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Eras Zombie Invasion is the remake of the Wc3 map of the same name. The game puts the forces of Europe against an impending zombie invasion. Players take control of either a European nation or one of 3 Zombie strains. Human players advance from the middle ages all the way to 21st Century tech and beyond while fighting off the zombie hordes.

Game Info:

Capital Abilities: Each Nation and Zombie Capital has a Special Unique ability that can be used any number of times.

Nation and Zombie Passives: Each Player has a certain passive applied to them at the start of the game, depending on the type of nation/zombie they are playing.

Nation Unique Units: Each Nation will eventually have their own set of Unique Units. Trained at Capitals.

Heroes: Every player has access a Hero Unit. Currently not every hero has abilities.

Scheduled Events: Predetermined events occurring at the same time each game. Requires certain conditions to be met.

Randomized Events: Occur Randomly throughout the game.

List of Current Random Events:

  • ZombieHole: Spawns a hole in the ground of which zombies pop out.
  • Economic Boom/Bust: Human players gain or lose gold depending on luck and their investment into Economics upgrade.
  • Human Reinforcements: Human players Gain an assortment of Tier appropriate military units at a random capital.
  • Hostile Revolution: A Computer owned Hostile force of Tier appropriate Units spawn to attack a random capital.
  • Famine: A Famine occurs lowering food supply of all Human players. Players with more units than their supply will start to have random units starve to death.
  • Planned Random Events:
  • Plague
  • Terrorist
  • Hunter
  • Weather

  • Player Commands:
    -Camera XXX

    Human Commands:
    -Select Markets
    -Select Lumbermills

    Zombie Commands:
    -Kill level one
    -kill level two
    -kill level three
    -kill level four
    -kill selected

    In Development

    Nation Special Events: Each Nation will eventually have their own Special Event. A certain event that will require hard work to unlock but provide certain bonuses towards that nation. Currently Britain is the only nation with a Special Event, This event being The Fort.

    Rare Random Events: These Events are extremely rare, they will significantly effect game play but players may only encounter them once every 20 games.The Game is still in its alpha so some features are not fully functional.

    Leaderboard System: Working on adding a Leaderboard to the game that will show certain player stats. This will include a Global Leaderboard.

    Achievement System: An achievement system will also be added in, giving out rewards such as different unit skins/models, to allow for veteran players to have something to show off.

    Leveling/Reward System: In addition to the leaderboard I will also be adding a player leveling system that rewards continued play, Certain unlocks include, Passive upgrades, Starter Tech levels unlocked, Starter Units, and Event Perks, to name a few.
    Eras Zombie Invasion v.207-218

  • Balance changes, bug fixes.
  • Added Anubis Hero Abilities
  • Added Eagle Runners
  • Added Conquistadors
  • Added Tsar Guards
  • Added Shadow Summoners
  • Added New Zombie Reinforcement Random Event.
  • Added Vikings
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v.199-206

  • Added Paladin.
  • Balance changes, bug fixes.
  • Removed animations from trees.
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v.198

  • Added Six New Zombies.
  • Nerfed Zombie attack upgrade for Reg zombies/stalkers and behemoths.
  • Increased additional cost of all zombie 60# upgrades
  • Stalkers now have more of a tanking role, high health, armor, lesser damage.
  • Removed Charge.
  • Increase cost and requirements of frenzy.
  • New units are:
  • Charger. Charging Zombie/Bonus to structures./Weak vs units
  • Mauler. Bonus to structures/Weak vs units
  • Haunter. Invisable Scout Unit/ Can Haunt.
  • Brawler. Bonus to units/ weak vs structures.
  • Cyclops. Bonus to units/ weak vs structures.
  • Lurker. Aoe Splash can burrow and move underground. Reduces attack and armor damage.
  • Scout birds now detect invisable units.
  • Reduced armor and health bonuses to zomb holes from leveling zombies.
  • Fixed bug where holes spawned faster than normal.
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v. .195-.197

  • Bug and Glitch fix.
  • Balance Changes.
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v. .194 Patch Notes

  • Nerfed Archer Tower.
  • Buffed Mage Tower.
  • Added Britains passive effect to new towers.
  • Added Turkeys passive effect to new towers.
  • Fixed Spartan name issue.
  • Increased cost of spartan from 235 wood 315 gold to 295 wood 375 gold.
  • Reduced Build time of Spartans from 35 to 27.
  • Removed Flame Turret ability from Juggernaut.
  • Sentry Gun and Flame Turret now correctly give no gold nor spawn zombies, being robotic units.
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v. .193 Patch Notes

