The Crash (Part 7)

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Thank you my friends... for everything, because of you, I have realized that there is more riding on me than simple servitude and obedience to the swarm. I have truly found that I am an individual, strewn throughout the literal flood of clones. With this last message to you both, I say farewell... for soon, the Reaper has foretold that you will know me by a very different name, and why you know me will be for the widespread destruction that I will bring... I am sorry, but this must be done for when Kerrigan falls, the necessary steps must be taken to ensure peace...

Farewell, my brothers in arms.

"Did you hear that?!"

"Hear what?"

I look at him and I explain what happened.

"What?! What's he planning on doing?"

"I don't know... We have to go after him."

"We don't have time! We about yto aboard that ship."

"We have to! He's about to do something stupid! I know it!"

"Of course he is, but he's not on the sensors. He's down there and we can't find him and Zero and Jesse need us to finish this now. Let's just ask them to take care of it."

".... Fine. Patch us through."

"Already on it."
Zero: "Come on Jessica let's move! Jesse, come on! I have Lucas!"

Jesse: "Okay, I just need to get something and- Wait we have a transmission."

Zero: "We don't have time!"

Jesse: "It's Jeff. One second. Hello? Jeff? What's wrong? Over!"

"Jesse! It's the changeling. Is he with you? Over!"

Jesse: "No, he's not. What's wrong? Ov-"

"He just sent me a message! He's about to do something dangerous and we need to find him!"

Jesse: "We're busy right now. What's he going to do?"

"I don't know. He just sent out a psychic message and he's doing... something. I don't know."

Jesse: "So that's what that was... Jeff. Listen, he can take care of himself! You need to board that ship!"


Jesse: "No, we will take care of it! Keep going! That's an order! I AM your superior now. I'll handle the changeling... Okay?"

"... Okay. Yes, you're right! We'll take care of it. You can count on us. Over and out!"

Zero: "Are you mad?! We have no time for this!"

Jesse: "I know. We'll do a quick search and get out of here. It won't take long. We'll have plenty of time."

Zero: "Fine. I'll prep everyone for evac. Hurry up."

OOC: Your choice if Jesse finds you...
I'm already in space...
Officer Lopez, bridge officer with Michaelson.

Officer Williams, bridge officer with Michaelson.

Officer Lucas, you know him. Ex-communications officer with Michaelson.

Sergeant Wilkens, led the marines on the Redemption. He escaped, supposedly.

Officer Cobb, bridge officer with Richardson and Julius. He is in Cold-heart, now...

Bridge Captain Julies, actual captain of Richardson's flagship, the Mephistopheles. Richardson technically runs the ship, so this is his second in command. Think about the position like Commander William T. Riker from Star Trek Generations except he is a captain and "Picard" is an admiral.

Commodore is one of the four remaining ships. Zanon made nameless officers for that ship that we don't need.

Redemption is the ship (one of the ships? I forget) that Discord captured. It is the ship Lucas and Michaelson were assigned to.

Michaelson, Lopez, and Williams, not to be confused with the late Captain Williams (lazy naming there), are basically resigned to consulting roles.

Jeff's Adjutant. May develop personality.

OOC: Good thing I have this.... I'm changing Wilkens rank to Master Chief Petty Officer. Captain Howard leads the Commodore. Cobb has been sent to the core planets after performing a treasonous act end stress. Read my character intro for him on Cold-Heart for more info.

IC: Jules: "What the hell is going on!?! Richardson just left!"

Lopez: "Sir! It's confirmed! The other three ships have gone rouge. Ship wide mutinies are overthrowing the crews."

Michaelson: "Get Wilkens to stop the mutinies on this ship. Richardson is a coward!"

Jules: "I refuse to believe that! He would not abandon us in our hour of need!"

Williams: "Wake up and smell the coffee Jules! He abandoned us during the mutiny. Sensors indicate his private shuttle took off! Where do you think he went?!"

Jules: "...He would never..."

Michaelson: He collapses in his chair. "Well, he did and he left this mess to us. We just have to pray that-"

Williams: "Sir! Transmission form the Liberation!"

Michaelson: "Put it on screen!" The screen switches from the view of the planet to the view of the other ship's bridge. Bridge Commander Walker stands proudly in front of the camera.

Walker: "Ah, if it isn't Michaelson! Good, good! I'm glad you're still alive! Good news my friend, isn't it?"

Michaelson: "What have you done, Walker?" I clench my teeth.

Walker: "Now, now, Captain. Hear me out. Carney and I decided that Richardson was not up to the job. He's killed most of the armada in this fool's errand. We intend to do the job and do it right!"

Jules: "Tell me, Carney! What do you intend to do with Richardson?!"

Walker: "Oh! Are you still alive Jules? How unfortunate!"

Jules: "Why you-"

Michaelson: I block his path.

Jules: "Michaelson...?"

Michaelson: "Answer the question Carney! What do you intend to do with Richardson and where is Captain Howard? He isn't answering on any frequency!"

Walker: "It's a shame really... He didn't see eye to eye with us. He is being... detained until further notice."

Jules: "You treasonous scum!"

Walker: "Shut up you piece of !@#$! You licked Richardson's boot clean ever since you got under his command. You are a fat aristocrat who got to top with money!"

Jules: "Bull %^-*! I've done even better work then you, you-"

Michaelson: "Calm down Jules! Carney! What about Richardson?"

Walker: "He went mad. He betrayed his fleet and fled his ship. He is a traitor. We will finish this mission and return with him as a prisoner. We ask that you cooperate."

Jules: "Cooperate my !@#! I-"

Michaelson: "Jules!"

Jules: "He's a traitor! He deserves to be punished for this crime! If you don't help, then your just like him!!"

Michaelson: "I don't intend to betray Richardson..."

