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Name: Brian/ Operative 2838
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6 feet, 1 ½ inches
Equiment: C-10 Canister Rifle, psyblade, Ghost hostile environment suit, and a small pistol.
Base Unit: Ghost
Eye Color: Brown, bright red when using his Psionic capabilities.
Hair Color: Black
Personality: Is always so serious, he is also a trickster.
Abilities: Is able to enter his opponents mind unless they are skilled enough to block him. He can cloak as well.
Backstory: His family was killed just before the Zerg were truly discovered by the Terran, but he was taken by the Confederacy at a young age and his family was told he was going to a private school, which he was. His brother thought he was dead after Brian didn’t come home within the next few years. He expected an assault on a battlecruiser by a man named LeKroger, so he went to it, he was on the bridge when he heard Agent 2839, and he instantly knew it was his brother, because that exact agent was sent after Zaros. When Zaros arrived at the bridge Brian cloaked and waited then uncloaked gripping Zaros’s old sword. They fought but he was subdued.

I get my hands out of the shackles and grab the nearest gun, a C-10 Gauss rifle, I jump out of the Wraith and see Dominion troops so I follow them to a bar.
"What? Someone-"

Just as I was about to ask what she was going to say, the scanners go off. A blip appears on the radar.

"What is that? Looks like another ship but... I thought we weren't going to see one for a long time."
Nick Raises his arm as a reaper ducks out of cover, sending a burst of weapon fire at him. With a roar, he charges towards the reaper, grabs his jet-pack, wrenches it so it faces directly into the man's back, and lets go as the new direction of the jet-pack launches the reaper into a wall, at 40 miles an hour.

"Take out the other Medivacs!" Nick shouts.
I look out of the cockpit.
"It's just a dominion transport..."
I look at it, and see a large explosion rock it. A pheonix pulls around.
"Was. Appears the Protoss still aren't on good terms with the Dominion."

Great.... I'm gonna die. These guys are going to HATE me!
I dash from cover and run for a spot closer to one of the medevacs. It is low enough that I can see the pilot, though not clear enough for a shot.
Just as I was about to move to another spot a group of marines spotted me and started to fire. I duck behind an other wall and return fire with.
I turn back.
"I'm an official Dark Templar. I can talk to them easily, let me just-"
I am interrupted by another blip, much farther away this time. I check the digital clock.
20 minutes.
I open communications with the new ship.
"Why En Taro Tassadar, High Prelate. Remember me?"

As the voice speaks through the channel, I smile.
"En Taro Tassadar, Xeranis. What brings you here, and how did you know I was coming?"

"All will be explained on the Khalai vessel, Zeratul."
I frown, how did she know about our mission..?

"Alright, we have reports that they are under attack, what is happening there?"

"The Terran Dominion has an outpost on the planet nearby, they must have seen the Khalai as a threat and attacked. If you could contact them and tell them that they will be aided by an unidentified Terran vessel, that would help."

I frown again.
"Unidentifie- are you in that cursed Banshee again Xeranis?"

I hear laughter on the other end.
"I can't help myself, the thing is like Sundrop!"

I chuckle to myself. Not many Dark Templar shared her joking nature, but even fewer knew that she was more than capable enough to single-handedly annihilate the enemy. Then there was only one other Dark Templar besides himself that knew her true secret.

His pupil was a Zerg Changeling.

"Well, you make sure that Sundrop of yours doesn't get to the Khalai, and hold the Terrans off until I arrive."

"Will do High Prelate. I'll keep in touch if you need me."
She closes the channel and I lean back, smiling. "Malak, we can afford to slow our pace. No reason to overcharge our power source for an unneccesary reason."
The blips are obviously sensor alarms going off. Three vessels. One terran transport, a phoenix, and another protoss vessel. Distances unknown without more direct system access.

I will not attempt direct system access because of the resent access attempt to my programing. Having more external connections increases risk of being unable to stop another access in time.

Wait, she was human a moment ago. Now a Dark Templar? That makes it a changeling. But the human does not seem bothered. Is he a changeling as well?

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tell them that they will be aided by an unidentified Terran vessel

This hiding spot is no longer optimal.
I smile as I hear her joke. When the transmission was over I answer Zeratul by saying, "We might still need to get there soon though, as powerful as Xeranis is, she still might have a bit of trouble. And did you notice the movement behind her?"
I cloak and sprint to the wall that one of the rebels decided to hide behind. I uncloak behind him, my psyblade hanging above his head.
I step out of the bar and see the on going attack. I look around for a weapon that I can use. I find a good sized pipe lying on the ground from where banshee rockets had torn into a building. I grab it up hoping to find something better soon.

As I continue to look around I see the zealot from before that had help rescue me. I also see Lekroger behind cover and what looks to be a dominion ghost about ready to stab him. I dash as fast as I can to help. I swing the pipe right at the base of his neck.

"Watch out LeKroger!"

I turn and see Lyn running my way and the ghost hovering right above me ready to stab me. turn my pistol sights right towards his chest and pull the trigger. I hear the click of a dry fire. I roll out of his way as Lyn swings a pipe at him. I curse at myself for not counting my shots and reload.
The communication having been terminated, I quickly throw off my headset and exit the cockpit without a word. I instead quickly send a telepathic message to Xeranis:

I'm going back to check on our little hitchhiker. If he's going to get off, it's going to be soon. I'm going to try and find him if I can.

I head to the Engine room, where I sit in a corner and close my eyes, trying to relax. I reach out my mind to try and find this Stalker.

I get nothing, but I'm willing to be patient.

This guy can't stay there forever, and no doubt he's seen or felt the Protoss ship. He's bound to get off soon.
I again risk detection, but I don't much like the idea of being shot off the top of the ship.

I re-polarize parts of my outer shell to begin a 'roll' forward. It will make some noise inside the ship, since vibration is sound, but with any luck it will be dismissed as engine noise.

They choose to change speed the moment I begin to move. How inconvenient. The noise is probably more noticeable now. I slow my forward motion as well to reduce noise.
I notice the movement in the man I now see is LeKroger and try to move out of his pistols aim, the bullet hitting me in the side, then a pipe comes flying at my face and grab it. "I'm a Ghost trained to fight in all combats little girl." I pull it out of her grip and smack her across the face with my hand. I tackle LeKroger after.
OOC: Dry fire means no bullet in the chamber, or empty clip. Pipe was aim at the base of you neck from behind. That sums that up.
As he charges me for the tackle I side step and bring the grip of my pistol down in the center of his back.
I turn around and see a metal ball rolling on the windshield.
"Wait... the hell?"
I tap on the glass and see if it does anything.
The force of deceleration was too much.
I slid across the windshield.

Unfortunately glass is not magnetic.

I begin to drift. NOT GOOD. I could wind up going off forever in that direction. I once again polarize myself, this time paying no heed to how loud my impact on the ship would be.


*Your character is suddenly reminded that space minefields often use magnetic mines*
*You also note that this looks protoss, meaning a far more high-teck boom*
With no sign of Mr. Stalker Man, I grab my rifle from my back and lay it on the ground.

I start taking it apart and putting it back together as fast as I can to pass the time.
I get on the speaker, and raise it externally.
"Large Metal Protoss Ball. If you can hear me, please state your name, if you have one, and your reason for impacting on my ship."
The radio turns on.
"You realize that sound does not travel well in space correct?"

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