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Umm. That's ALLLLMOST Elfen Lied...
Except it is all tied together thoughtfully. It's one of those short Anime's that can tell a good story with a good ending withing 13 episodes.

Ah, mine would just be a parody (maybe affectionate) on the that trope. I don't really like it when the "hero" just goes around killing people they can easily avoid or spare. That show, however, is just in it for the blood which is cool and all, but that's not really my thing.
Nah, it's a pretty good story about a subspecies of humans who are tortured by humans when they are young, and have devoloped a pure hatred for Humanity. The main character, Lucy, will only not kill her only childhood friend Kouta, and everyone directly involved with him. The secret organization that was researching the species sends out others of her kind to try and hunt down and recapture Lucy, and that is where the conflict begins. I don't want to ruin anything XD
Oh okay, then my bad. It does sound interesting.
I'll link the first episode.
NSFW, as mentioned before.

Laughing my @## off.

This too.

you may not get it if you don't read Homestuck, but the context is pretty funny.

The guy with Bull horns... his name is Tavros, and he is the wimpy guy, who has no self confidence. He was crippled by Vriska (The only person who seems unfazed at first), and got new robotic legs. This is what happens after XD

Pretty cool stuff.

Pretty cool stuff.

Seen that before :D

You're a hero Cpl. Murphy. The other one that may get up to do this is Pvt. Cook. You have to down the hind or kill everyone on the bridge in the last scene. Enjoy, the fast/slow motion victory of your supposedly dead teammate. What was he doing in the regular ending? Just watching his teammates die for fun?

That's great. That's funny. The last one deserved to win just like it did.

Meme. Imagine a world without them.

Internet. You confuse me so wonderfully so. (Try figuring that sentence out.)

!@#$ yea!!!

All in good fun for animators. It's another great stick animation compilation. Enjoy.
What the heck was that?
I explained it...

It is a bit long, but well done.
Look at the GIF in the top left corner. Take it in for a few secon- minutes.
Look at the GIF in the top left corner. Take it in for a few secon- minutes.

I hate you....

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