This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #10 (RP)

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This is an actual roleplay. Here are the rules!
State your (name) (race) (unit-type), and any other info that you feel others should know. I will start. Additionally, all races can understand each other, due to some technology.

Please keep track of your Credits and Items. Each Player will get 100 credits at the beginning of each day, from when they started.

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I give Credit for this series of threads to Vulturling.
New Players are welcomed.
Laura began floating away from the ship in a hypnotized state. Uh oh. I didn't want to lose my subject eternally in the vacuum of space. Tendrils of liquid metal swirled out and ancored her to the Banshee.
I moved in psionically.
There is no intruder.

Her memory protests.

The disturbance was merely a solar energy flare or an engine disruption.

Two memories begin to coexist inside Laura's brain.

You saw the Stalker board Zaros' ship. Nobody could travel between two craft.

Logical sub-processes take over, starting to bury the obviously hallucinatory memory.

You made a thorough search. Nothing is here. Nothing.

There is a gradual calming of the mind. Of course nothing was here. No need for stressful conclusions when there was an alternative. I make one last suggestion before releasing the Clone.

The idea of an object or intruder on the ship exterior is so absolutely inconceivable, there's no need to even search further. Tell Skye that you made a thorough sweep and saw absolutely nothing.

OOC: Sorry if that was character control.
As her mind became more aware, it quickly lashed out at the voice in her head, as her Dark Templar training had taught her. Even though her conscious mind's memory had been altered, her subconscious was relatively pissed.
A sharp psionic blast surged into Tlt'Rhn. The attack would have continued but she snapped out of her state, and looked around, confused. She thought she saw a bright flash, but there wasn't a sun or star anywhere near the ship... An Engine disruption may have been the cause, ugh, now she needed to fix that? She should Radio Skye.
"Hey Skye? What's the status of the Right Engine? I think there might have been a malfunction."
I quickly bring up the Engines on screen. After a quick scan, I notice nothing out of the usual.

"No, the engines are fine. Are you talking about that Stalker guy that was on the BC with you? I see him on the hull, but it's just identifying him as 'Unknown Object.' Also, do you need a tether? I noticed you were drifting away and your brain activity dropped severely."

I go through a few more screens, checking the status on the ship. The only thing that was going wrong was the air lock was open, but that was because Laura was already out.

"All systems are fine here."
"I must have hit my head, I don't remember anything up here. I just saw a flash..."
Nick steps out of his Viking, landing with a Thud on the ground.

It was cold out. The sun was setting, and night was settling...
"Hmm.... I'll check the ship's systems over again. I might have missed something but..." I pause, my mind suddenly racing.

"That stalker guy? The one that's also psionic like us that was with you on the BC? He must have done something. I think he was the one who discharged the flash."

If we can't do anything on the outside....

"What can I do from in here? Do you have any idea? I can't really leave the inside of the ship now because you were just put into a comatose state, and I need to keep you near the Banshee. Unless you get a tether, I can only do stuff from the inside. What can I do?"

I'd just start doing it if my flying experience wasn't so mediocre.
"Wait... the Stalker guy is out here? Yeah... that makes sense... I'll go look for him."
And then the cycle will repeat itself.
"No. No. Don't do that. You're just going to get flashed again. Get back in here. We're just going to have to deal with him on the ship until we land. I'll fill you in on anything you can't remember. It's pointless to try. I can't go out because my gun won't do anything to him, and I'm no match for him psionically. Just get back in the ship."
OOC: You really thinking about leaving SC2 behind, BzKKyryne?
03/21/2012 10:43 PMPosted by NickDaMan
OOC: You really thinking about leaving SC2 behind, BzKKyryne?

Yeah. It's getting to the point where I'm starting to really love playing it so much that I'm playing it quite often. I'd still get on here to RP, and I'd probably still be able to TheoryCraft and all that junk, but if I do leave it behind, it would be so that I can focus on college and get a good social life.

It's a tough decision. One hand is drop in grades, social skills and life, but happiness doing something I love. The other is the opposite: Better grades, great social skills and life, but no StarCraft.

It's quite the dilemma. XD
. . .
I just realized I had that dilemma a couple years ago, and I chose the latter. After that, grades went up, I got a girlfriend, and now I'm going to my first dance with her on Saturday.

Remember. There is always CoD.

No, but in all honesty, I do better at CoD than I do at SCII :C
In MW3 I get the huge ships (AC130's for everyone who knows about it) that rain death from above, and it's so satisfying. Then I come on here, try to play a relaxed game, and find myself raging at everything.
"Alright. We should probably get going anyways. I'm coming in."
I hover to the airlock and float inside. I press a few buttons and a door seals me inside. Slowly oxygen begins to pour into the chamber and the gravity comes online. I land with a metallic thump. After 30 seconds, the door to the interior of the Banshee opens and I walk back to the Cockpit. I sit next to Skye.

"That... was a little weird..."
As I soar through the air I keep chuckling, when I land I blow the Ultralisk back away from me and start laughing (Not a simple Ha ha, but the kind of laugh you would hear coming from HBRB whenever he goes into a state of insanity). "Changeling, you can't honestly believe that you can defeat me that way! I'm on terrazine! I can do much more than I ever have before! When we meet back in there it will be quite fun!"
He flies to the back of his cave, where a geyser spews a purple mist into the room. He wonders if he should inhale it... The effects would come at a steep price though...
"Tell me about it. You scared me for a bit after the flash."

I pause, thinking over what I should ask next.

"What do you think he did to you? If you could guess? And how much do you remember before the flash?"
"I remember going out, but I don't remember why..."
I shrug.

OOC: I'll be gone for the next... hour and 15 minutes. maybe more. :D
My sword flashes and a small hole large enough for me to squeeze through appears in the crumbled entrance way. "Changeling, where are you?" I yell through the cavern. My mind probing the area for the Changeling as I walk.
Still no one else at the bar >.>

Nick steps into the twilight. The sun was setting, and the steady hiss of the Zerg could be heard from almost anywhere, coming from almost everywhere.
If I could, I would breath a sigh of relief. I have observed many Terrans do this, but Protoss cannot. Actually fortunate, for I am in the vacuum of space.
And, my head is now hurting.

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