This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #10 (RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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"Hey Zaros, try to kill him later we have bigger issues like the Dominion here trying to kill us."
"The Dominion isn't much of a match for me right now," I turn toward LeKroger, "But that Omegalisk is!" When you turn toward where I am looking, nothing is there.
I start flailing where I sit.
Two marines pop out from behind Joeyray's, spraying down the bar with a hail of 20mm spikes. This is quickly answered by two shotgun shells into each of the marines heads. Joeyrays does not appreciate shooting in his bar. A marine on top of a building across the street pops his head up, firing a few shots at both Zaros and LeKroger. Two grenades begin to barrage the street as two marauders begin to assault the area. You can hear movement on all sides. The troops are trying to surround the group.

"Behind us!"

Nick shouts as a medivac swoops low, depositing a siege tank behind the team. It begins to siege as a marauder and two marines run out from behind a building to support the tank.

Shots begin to erupt from almost every soldier, the rounds scattering the ground where they hit, creating clouds of dust.
My eyes glow red and I disappear. The Siege tank explodes suddenly, and a fingur walks away from the fireball, it's shoulders hunched over. It looks at the sky and roars, it's long tongue extending and flailing. A marine fires a burst at it, and it looks at him and is gone again. The marine's upper torso falls off, and the figure stands behind him.
Out of nowhere, a rumbling is heard underground. Some dirt started rising slightly in a path to the lone marauder. The marauder gets pulled inside and only screams are heard.
I yank Zaros down into cover from the firing marine. "Keep you head down until you start making sense again."

I pop back up and fire my pistol towards the marines head.
"You should keep your head down." I pull my sword out of the counter and whip it at wall after I fill with Psionic energy, the wall burns out of the way as the sword comes through and it slices through a marauder and two marines before falling to the ground. I pull my AGR-14 off my back and start shooting the Dominion troops with Psi charged bullets and the occasional Psi Berry.
I spin around and dive into the hole where the screaming eminated from.
I spin around and dive into the hole where the screaming eminated from.

Poor guy. You are about to get a face full of acid.
"Targets above!"
Nick shouts as three marines pop up over the roof of a building.

two shots ring out and one of them falls off the edge. Nick takes cover behind a wall as more rounds whip through the air.
A mysterious, yet familiar being emerges from the whole. It flies quickly to the roof and snatches the remaining two marines. It quickly takes them up high and drops their acid covered skeletons on the ground.
A streak of missiles appear from seemingly nowhere, ripping chnck of the ground out and dispersing the contents all around the area."Banshee!" Nick shouts as he dives to the ground, a concussive shell hitting within 10 ft of him.
As I'm about to turn to go into the cockpit, I remember the chart room.

Maybe I can get some insight into where the heck we are, where we're going, and what I need to do next after this mission I'm going on.

I turn around and head to the chart room again.
I find it hard to believe a Banshee has that many rooms.
You would be surprised. Search up the Starcraft banshee, and remember, all the engines are external, so all the fuselage is empty.
03/30/2012 06:30 PMPosted by NickDaMan
You would be surprised. Search up the Starcraft banshee, and remember, all the engines are external, so all the fuselage is empty.

There's just 3 that exist:

The Chart room
The VERY small lounge
Engine room (Where you can work on the engines internally

Cockpit isn't a room, because it's just a cockpit.

Seems very large, but in reality, BARELY fits. XD
I move into the lounge, feeling the soft yet scratchy cloak against my bare skin. (It goes down to her feet, as it would go down to the second knee of a Protoss), and I tied it at my waist, covering most of my body except my neck and face. I sit in one of the two chairs in the lounge and take a sip of soda. My stomach begins to fizz, a chemical reaction, as I don't change my stomach that much in between forms, as it is fairly potent as it is.
I retrieve my sword and send a pulse of energy at the banshee.
I quickly bring up the ship's locator on the small map that is laid out before me. We're about an hour away from reaching this planet Xeranis kept talking about. I type in the coordinates for my home planet. As soon as I do so, my heart skips a beat.

The coordinates bring up nothing.

I quickly look over the coordinates.

They are exact! What happened? Does this map just not have it charted? Don't tell me that it's...

I quickly type in a few more coordinates and bring up another planet in the system, less known to the Dominion than my home planet was.

It appears precisely where it should.

I curse under my breath.

They destroyed it.... And I did nothing but sit back and watch men die to a Zerg invasion....

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