The Crash (Part 7)

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There he is. (used a satellite camera type thing)


Camera types that are blocked:

Heat sensors (Shields [which are on all protoss units and buildings] likely generate heat)

Ultraviolet rays (That's for the verdammt HOSPITAL, not for satellites!)

Psionic Detectors (We are in a protoss settlement. That thing would probably be overloaded)

Conventional cameras (Building. Hello?)

On a side note, mechanical arms are connected to the person's nerve system, and therefore the brain. You'd have to mind-control them like any other person.

Lastly, when you tried to see me through my suit, I only removed the things from my HUD that would be used in a squad. I would've removed the window that showed the BPM of my squadmates, for example. I would still have all the other things, like my COMMUNICATION WINDOW TO CONTACT COMMAND OR OTHER SOLDIERS!

Weren't you next to a campfire just a second ago?
That means outside right?

HOW am I supposed to find your character then?!?!*Frustration causes overload*

. . . . . . . .

*loading bar*


"Hi, I'm Zanon."
No, we're in a Dark Shrine, and it's like a big psionic fire that illuminates the room...
Curse you frustrated Zanon!
Weren't you next to a campfire just a second ago?
That means outside right?

HOW am I supposed to find your character then?!?!*Frustration causes overload*

. . . . . . . .

*loading bar*


"Hi, I'm Zanon."

Ha! Zanon's a computer. I knew it!
"Vans..... That's someone that I used to know."

Jack looks over at Troy, then looks back at the knife he was messing with.

"Always curious. Nice guy, too..... Before he went insane. Long before I impersonated the Captain of that ship, Vans was an undercover spy. Working as one of the scientist, he had a lot of access. Too bad he ended up being part of a test procedure. He goes in, an accident occurs, comes out insane."

He walks over to his desk, grabbing a drink.

"So, I'm guessing he's dead?"
Zero: "He is."

"So then you admit it. You did impersonate my Captain right." It was no question.

We walk out of the shadows. We met up in the tunnel and rushed towards Zero. I creep out of the shadows with a smirk on my face and hands in my pockets. Fleming has a look of anger and his hand on his gun. Jesse looks sorrowful and distant. He looks so embarrassed, but we don't care. We are face to face with Troy and we want answers even if we have to beat them out of him.

OOC: I assume Flint and Jessica are behind us.
OOC: BTW, you don't have to read this if you don't want to. It's a summary of my characters' personalities. This is mostly for my benefit and anyone who cares.

So I'm getting closer to understanding my characters' personalities. Jesse is a sort of shy and apologetic leader. When he doesn't agree with others methods, he may argue with them, but he usually he just doesn't do anything. It's not because he isn't curious or he is weak, it's because he watches things from the background and lets them unfold. He intervenes when he needs to and he is perfectly willing to kick someone's @## when he needs to. He has a close relationship with Jessica, not unlike one has with a sister. (therefore, there isn't any romantic feelings). He believes in totems and he thinks that spirits of everyone you've met (and who is dead) influence your lives, but the closer they are to you, the more influence they have. Therefore he tries to resolve things peacefully in order to keep angry spirits from trying to ruin his life. They are always near you in part even if you are doing something private. For instance, it's gross, but he believes that your dead grandma is near you even if you are... reproducing and he finds this beautiful.

Zero is disgusted by this theory, but Jesse just points out Zero's obsession with remembering names which makes Zero mad. Zero claims that "that doesn't compare". It is Zero's belief that there is an afterlife, but Jesse's theory put him off a little bit from it. He still hopes that he will meet his ancestors someday. Zero is relax, but stronger leader type. He is also more experienced than Jesse. For both of these reasons, he was promoted ahead of Jesse. Despite this, Zero and Jesse are still best friends. Zero is the mentor type as well. He subtly leads people in the right direction, but he backs off if he feels that they don't need his help. Please take note that he will subtly help someone even if they don't want it. He is more of an action guy than Jesse and, since he doesn't share Jesse's beliefs, he is more willing to kill or use violence to get what he wants. That isn't to say he isn't a nice guy and indeed it could be worse for his prisoners. He could give them to Sarah which he has done in the past. All the prisoners broke soon after.

Henry, who appeared in the troll wars, will probably make an appearance. He took to Jeffrey the quickest (that is among the spectres who aren't in the leadership or Sarah). Jeffrey becomes his mentor. His personality may be fleshed out in another RP.

Sarah is a leaser , but is violent and untrusting. She is fully dedicated to the spectres, but especially the Elder. There have been theories that they may have something... more, but it doesn't matter to most. The group was pretty tight knit to begin with and another step for two members isn't too uncommon. She has an unusual fascination with blood. It started when she was young and no one but the Elder knows what happened. However, her spectre training made her interests more... obvious and potent. She is definitely not someone to mess with.

Jeff and John are basically based on my personality (more so Jeff) and you should know them pretty well by now.

Lucas and Michaelson are works in process. Lucas is obviously more led and disinterested back then everyone, but this may only be due to his recent kidnapping. He is always paying more attention then it seems. Michaelson is very loyal and he is a very competent officer. He feels guilt for letting Lucas take the fall.

