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I nod and start to rally everybody, telling them about what we are doing, one of us moaned, but the everybody else seemed to be happy about going out to help the ones in pain.
OOC: If memory serves the stalker is on the underside/back of the banshee. I am at the very top center.

My optic sensors detect no motion or irregularities on the ships hull so I decide that some investigation is in order. But not of the scan.

I am on a ship with no idea where I am going. Time to change that. I tap into the ship's wireless controls (basically the auto pilot).

The vessels security codes are very complex, and it takes nearly 15 seconds to find an access piont. I Begin sifting through information.

Speed and direction are now known.
Vessel status is now known.
Munitions status is now known.
Crew compliment is now known.

I decide that it would be counter productive to take control of the ship. It would merely alert the crew to my presence. Besides, I was curious about our destination.
I motion for Laura to exit first, and notice her slight blush as she pulls the cloak slightly closer to her. I walk behind her, my mind racing.

Laura might.... Love me? ME? After she's been through the galaxy for years, and seen MANY people, she falls in love with me?

I shake my head, grinning. It just couldn't be possible.
It seems the crew is returning to the cockpit.

Unfortunately, moving would probably generate more noise than acceptable. I must trust in my 'hiding' place for a while.

This is an excellent time to gather information. I could 'listen' to hull vibrations, but that is not as dependable as...

The communications light blinks on. (Discord now has an 'ear' in the cockpit.)
The added risk of discovery should be offset by by clear information.
The Crack of dual Sythe pistols fills the air, followed by the scream of a rebel as he slams into the ground.

"Reapers!!" Nick shouts as more pistol fire emanates from the surrounding buildings.
I come back into the cockpit and sit down, sighing.
"It's almost time... I should probably turn back into Xeranis. I'm going to have to... umm... loosen the cloak a little unless I want to rip it while I change... soo... yeah."
I laugh a little and blush.
"The Dominion never knows when to quit!"
I nod and exit the cockpit. I lean against the wall with my left shoulder and pull out my knife. I begin to flick it in and out again.

What was that bump earlier?

This thought comes to the forefront of my mind, but I begin to push it away, again trying to dismiss it as the Stalker Guy.
My bones begin to crack and soon Xeranis is sitting in the command chair. I talk a deep breath.
"Alright... I'm done..."
I toss my knife, blade out, into the air. I turn around and hold my hand behind my back. As the door opens, the knife handle cleanly falls into my hand and the blade retracts.

"So, did you hear that thump on the Banshee a few minutes ago?"
I nod.
"Yeah. Something hit the ship. If it's alive, then I hope it finds the Stalker Guy and they can deal amongst themselves... damn flashy thing... When I get my hands on him..."
I give a look of absolute shock.
"That crystal thing of his read my mind last time... do you think he's been... Oh... oh god..."
I blush fiercely and bury my face in my hands.

IC: I probe into the cybermind, hoping to discern its purpose.
Unauthorized access.

Defense Plan 3749321 chosen.

Discord charges every area the entity tried to access to near overload.

(Kind of like blowing into a super-sensitive microphone. You get a painful burst of static)

It takes two quarters of a second to return systems to nominal power. This what ever it was was comprising my security. I can't have that.

Time to find out what I'm dealing with.
-The threat is probably on the outer hull.
--The people inside mentioned a stalker on the hull.
---The stalker has a 'crystal thing'

Conclusion: The 'Stalker Guy' is attempting to access my systems.
Wait, does Discord still have his memory banks?

He will have (limited) information on the cloned changeling, and significantly more on the original. These may differ slightly since he was kind of time/dimension hopping through the plot hole.

That said, he lost much of the info that he acquired over the years and years of existence. He figured saving his 'personality' was more important than a bunch of random data.
Will he recognize the alliance between him and the Changelings?
Assuming he gets enough data to connect the dots, yes.

Slipping in another comment about the origional changeling should do it. The cockpit mic is still on, now is as good a time as any. You can wait if you want.
"Been where?"

Despite the Changeling being in Xeranis form, I still find it extremely cute that she's acting this way.

Is there.... Something she's hiding from me?
Detected interference from target. Access forcefully denied.

(Then follows a long line of error code explaining what the machine did to deny 'mental' access, to the Crystal's knowledge.)

Odd. Most lifeforms and machines are completely unable to detect the Crystal's mental probe. Yet in just a short period of time no less than two were able to do so, and now one had actually blocked the probe, which should have been impssible. Of course, a machine should theoretically have an easy enough time of thoughtblocking if it detected the probe because machines can't thought-leak, but...
I still need to find out what this machine is and what its purpose is.
The Crystal retrieved almost no information of value before the subject's defense systems kicked in, but oddly...
It was certainly an AI, but its thought patterns had an almost sentient construct, in that the first detail a thought-probe had surrendered was a name.
I look right at him, a look of pure shock on my face.
"What if he's been reading our emotions this whole time!? Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to be read like a book in front of someone you lo-"
I put my hands over my mouth. Ffffffff-

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