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That was great.


Not really a triumph, but what the hell am I looking at? There was the weirdest surreal youtube video that led to this place...

Brought to you by "F U".


Too bad these only apply to the US. Not sure how many are legal in Canada as well.

Street Fighter jokes.

I read that one. The gatling gun and flamethrower? HILARIOUS! Me want baby!

One shotting a dragon.

A Fallout Triumph, the Fisto. Tell me which links you like and which you hate so I can be more selective please.

A real life triumph. It didn't look that impressive to me, but I have been in very few fights. Simple hits hurt a lot more than you'd expect. People thought that hit killed Walcott. The still image of the connecting hit shows the true power of it. I'm surprised he didn't lose any teeth.

Mario Super Smash. I may have posted it before, but for my convenience here it is again.

That's the full version.

Dumbass Doom. 16 and up.

Mario and ADHD. I can't say it is accurate but I have humped things.

Dumbass Mario

Dumbass Luigi. This guy hasn't done anything since 2010... Sad.

Re you !@#$ing kidding me?! Link gets down baby. Purple's head appears in the barrel right when Tingle comes in. What the %^-* is he doing done there?!?!\

Gravity 2, a flash game. It's okay...
Amazing misinterpretation.

Luigi? Also, make sure to read that newspaper. Same guy who did Pikachu on Acid. The humor is kind of obvious...
A few things from the chat.

Lu Bu's last stand. Dynasty Warriors Anime. Was also shown this while watching a guy called MagmaWK while he streamed.

Skyrim music can make anything sound epic, but come on... this idea is ridiculous.

I think this was the best picture.

!@#$ing rea.... Seriously?!

More chat stuff.

Even more. I love that song.

Why can't I find the original?! I think they were featured in a McDonald's commercial or something like that... There were imitators but I haven't seen any as good. Though one pair did get a lot of views... and a lot of dislikes.

Crazy Indian Song. Fake Translation. The original was taken down. Someone put it back up. Hooray!

Ahhh, it's okay...

That !@#$ing bastard....

MY !@#$ING BRAIN HURTS!! Okay, here's the answer. You don't add the $1 to the amount you owe. You subtract it. Why did that explained to me? Must be late.

I thought the same thing. Ezio...?

Chuck Norris, you dog...

The !@#$ was he doing? They may have unlocked it from the inside as a joke.

That dog....



It's not very effective!


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