The Internet's Triumphs

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OVER 220,000,000 VIEWS!!! DEAR GOD!

A guy does 24 English accents. He does even more in another video linked at the beginning. Pretty impressive.

It was a response to this viral video.

Building a huge castle in minecrafter! Better than it sounds! Also, look to his and his buddy's channel for some great Let's Plays and minecraft stories.

FF VII in 8bit.


FF VII remake video. This better be real! I still prefer FF IX myself, but, hey, majority rules. This looks like it is in the very early stages if it is real. It uses graphics similar to Crisis Core, so it is not as realistic as Battlefield (if you can call that brown tone real).
Just edit this into one large OP instead of bumping it to oblivion.
Thanks Markus, I'm glad someone cares.

"Have you guys been eating?"
"No, we've been slowly starving while playing tekkit."
"No, I don't mean IKR, I mean in game."
"Oh! No, I guess we've been slowly starving."

"Orgasmic matter."

It's kind of hard to tell who's who since they use their real names. Duncan's Lividcoffee. He's the one explaining how to make things. Simon is the drawf. You can hear his voice here: And Lewis is the other guy.

Honey Dew Inc. (Jaffa Cake Factory)

vs. Sips_ Co. (Dirt Producer)

Wait, what?!
The YOGSCast is hilarious. I watch them all the time XD

Pretty Catchy. Screw the Nether.

May have posted this, but the last song reminded me of this and God I love this song. The singer may not be as good, but hey.

Note: It's the "Curbstomp Song".

Now I won't post it again by mistake.

A bear decides not to mess with a pair of golden eagles.

This one is even better. The "Battle at Kruger" depicts a group of animal watchers observing a fight between lions and crocodiles over a small buffalo. However, unusually, the buffalo herd watching the exchange snaps and rushes both predator groups. Can you guess who wins? No one give it away now.

Not really an internet triumph since it's MacGyver, but I think it counts. is awesome. These are real life MacGyvers.

This one is okay, I guess. I want to see what this animator has in the top comments. is a gold mine for stuff like that. I learned all the different ways that the universe wants to kill us there. I'll add another one, just because I think these people are awesome.

You have to have respect for these people, even if some of them were terrible people. Especially Giles Corey. I mean, come on. Who can beat him?

I laughed at Lawrence of Rome. Talk about ballsy.

YOGCAST has my balls in a !@#$ing vice. "Diggy Diggy Hole."

More Minecraft songs.

Same guy as the second song. This guy is crazy...

The guy seems to be an actor... the spammed comment, "my friend thinks toby is nervel from anoying orange" is actually true. He is Nervel from the Annoying Orange. I will probably never be able to watch that show...

I love dubstep. BACK-OFF! DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!! *ahem* sorry for that outburst...

NYAN CAT DUBSTEP! Wait what? Oh yea, it exists. Have a look!

Depression time! Sad nyan cat... *cries*

Dubstep with a violin.

Okay, !@#$ posting videos on Internet's Triumphs. I'll be back later. I need to go out and practice my parkour skills. It's been too long.

!@#$ing with a troll!

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