Lopez: "Captain?"

Michaelson: Everyone looks at me incredulously. I hold my nerves together under their gaze. I try to relax and I prepare to talk Walker down. "We don't have time for this Captain. We can not afford to fight amongst ourselves in this, our most dire hour. Cliche sounding is it not, but it is true nonetheless. Many of our men are still loyal to Richardson and I assume that many good officers have been isolated until the incident is over. Am I correct?"

Walker: "Well, yes I-"

Michaelson: "Then this is pointless. We need every man we can get for the end game. We can not keep a mutiny like this secret. Someone will talk. Please, I implore you to step down and rejoin the fleet."

Walker: "I can not. Not for him. He will do to us like he did to Lucas and Cobb!"

Michaelson: I stand silent. Lucas... Cobb... such fine officers wasted. I-I hate Richardson for what happened to them, but this is no time for in-fighting. "There is nothing we can do for them now. We just have to pray that we can save them later. Will you not listen to reason?"

Walker: "I will not allow my men to fall victim to that man's madness. Are you intent on betraying us as well?"

Michaelson: "I'm not the traitor here. This is your last chance."

Walker: "... I refuse. I'm sorry old friend..."

Michaelson: "So am I... End transmission!"

Williams: "Orders sir?"

Michaelson: "... Prepare for battle!"

Jules: "I can't believe this is happening..."

Michaelson: "Well, believe it Captain! This is war. Wilkens! Have you beaten back the treasonous crew? Over!"

Wilkens: "Ay, sir! It seems like word of the treason didn't spread far on the ship. All hostile crew members have been subdued, but many of the crew are uneasy about taking on our own fleet."

Michaelson: "Talk them down and get them back to work! We are in for a fight!"

Wilkens: "... Yes, sir."

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I'm already in space...

No one knows that and how?
Troy picks up the radio besides him.

"Move out when you feel when it's time. My walkers are now under your command until further notice."

He looks over to Jack, throwing away the leftover cables.

"Is this ship battle ready?"

"Ya. We'll launch at your orders."

"Then I want this thing up now and ready to fire."
I am now confused.
About? I had seven minor characters on one ship, but now it's six (read Daniel Cobb's character sheet on Cold-Heart, you should know about that). They didn't like Richardson (except for Jules, supposedly), but they weren't traitorous. There were four ships left and you said ALL of them mutinied, so I provided captains for the other two since they were mine (technically Zanon's now, but he had Richardson flee) fleet. The command cruiser, the Mephistopheles, is the most upgraded ship with the best armor, weapons, missile pods, etc. and I had them not mutiny. So what are you confused about?
The ships. I thought only 1 mutinied, and the other 3 don't know about it because everyone that would tell is dead.
Or that... Why would only one ship mutiny? I asked and no one answered and it sounded like all them did... Okay, okay. How's this. Since this is a charlie foxtrot, I'll have Howard's ship reclaimed and you can take the Liberation with Captain Walker? The whole fleet is going to be attacked in a moment any ways.... Or I can just change the post... Your choice. I have no qualms either way. It wasn't the best writing either way...

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the other 3 don't know about it because everyone that would tell is dead.

What? Also Zanon had Richardson abandon ship, you have to ask him to retcon that...
2 on 2 sounds about fair.
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I float on an overlord, somehow acquisitioned by the Reaper, and I find myself in Space,
Posted by HowBabysRBrn
I float on an overlord, somehow acquisitioned by the Reaper, and I find myself in Space,

I should stop reading too quickly...

05/07/2012 08:25 PMPosted by wfawwer
2 on 2 sounds about fair.

I love solving problems like this quickly. Screw plot holes, let this be fixed! ;)
"Alright lets head out." I proceed to lead the walkers out of the bay and out of the temple on the opposite side from chaos marines"

"Discord, I need a location of the Dominion cruisers."
Henry: "Sir, we may have a problem."

Elder: "I know. The Dominion is back. Sarah, how the preparations going?"

Sarah: "Not fast enough, but we should be ready in a few minutes."

Adjutant: "Incoming transmission."

E: "Patch it through."

Jesse: "Sir, I'm contacting you from Troy's cave base. We're are moving out now and I just wanted to send you the information we have on the situation."

E: "Start the transfer..."

Jesse: "Uploading... You have it. We need to go. Jeff and Fleming are on the way up to the Mephistopheles. Sorry, we need to go."

H: "What's it say?"

E: "... Sarah, have the team double time it and prepare for a quick debriefing."

S: "You heard him, you maggots! Hurry up."

H and everyone else: "Yes ma'am!"
"They have taken up separate, evenly divided formations. Further data unavailable."
Discord to my guys or to everyone. I assume everyone.
OOC: I think everyone as well.

IC: "Thank you Discord keep me informed on them if anything changes."

"Alright remember the plan. Make your way to the ambush site and I'll lure them towards the site."
I guess I'll just start typing my reimbursing into the swarm...
Give me a while.
The ship hummed with power as the engines started. The crew started taking positions, Jack at the helm. Troy was at the holo-map, reviewing the area.

"Tower One, how's the enemy's battering ram?"

"Bad. They're almost done and are finishing it now."

"Mark the location and tell the mortar teams to fire the location until the treat's neutralize."

"Understood, sir."

Troy looks back to Jack, grim smile on his face.

"Just like old times...."

"Ya, like old times...."

They looked out the deck window, seeing the trees in front of them. It could be the last time they would see this, if it went wrong.

"This is Troy. Everyone who is still at Command, I'll allow you to command my troops. I can't manage a ship and an army easily."
OOC: Which group am I with again? I am utterly confused...
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OOC: Which group am I with again? I am utterly confused...

OOC: You were in the base with Lucas, Jesse, and those guys I think.

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