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This week, we’re analyzing:

When to GG - Sometimes it pays to fight to the end, and sometimes it’s better to throw in the towel and try again. How do you know when it’s worth it to keep fighting versus when it’s time to say GG and leave the field to your opponent?

Strategy, tactics, and skill. At the heart of StarCraft II are the legion of skilled tacticians and brilliant strategists leading armies of zerg, protoss, and terrans to war across the scarred battlefields of the Koprulu Sector. Knowledge is power; the greatest commanders throughout history earned their victories not merely by virtue of strategic brilliance, but also by applying themselves to rigorous study of warfare and the tactics used by those who fought before them. You too can tap into this valuable resource, and that’s where StarCraft Art of War comes in.

Are you a veteran player? Are you new to StarCraft II and striving to improve your skills? In this weekly feature, we invite players of all skill levels to ask questions, share their tactics, post replays, and provide advice for understanding, executing and defeating today’s most popular strategies.

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  • Ask questions! These threads aren’t just for experienced players, but also players who are learning the ropes or want to improve their skills.

Never GG! Fight to the last building!
send this to IdrA...

constructively: You GG after analyzing the situation you are in (after every engagement, including harass), and try to calmly say what he at best and worse (for skill level) what he could have, what he was left with, what you were left with, how badly you were hurt, and generally things like that.

After anazlyzing all of these things, you look at your options. Expand, all-in, tech, harass are all possibilities, depending on what you have, will have soon, and how likely he is to attack with what he has.

If you find yourself in a position where you no longer think you can win, no matter what you do, then you GG.
I gg when I have no army and my opponent has about 10+ units. If its less then that I usually stay in and test my luck. Also if you have enemy units in your production there is no point to stay in, just leave.
If an allin fails, its prime time to gg because you have 0 chance to make it back in.
GGing when you know when you have lost is also polite, I hate it when I have to spend 10000hrs killing someones base.
Leave when you don't think you have a chance of winning.
when you see the 2 rax coming.
When skill, luck and prayer have failed, it's time to throw in the towel.

Unless you're Terran in a base race. Up, up, and away!
When the funs gone I'm gone.

In reality, when things look far too grim, i.e. I lose my main, army is scattered to pieces, and not a worker to speak of.
Never give up. Trust your instincts.
keep fighting till you win or you pass out or get knocked out. If you quit after one solid punch you're not a real fighter. If you leave the ring without winning, you sure as hell better be on a stretcher because we don't train no cowards here.
Only GG after you are sure that you are dead or so far behind you can't recover

1) You just lost a big engagement and your opponent is 50 food ahead. He still has a large army, you only have your trickle of reinforcements.

2) You went Nexus first to try to gain an economic advantage. Your enemy goes for some heavy pressure and although you hold it off, you lose your nexus. In the mean time they have taken their expansion and are preparing to finish you off with the follow-up attack.
When I scout the toss moving out to 4-gate me and I just made a round of drones, I GG.

When I scout double proxy stargate and see 2 voidrays pop before I even started a evolution chamber I GG.

Really I just GG when I see that losing is actually imposible no matter what I do. If I'm on 2 bases and losing my third and barely surviving an attack and I scout my opponent taking his 5th I just leave. It's not really worth it to stay in there and see how long I can survive when defeat is inevitable.

Not to say that I GG the second I'm down by a little bit. Only a fool *cough* IdrA *cough* would do that. But if I'm down by so much that there is no conceivable way for me to win besides my opponent going AFK for 5 minutes than yeah... I'm going to leave.
Since I'm a silver terran with not-so-great experience, I auto GG after I see the protoss deathball.
Till the very end and there's no need to type GG if it's not really a GG in your opinion. It will be so hypocritical if you say something that isnt true.
You can't win if you leave.
Yup, never give up. GG only when you feel like it was a good game for you. If you think it was a good game for them, say well played.
03/16/2012 07:04 PMPosted by Hollow
Leave when you don't think you have a chance of winning.

Right, but what's the tipping point?

Do some players leave too early? Is it a learning experience to stay in the game and see how long you can last? Do you think it's better to recognize your mistakes and leave a losing game early, to preserve your "stamina" for another game where you try not to make the same errors?

Yup, never give up. GG only when you feel like it was a good game for you. If you think it was a good game for them, say well played.

"GG" is just an expression. For the purposes of this discussion, we're just talking about leaving a game.
Optimal GG timing is somewhere between Idra's and Fantasy's.
8 pool rush failed?


Really though, I don't quit until you get every building. When I know I'm about to lose, I run workers to the most remote locations on the map and build nexus/hive/command centers. You then have to spend 10+ minutes finding and killing them all. Some people leave from pure frustration, leaving me the victory even if I didn't earn it.

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