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Just played a game literally 5 minutes ago PvZ.

I FFE and thought the Zerg did a 14 pool 15 hatch. Nope... he actually went for a roach rush and killed my pylons/gateways/forge/cannon at my natural but lucky for me I had a stargate in my main and chrono'd 2 void rays.

The roaches pushed into my main and did a lot of damage but I held, macro'd up, tech-switched to Colossi and went on to win the game.

Never give up. Never surrender.
I think it's important to never GG first if you are the obvious victor. Doing it if you are winning is like saying, "hurry up, you're wasting my time". If the defeated member GG's first, it is like them saying, "I recognize your greater amount of skill than mine, and that I have enjoyed this match with you". This is also generally good because of comebacks. Nothing sucks worse than being the current winner of match, GG'ing, than being defeated by a comeback is humiliating.
when 10 mutalisks are out at once.
i'm just a noob but sometimes people underestimation you and you can use that to your advantage
Never give up, all is fair in love and war. Even if you only have one scv left say, and you have the resources, hide that sucker and try and find a good place to start rebuilding, miracles don't happen often, but you can't just give up!

On the other hand if you have to leave for say supper, or you're bored. You can. XD Realistically speaking. When to GG is obviously up to whoever is playing and willing to disconnect first.

You can even have disconnect wars. For example:

If you are defeated you could hide a single scv - either at the very beginning of the game or the end or whenever you have a chance - behind a rock or some map feature that pretty much obscures it, someplace where the opponent needs to scroll all the way to the edge of the map to see the scv's hand poking out, and just stay there and say 'I'll never quit until you kill my very last unit.'

And then go eat a sandwhich or something. If the opponent finds your unit, oh well, if he gives up and is bored to death he'll exit before you, and though you've lost the actual battle, you've won the war: Ending in victory by default, a disconnect war. XD

Think its cheap?

Think again.

It's thinking inside the box that loses real opportunities in many areas in life.

Of course this being a game, its probably nicer to be fair. And not do the stuff I just said. Haha. But I say if you have a real hope, if that single scv left can still make a command center, it really isn't lost, and you can give it your heart.

That I don't believe is unfair. It may make the opponent sulk that you are so tenacious because they presume they've won, but if you are player with an ally this CAN work, you guys CAN recover with the right tactics, with just a handful of scvs, and some good running/rebuilding strategies.
I usally throw in the towle and suck it up when 1) Where my entire army gets nuked my base or my worker (not buildings though they have sheild regenrat or have sheild) Two:If my oppent has like 5 expos and I only have like 2 or 3 I throw it in ( unless im terran then if there is sealde off area like in Toxic map I famr that and no 1 knows in there).3:I just do one simple thing if my oppent say is terran and has heavy ground Defense like mauradurs I fly my builds up and find a good place to rebuild heck mabey Ill make it nuketown and harass him with nukes( Know this one is not a GG when to quit thing but good strt if u ever get to try it).Or 4 if they go early ruhs with a few marines or zealots and im just getting my build finished ill throw it in unless my SCV's can hold the line.
Oh, I so hope you're kidding...

I mean no one can be THAT evil, right?
When to GG: When my opponent is defeated. That is when to GG. :)
last nite i played a game against a toss (PvP). dude said he hated playing PvP after 3 mins and he ended up rage quittin after attemptin to zealot rush me. keep in mind i hate playing a PvP match anyway but still. play it out. i never just give up i play till 1. my army is gone or 2. my production is gone i.e; my production buildings. only then i gg.
03/16/2012 07:04 PMPosted by AamDamnd

This says it best. I've won games (long after I'd clearly lost) just because players didn't counter right away... Granted those games were in silver and gold, but I'm inclined to think that up until masters you should hold on until someone's knocking on your front door with an unstoppable force.

The exception, for me, is if I have no income/very few workers and can't expand due to the tenacious patrolling of my opponent then I will probably GG out of courtesy. Holding on to the last minute (when you have to income/workers to produce game winning units and your army is dead) is just bad manners. I also would like to add that it's unrealistic: a good commander knows when to retreat/surrender in order to save what is left of his standing forces.

In Starcraft II, (if it were real) once I'd lost my army, income and outer defenses to the enemy I would surrender the field and lift off in an attempt to evacuate the remaining expedition.
when you fought same player 18times in a row on ladder and lost all
Sometimes while my army is decimating my opponent's base, their army is doing the same to mine. So I evacuate as many drones as I can (and a queen if possible) via OV's, find a place to settle down, and finish killing their stuff. Usually works, although the standoffs can take a while.
I GG when I've adequately determined that the opposing player is better than me. If he's doing multi-pronged drops, has great macro, and beats me on all fronts, it's time to call it.
FFE and scout Roach Ling all-in. GG...
I feel like there is an instinctual timing in leaving because there is just no feasible way to continue to win. Losing very hard in a large battle and not being able to replenish to counter his army. Losing key structures or being extremely behind economically to the point you simply cannot be cost efficient enough.

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