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Joeyray's Bar
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03/30/2012 07:54 PMPosted by ShadowFury
I retrieve my sword and send a pulse of energy at the banshee.

(Banshee is cloaked, and moving incredibly fast. The pulse misses, but distracts some of the other troops.)
I smirk, being distracted is the one thing that ensures death. I swing my sword, purposely not attempting to move up, the more I swing it the faster it goes, the momentum increasing its speed. Then, out of no where I charge them, my sword moving like light.
I finish off my soda and go find Skye in the charting room. I walk up to him and lean on his shoulder.
"So. What are you doing in the Charting Room? Looking up where you want to go after our little... endeavor..?"
I smile and laugh to myself a little. I was taking a shot here that he liked me and would stay... I never really had company while I travelled... besides... the part of my permanently fused conscious that is Laura...
I am leaning against a wall, when a High Templar screamed as if she had a energy bleed. I see a bunch of Zealots rushing to her, I eavesdrop and hear that she felt the pain when she tried to contact another one of the Khalai. This does not bode well, I think as I hear this.
I hear Laura's voice and I'm instantly nervous.

"What? Oh, no. I'm...."

I turn my head away so she can't see my pain. Instead, I send a message to her psionically.
I looked up my home planet. And... The Dominion has destroyed it. Gone.

After the message, I look back up and I'm again startled so much that I look down. I put up the barriers and make sure she can't read my mind.

What is she doing in just a cloak? Why?

I fix my gaze on the map in front of me.
I look at him, a look of shock on my face.
"Since when does the Dominion simply destroy planets? I thought that was the Protoss' job... Skye... I-I'm sorry for you..."
I walk over to him and put my hands on his shoulders, then I wrap my arms around him and hug him.
Wait hold on hold on a minute. Are you tryin' to trick me?

Is this a kissing book?
Nick slams his fist into a flanking marine's face, knocking him to the ground. He picks up the marine, ripping his visor off.


*Marine passes out*

Nick drops the marine to the ground, focusing on the troops advancing up the street. The sound of jets can be heard....
Hey Plasma, didn't you want one of your DT characters on Zeratul's ship?
I balloon my cheeks, still nervous on what I was going to say next. I'm grateful for the company however.

"My home planet was just a farming colony. It didn't even have much of an army. Basically just a few of the Dominion's officers who rotate out, and a small militia that really didn't even do much at all. I guess they just... ran out of resources, or became..... extraneous, and then the Dominion just killed everyone off... I don't know if they have the ability to destroy planets, but I know that it isn't charted, meaning it's now absolutely worthless to them."

I try hard to keep my voice even, but at the end, I just can't take it anymore. They killed my family, my friends, and now, I've got nothing left. Tears begin to blur the bottom half of my vision.

I put my hand on one of her arms.
Yes, he is. And wouldn't there also be a couple of Khalai on it too?
Wait... Is that you Plasma?
You changed your name!? BLASPHEMY!

Oh... I changed mine awhile back....
TYO erupts from the ground in Joey Ray's bar.
"One Ultraburger, and a creepshake please."
He takes the seat in the corner of the bar.
Is TYO a roach or something?
I'm confused...
I came out of the hole and take a seat in the bar. My long thin fingers drumming on the counter.
"I'll just take a soda please."
The Changeling turns around, and looks out, his mind slowly coming out of the stupor from the Terrazine.
I felt his eyes water, and hug him even harder. I begin to feel my own eyes water up.
What the hell, am I being... sympathetic!? I'm a pathetic excuse for a Zerg... even my brother wouldn't stoop as low as to fall in love!

OOC: BzK... if you want to play off that, those barriers don't have to be up at the moment...
IC: My amusement knows no bounds. Yet a touch of sympathy tugs at one of my hearts, a reminder of a similar story of impossible love. But that brings up too many painful memories, memories of two who overcame, then perished. I've always been a lover of Earth literature.
Knarled. You know she's going to straight up MURDER you when she finds out...

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