  • Added four new Tier 3 Towers.
  • Artillery Cannon
  • SAM Site
  • Sentry Gun
  • Flame Turret
  • Increased Death pit Build time from 50-100 secs.
  • Increased Necrovolver Build time from 50-100 secs.
  • Increased cost of Zombuilder from Zombhole from 1000-1500 gold.
  • Removed Arcane Sanctum, Arcane Sanctum units now train and upgrade at Militia Barracks.
  • Removed Military Compound, Military Compound units now train and upgrade at Barracks.
  • Reorganized layout of Barracks and Militia Barracks.
  • Fixed a long standing issue that occured when clicking near Archer and Mage towers.
  • Changed numerous Icons.
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v. .192 Patch Notes

  • Zombuilders from Zombholes cost increased from 250 gold to 1000 gold and build time from 20-25 sec.
  • Removed .5 Zombie Upgrades.
  • Changed Night time lighting.
  • Added Ambient Night Sounds.
  • Changed Ambient Day Sounds.
  • Changed Vatican Assassin Model.
  • Increased time between possible famine Events.
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v. .191 Patch Notes

  • Changed Rifleman Model
  • Zombuilders from Zombholes cost increased from 10 gold to 250 gold and build time from 5-20 sec.
  • Fixed Zombhole Control issue.
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v. .190 Patch Notes

  • Britain's Passive now works on Tier 3 Income buildings as well as Archer Towers.
  • Zombie Holes now spawn in the control of a random zombie player.
  • Zombie holes can now train Zombuilders.
  • Changed upgrade path for zombies.
  • Level 4 zombies now require certain upgrades be completed.
  • Added Scout Bird.
  • Added Team Color to Early Cannon
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v. .189 Patch Notes

  • Reduced Assembly Line research time from 5 to 3.
  • Reduced maximum number of Assembly Line upgrades from 60 to 40.
  • Increased Build time reduction from 2% per level of assembly line to 4%.
  • Increased addition cost per upgrade from 975 wood to 1175 wood and 795 gold to 995 gold for assembly Line.
  • Reduced Starter Cost of Assembly Line.
  • Reduced Assembly Line requirement for Tier 4 and 5.
  • Increased Selection Circle of Markets and Lumbermills.
  • Reduced size of border between Egypt and Middle East. From 10 size units to 6.
  • Increased effect of Agriculture on Famine Event.
  • Reduced Bonus from Zombie hole Upgrade from 3.5 armor to 2 armor.
  • Reduced Bonus health from Zombie hole upgrade from 3500 Health to 2000 Health
  • Reduced Starter Cost of Zombie Hole upgrade from 3750 to 2750.
  • Reduced Starter Time of Zombie Hole upgrade from 30 to 15.
  • Reduced Cost increase per level for zombie hole upgrade from 1150 to 950.
  • Reduced Time increase per level for zombie hole upgrade from 3 to 2.4.
  • Researching level 2,3 and 4 zombies increases zombie hole armor by 13.3333 armor each, and 13,333 health each
  • Reduced Spartan Phalanx Bonus per Spartan from 7.5 damage to 6.5 damage, and from .25 armor to .175.
  • Reduced Spartan Vertical splash radius from 2 to 1.75.
  • Reduced Spartan splash damage from 33% to 24.75%.
  • Added Camera Command "-Camera xxx" with xxx being any number from 1-100.
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v. .188/187 Patch Notes

  • Added Team Color Janissary.
  • Added Spartan.
  • Reduced Spartan Phalanx bonus from .5 armor to .25 armor/15 damage to 7.5 damage/ 40 health to 20 health per spartan, and increased maximum amount of stacks to 300 Spartans.
  • Fixed Brown and Violet Passive Glitches.
  • Made a small adjustment to nighttime, is now 20% less dark
  • Reduced Assembly line upgrade time from 15 to 5
  • Spartans now spawn at Sparta when ability is used.
  • Spartans now spawn during Scheduled event is Sparta is held against rebels.
  • Eras Zombie Invasion v. .186 Patch Notes

