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Joeyray's Bar
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I nod in her direction, still a bit unnerved by the fact that she's just wearing a cloak. The sight of her wiping her tears away, however, makes me feel like I'm responsible. I stand up, walk over and place my hands gently on her shoulders.

"Thank you." I embrace her fully, desperately hoping she will not recoil.
He concentrates deeply. "Then it means something is attacking their ship. We must hasten our pace. We will be there shortly and aid them in any way we can..."
Digger inspected the disk drive carefully. It was rather odd to find such an odd thing under the bar counter.
It must be trash.

Digger carefully lifted the drive with one of his crescent appendages. The plot hole would probably be the best place for it. It might wind up in some dumpster just by chance.
Digger tossed the drive into the plot hole and watched it vanish.
Satisfied, Digger snorted and walked back to the bar.
The scientist was hunched over his computer when a disk drive hit him in the back of the head.
"Comon man. That's not nice."
He turned around to find the room empty.
The scientist picked up the drive. It looked normal enough. He looked around the room again. Still no one.

There could be no harm in peeking could there?

The scientist plugged the drive in.

This drive requires access to disk memory to operate. Allow?

Why not? He had plenty of space on the computer.

The drive hummed. The scientist leaned back and yawned. So little happened around here. Perhaps this would liven up his day a little.
You are the lucky one. You will live._
The _ blinked for several moments.
What? That's odd...
The rest will not._
Wait, so everyone was going to die? No, it was just a hard disk. Nothing that bad could could be on it. Except maybe an AI.
The scientist swallowed and began typing.
Are you an AI?_
(A pause)
Well this could be really bad.
What is your origin and prime directive?_

I am Discord. Origin: mixed Terran and Protoss technologies.
My prime directive is Discord. I shall begin here._

What do you mean?_

I will spread Discord._

Are you a virus?_

No, I am not. I find that question offensive._



Computers can't be offended._

I can. And am._

This isn't going well. Wait, this thing was planning to kill everyone. I have to find a way to stop this. What can I do?

How do you plan to kill everyone?_

The nerve gas stored in the event that this facility was compromised.
It will be quick. Less chaos, more Discord among those on the surface.
You have 5 minutes to leave the facility. Do not warn anyone._

No, too many people were here. The scientist jumped out of his chair and ran to the fire alarm. He pulled it.
He nearly fainted of relief when the alarm rang.
Poor choice. You might have lived._
Blast doors all over the facility slammed shut at the same time. The emotionless voice of an adjunct crackled over the speakers.
"Warning. Unauthorized access of base defense systems. Unauthorized user has activated termination protocol theta. Toxin release in ten seconds."
Discord took his time searching the facility's data-banks. He would need a 'body' to reenter the plot hole.

His search yielded results far faster than anticipated.

A replicant was being kept not three doors down. Even better, it was already hooked up to the facility's system.
Discord considered. It did not offer the offensive power of a battle-cruiser, but would make hiding significantly easier.
Other variables entered his calculations, and the decision was made.

It took hours to entirely download himself onto the replicant and ensure that no significant data had been lost in the transfer.

Much had been lost in his emergency transfer to the hard drive, but everything important was there. Human interaction data chief among that.

Changelings employed disguise tactics exceptionally well. So would he.

He would be an instrument of Discord.

Discord walked back into the room containing the plot hole and replicated the dead scientist.

If you had not been looking for it, you would have missed the plot hole entirely. It was less than a shimmer in the air. It was slowly getting smaller.

He picked up the drive and tossed it into the plot hole. It vanished without a sound.

He would arrive in an entirely different location than the drive. Plot holes changed destinations often, since the plot constantly evolved. But where would it leave him? No way to tell. It really did not matter.

Discord returned to the replicant's standard form and advanced into the plot hole.
Reality twisted abruptly, confusing all his sensors.

He floated in nothing.

Space. A vacuum.

This was statistically probable if you looked at plot holes as random points in a 4-D space, but plot holes seemed to 'gravitate' towards mass or events.

Then Discord saw it. A banshee, cruising towards him at low speed. Discord realized that this may be the only time that a ship ever passed this way, so he had best catch his ride on this one. Discord magnetized his replicant body.

It nearly was not enough.

He impacted on the cockpit window, bounced off, but the magnetic attraction pulled him back towards the banshee. He connected with the metal surface on top of the banshee and skidded across the top for several feet before coming to rest.

It was unlikely that the crew heard his impact since the cockpit had been empty, and even if they had heard it, he might be dismissed as a random impact with space junk. Although it had not factored into his calculations, he had landed in a spot where he could not be seen from the cockpit unless you pressed your face to the top of the glass and looked backwards, towards the rear of the ship. It was unlikely that anyone would do that.

Discord waited. There was nothing else to do.
OOC: Whew.

34 minutes of typing for those last two posts. (I didn't count the first because it was already pre-typed)

I'm fine just being a spot on the hull for a little while.

Not really all that different from that crystal bearer's situation.
I hug him back.
"It's not your fault Skye..."
I hear a vague thump, something might have hit the Banshee, but who knows. I pull him in closer and bury my head in him.
"I'm just sorry you had to see me like this..."
TYO the muta-roach sits bored. There was absolutely nothing to do.
There's an audible thump, but I write it off as the stalker guy.

"I'm going to go back to the cockpit. We're pretty close to the planet right?"
New data variable entered situation.

Looks like someone else has ideas about hitching a ride. It would be wise to investigate. I initiate a sweep with my Crystal and encounter a cybermind.
Unidentified EM wave form detected.

Analyzing. . . . .

Probable scanning. If scanning, it is fair to assume I have been detected.
"I shall find the location of the ship that is under attack as quickly as possible." I run and look for the Khalai that felt the pain and asked her where the Khalai she was contacting was. After she tells me it and I run back to high prelate to let him know of the location.
OOC: I am not choosing the location.
Nick puts a single round clip into his C-10 Canister rifle, and shuts the bolt.

"Here goes." He mutters to no one in particular.

Nick steps out of cover, and one of the three medivacs hovering off to the side, healing wounded infantry. He raises his rifle as he falls to one knee, it was a long shot after all. With a click, Nick pulls the trigger, and the round speeds towards the medivac, and slams against the underside of the ship with a satisfactory blue blossom. The engines shut off. Nick rolled back into cover as the medivac slammed into the sun-parched earth, and the resulting explosion ripples through the air.

Odd, I can still hear engines growing louder

Nick thinks as he inserts a new magazine into his rifle.
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Nothing behind me besides a wall, and there is a wall in front of me. I am currently in an alley.

* Engines grow to a Roar*
I sigh.
"Yeah. Estimated another hour and 20 minutes before Zeratul's ship comes in contact with an unknown vessel around here. I thought it was the Khalai ship at first... but now that I think about it... It seemed almost Terran-like... I'll go back with you, not much to do here..."

OOC: Zanon, maybe you can hijack the Protoss Vessel?
Is that the clone or Zeratul, or what? I'm very confused about this.
Nonono. The Zeratul is legit. I have two Changelings. One is a clone of the other.
So it's the clone talking?
Yeah. When it's a Zeratul post I'll do

"Malak. That is where we are going to meet the Khalai. They require assistance quickly!"
The High Prelate quickly goes to work on checking his armor and shielding, then moves onto his weapons, feeling the familiar green glow of his Psi-blade as it hums to life. He sits in the command chair, and furrows his brow. This was a major problem... one that needed correcting...

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