't have a TV trope page is new or not yet popular enough to have gotten one. You can make a page for an abridged series if you are a big enough fan of that abridged series, but follow the rules of the site. Quality of abridged series that don't have a TV tropes page vary, but you are sure to find a few that you like. Enjoy.

How could I forget!! There is another professionally made one that has garnered world wide fame. There is a play I went to last year called The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged). If you don't know Shakespeare, well, you know the drill. It is just like it sounds. The plays on the Kings of England are turned into a bizarre football game at one point. It isn't an internet triumph, but this thread is no longer about that. I wish I could change the thread name, but no, I can't. It is a play you have to PAY to watch, so good luck finding it online.

The wikipedia page is here:

TV tropes page is here:

Warning: TV trope pages contain marked spoilers. Some pages don't mark the spoilers.
That's surprising? That's why I'm spreading the love, I guess. This thread to bring notice to all the good and yet not too well known parts of the internet to the people.

I'm sorry, but I HAD to mention this.
Google Canada? There's no difference between them and google USA. Though google China is highly censored...
For those who want Terkoiz links (if you guys exist, that is),

there you go. Now, they are in one convenient place.

For FluidanimsTV,

there you go. That should be all the links you need to find your stick animation goods.
03/26/2012 02:07 PMPosted by Thecommander
Google Canada? There's no difference between them and google USA. Though google China is highly censored...

Meh, I just put the .ca because I'm in Canada. Either works.
If you are watching abridged series...
I recommend the MLP:Mentally Advanced Series.

On a separate note, We all know what anime is, the Japanese Cartoons that usually have a pretty good story and are known for their awesome animations and fight scenes. This Anime wins my prize for the most badass female character and the gorey-est killing sprees seen on TV. I present to you, Elfen Lied.
Watch at your own risk, and please, do not watch at work, school, or around parents.

BAM! First five seconds, DECAPITATION! I remember that women from TV tropes. She's the trope picture of full frontal assault which means she was killing people while in the nude. I want an anime that subverts that "escape from science facility" gig by having the "hero" try to escape the facility by killing everyone in sight and when s/he almost makes it, someone snipes him/her. The sniper than complains in a well phrased and truthful manner that the murderer could've just left when ever they wanted and that they are homicidal maniacs since the procedure that give them that power does not cause psychopathic behavior. Then the episode ends and the next episode has a completely different cast of people who are established as the main heroes and their story line is almost completely unrelated to that facility and the people in it.
Umm. That's ALLLLMOST Elfen Lied...
Except it is all tied together thoughtfully. It's one of those short Anime's that can tell a good story with a good ending withing 13 episodes.

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