This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #10 (RP)

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"What the-"

In the middle of trying to place the scope back onto the chamber, the speaker goes off on the outside.

"Protoss Ball?"

I grab my rifle, and as I'm walking up to the cockpit, I place the chamber with the scope into the gun.
I shrug, then realize it can't see.
"I'm shrugging at the moment, Large Metal Protoss Ball who hasn't given me a name to call it yet."
"Answer me this. How many zerg are on your vessel? The correct answer will get you my name."
"One. I'm a Changeling, as you would have known if you had tapped into my ship, which you obviously have, since you are speaking through my radio. There is one other passenger IN my ship, a Terran Ghost. If you wouldn't mind dealing with a Protoss who is literally clinging to the hull of my ship, I would gladly let you in."
"I am Discord... Do you mean me? I am not quite protoss."
My mouth hangs open.
"Discord... as in, the AI that likes to hijack Battlecruisers and tends to take the form of a Zealot Cuisine Chef!? By all means, come aboard! I'm the clone of the Changeling created by the late Dr. Hans Vans on the planet Endor!" (Don't Ask, another thread)
"Tell your friend not to shoot me."

I re-polarize and head towards the airlock. Much faster than having to worry about making noise. I access the airlock controls and open the outer doors.

Moving inside is a little tricky, but I manage it. The doors close and the room begins to re-pressurize.
I get on the comms.
"Hey Skye, a friend of mine is coming on board, a robotic friend. He's in the airlock, so don't shoot him. I'll go meet and greet him."
I quickly get out of the chair, knowing that I had to make this quick.
Repressurization complete.

I decide to remain as a replicant for the moment. No sense giving away my available morphs.
I morph back into my original form, my purple skin covering my thin limbs, my wings tucked tightly against my back. I see an orb surrounded by what looks like armor.
"Ah, so you have chosen a new form I see. Where have you been since the time with Troy's rebellion?"
"I was imprisoned. Chance allowed me to escape. I have more or less started over."
I take him back to the cockpit and change back into Xeranis.
"Do you still have the memory data stored on what happened?"
"Much is missing. I was only able to save a few terabytes of data. I prioritized my personality over nearly everything else."
I look out of the windshield. My hands are behind my back.
"Do you remember my brother and I?"
"I have significant a amount of data on the original. Much less on you. This is becoming a one sided conversation. What is this ship's situation?"
"Perfectly intact Banshee with Protoss enhancements. If you desire more information on me, I will give you it, but at a later date. The High Prelate has given me the order to save some Khalai Protoss from the Terran Dominion."
"I see."

(Is awake at 1:30, is an Insomniac, and is tired as hell)
I do not feel like thinking... *Buries head in pillow*


This hiding place will soon become impractical, and it would seem my subjects are hostile to my mission. Don't they want their struggles to be remembered and sympathized with?
Ah, the life of a Brother Recorder is hard.
I hear Xeranis over the speakers and I slow my pace. As I near the cockpit, I hear voices. I know better than to just intrude when there's only 2 people in at a time. I nod and head back to the engine room.

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