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Look at the GIF in the top left corner. Take it in for a few secon- minutes.

GYAHHHH!!!!!! *dies*
I know right...

Recently I came across a thing called "Dark Fic's" or "Dark Fan Fiction". Basically it when a fan writes a fanfiction based on something, but they make it way more darker and edgier.

Here's a pretty funny parody dark fic:
You're welcome ;)
Almost nothing makes me smile more than a Vet coming home to a family.
04/17/2012 06:34 AMPosted by HowBabysRBrn
You're welcome ;)

*Snickers, and rides Frigglish somewhere*

Good luck sleeping... Dark pokemon fic. There are plenty of them. Lost silver was based on a rumor of a deleted portion of Gold and Silver. Whether the guy was lying or not has not been determined. However, it became real later on. Good luck. No screamers. Just creepiness. Good luck.

I can see the future!

The original video.

It's DBZ abridged, of course.

It's madness!
Since this is all media's triumphs...

CSI: Miama.

Hero makes a pun!

Sadly... So true...

Sadly... So true...

I like to think that if people get the right information, then it doesn't matter for the individual. Sometimes you get unexpected information like from Humon on DA! :3
I don't know, but I have tomorrow off of school!
*WOOO* is a great website and many times they make sure to check their facts. Plus, the writers are hilarious. Here are a few of the internet related articles that may help everyone here.
Now, for more somber stuff. This next is for an interview with Devin Grayson, the writer for part of Nightwing's (formerly Robin) story. Nightwing's real name happens to be Dick Grayson by the way. Also, it's the same Robin from Teen Titans.

In case you didn't know about her work, Nightwing was torn a new one in this series. Part of his trauma came from this:

Did you read #2 on that list? Yeah, that's right. Tarantula @@@@s Night wing! Damn, that-that's !@#$ed up. Just read those two articles and you'll get all the information you need. Apparently, Devin suffered some sexual abuse before her 20's, so he left contacts for several groups that handle mental and physical abuse.... You know, in case any of you need it. I know a friend who does...

*sigh* Next post will be more cheery. I promise.

Watch the whole thing, I dare you. Made by Woncrop/Weebl....

!@#$ing love Woncrop. His art isn't the best, but, man, I respect that man!

Begin the battle! Can you survive?

Why do I trust you guys... TT.TT


Why am I so angry at Taggert?

I wonder that as well, besides, he's running away from the crazy guy with a thousand voices in his head...

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