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More Prototype. This time from College Humor. It's a real type game I swear. Got pissed at work, go eat and maim half of New York.

Open it in a separate tab.

Oh Linkara....
Freeman's Mind 43 came out!

What did I just watch?

What did I just watch?
Ah, my eyeballs!

Who knew that Mortal Combat had so many imitators?

Perhaps, I should watch all my videos and then make a huge dump. This one is okay, not too great.
"Contain your orgasms, ladies, at my yellow sweater!"

Yes, it's a repeat of the quotes page. Go cry.

I'm starting to love these guys.

This game had to be made on drugs.

"Best ending in the world."

"Every game you do this."

"!@#$ing buy it."
TV Tropes, for all of you who post-date Jake's inactivity span.


Pikachu takes acid.

Deadliest Warriors the videogame... Yes, just yes.

He just shows up. Again. This one is okay. I want one that is really funny, but this one suits me fine for now. Made something from egoraptor's awesome series. Like the one with the most views or something...




Awesome Man.

Finally, the most popular. Pokeawesome. That's all from egoraptor. You have to watch the rest on your own time. And it's time well spent.

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