The Elder is... the elder. He is wise and the main leader of the group. He is a mentor, a teacher, and a great influence on most people he meets. He is one of the first spectres. He is very concerned with the fate of humanity and of the universe. He tries his best to save everyone he can, but he is no fool. He knows his group is small and therefore he tries to increase membership and keep his men alive. The group is numbered at 41 (Jeff being the 41st). He is very much Sarah's foil. He is calmer and more trusting, but he is still very cautious. He balances out Sarah's anger which is one reason people think there is something more between them. Whether it's a father/daughter relationship or something else is only known to them. He is trying to find some way to become immortal, but no one besides him knows why. Is he afraid of death or is he hiding something? Not even I know yet.

Derp herp. I put this in the wrong thread. Sorry Zanon, that was not meant for the bar.
Troy watches the new event unfold. A threat has found them, but it wasn't one that couldn't be eliminated.

"I did impersonate him, but I didn't kill him. I found him dead, and I'll explain my reason why for impersonating him later."

Troy looks at the new comers.

"And you are?"

Jack stops messing with his knife, aware of the situation.
OOC: Yes they are right behind the main group.

I stand off to the side near the wall "What you don't remember me Troy. I feel a little insulted as we have met several times."

I remain silent and just watch.
"You found him dead? You found him dead... You really expect me to believe that?"
"And yet, you're here to ask me questions. So, you're saying I didn't say he wasn't dead when I found him?"

He looks over to the new comer.

"Sorry, I've been meeting a lot of people lately."

Jack moves his hand to retrieve his weapon, but stops as Troy shakes his head.
"Well you did help me out back on the Hercules back before we met the changeling."

"Flemming calm down, I doubt Troy killed the captain. I am sure that the ship had a few loyalist to the the Dominion if not ghosts."
"Well, if you won't answer his questions. Then tell me how the Dominion found us. It seems strange that a lost ship was just found as people were escaping."

Zero: "Oh that. That was actually your fault, Jeff."

"Umm, what?"

Zero: "You reactivated the power to the ship. The only power on before that was the power to the life support systems. When you activated the main computer, the distress signal was reactivated as well as the tracking device on the Hercules. You led the Dominion here."

"I.. What?! I'm responsible for this?!"

Zero: "You couldn't have known it wasn't-"

"Bulls!@$, I had to kill, what, dozens of people and caused the death of hundreds? That's not cool. I should've checked and made sure that-"

Lucas: "Oh shut up! You're giving me a headache! We would've found you any ways."

I look over at him kind of stunned. He shrugs and looks away embarrassed.

"I don't really care what happened! I just want to know what happened to my captain. He was a great man, he didn't deserve to die."

OOC: I just realized that I don't know the Captain's name. What is it? I've also decided that Lucas has a psi index of 3 or 4 and is more capable of shielding his mind from mind reading, but a strong psionic can easily force his way in. I assume that the Captain was killed by the Dominion, but Fleming doesn't know this. This has became part of my plan btw.
"It's not my fault that the man named Jon Luxenburg died. Ya, people called him a good captain. And he was, I knew what he tried to do. But, one of your fellow crewmates decided that it was a betrayal to the ship's crew. So, that's how I found him a dying man. Well, I can't say he's dead though. No one told me about his fate. You should probably ask the medic who helped him, might help unveil the truth."
"The medic? I know her. So you still say that you didn't do it?"

"Fleming... The records said that you were due to have a resocialization procedure. They probably knew of your betrayal. It is possible you had an informant who told the Dominion of your betrayal. They would've known about Luxenburg and had him killed or it could be that a crew member killed him like Troy says. I don't think he did it."

"Right, fine, but you still owe us answers. However, we have the Dominion to worry about."

Zero: "That's right. Troy, what kind of contingencies do you have in place to deal with the Dominion? What resources do you have at this base?"
"All out? I can go all out..." I say to myself, sheathing my sword and pulling out my knife. I take a defensive stance.
"All out in this body is not very much compared to what I can do in my original body... but It'll have to do."
I begin with a sweep to his legs and a strike with my scythe aimed at his head.
I leap to prevent losing my footing and run my left hand through the blade, preventing it from reaching my head. I swiftly punch the middle of the shaft with my right hand, shattering the scythe and denting my fist.

I pull the blade out of my left palm and throw it at her face, lunging at her as she blocked the blade.
"So you're asking me what I was doing there. Well, to do sabotage, of course. And why would you want to know what resources I have here? That's a rather suspicious question, considering that we're about to be attacked."
Zero: "Is he stupid?"

"We're asking BECAUSE we're about to be attacked. We kind of need to know what we have to defend ourselves with since we are being attacked by battlecruisers. There's no way they don't have something special up their sleeves given that they were pushed back two or three times already. Last time, they almost managed to kill us."

Zero: "That's right. Therefore, we are asking for your help. Are we talking slow enough for you."

Jesse: "Yes, because insulting him is the answer."

"And the man talks!"

OOC: And again I try my hand at comedy. Tell me if it ever works...

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