  • Reduced Cost of Education.
  • Reduced Cost of Assembly Line.
  • Fixed Zombie Supply Glitch.
  • Reduced Supply Cost of Peasants, Repair Bot and Zombuilder to .25.
  • Reduced Starter Range of Archer and Mage Towers from 9.5 to 7.5.
  • Increased Range gained from Tower upgrades from .5 to .75
  • Rearranged Turkey's Northern Defense line.
  • Added a Gate to Turkey's Northern Defense line.
  • Replaced Turkey's Southern walls with a gate.
  • Removed 1 Marketplace from Egypt.
  • Added 1 Marketplace to Italy, France and Spain.
  • Added Team Color to Frigate, Galleon, Transport Ship, Battle Worg, War Bear.
  • Reduced Build Time of Janissary from 40 to 30.
  • So yeah, assembly line. I never thought I'd hate a simple upgrade so much but this thing...

    Such a worthless, expensive, time consuming upgrade that does nothing but delay tier 4 forever. Honestly it would be nice if it was just a 1 level upgrade like robotics that cut training time in half or something, right now it does nothing but make me rage.

    Also violets and browns hp passives are still broken on tier 3 and 4, makes violet even more impossible to deal with than zombies already are.
    Still crashing man....
    get 64 bits man...
    StarCraft II (B21029)
    Time: 2012-03-24 01:33:26.700
    Exe: C:\Program Files\StarCraft II\Versions\Base21029\SC2.exe
    Exe Built: 2012-02-22 18:48:01.829
    User: Wes
    Computer: WES-PC
    Branch: branches/1.4.kr2
    Revision: 107985
    Locale: enUS

    ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xC0000005)
    occurred at 001B:009EA99C. The memory at '0xFF6F39A4' could not be read.


    Manual Stack Trace (ID:3356 Stack:0x056A0000 + 8,388,608 "Main Thread")
    I've got a few suggestions to improve the map.

    1) Increase the radius of the selection circle displayed when a lumber mill or market is selected. They're just a bit too small right now, and its somewhat annoying to know what you have selected if you're trying to just get one or a few.

    2) Give us the ability to zoom out the camera a bit more. The WC3 map this was based on allowed us to zoom out which is useful for managing a large country.

    3) I believe that large numbers of guard towers are one of the primary causes of "lag" in this game. When they're fully upgraded they fire quite fast and I've seen many times when the game slows down because someone has built a hundred of them and the zombies have decided to attack. Decreasing their firing speed and increasing their damage would help here. I would also recommend slightly reducing the size of their model because they're a bit too big visually.

    4) The isthmus between Egypt and the middle east is quite wide and unwieldy to wall correctly, making it one square narrower or shifting the top and bottom ridges would be most helpful.

    5) Make mid and late game zombie holes slightly more difficult to deal with even if zombies have not been upgrading them.

    6) Tech 4 zombies should require certain zombie upgrades to be completed before they can be researched.

    7) Some of the late game zombie models seem to cause higher stress on systems than the early game models. I think this is partially a model issue and partially an attack speed issue. At high attack speeds animations fire more often which increases graphics lag.
    Once a game is full and ready to start, a timer counts down and launches. Can this be removed so games are only started when the host hits go?

    I can't count how many times zombies have come in at the end of the picking process, and disconnected once they realize they were zombies. Not to mention it might give a little more time to keep critical countries out of the hands of new players.

    The best solution would be a ffa picking mode like Star battle has that assigns players to countries / zombies based on some kind of rank. So you never know what you are going to get, but the veteran players will get zombies and teal / green instead of the guy who has played 1 game.

    I think Star Battle assigns a score rank based on wins / losses. So 10 points for every win and -10 for every loss? People with low score would not get critical slots.
    I think you made frenzy way too powerful, my last 10 games as humans have all been defeats my last 5 games as zombies have all been wins. Once zombies have 50 attack and frenzy they can shred steel walls in a couple of seconds. It wouldn't be a huge problem if players were normally getting to t5 at about the same time the zombies max but lately I have been mid way into t3 every game when zombies hit that level.
    Dear Smith

    I love Eras Zombie Invasion but seen the new model came out I have been having my Starcraft crashing. What I believe the problem is, is that there are to many units on the map at once so I am asking if you could get rid of the houses. The reason I think it's the houses is b/c I played perfectly fine before they came out.
    I agree that zombie can get to tier 4 way too fast with frenzie and then they are able to kill almost any wall even without sneezer.
    Frenzy really isn't that hard to deal with, as long as you keep up with the dirt cheap wall upgrades you should be able to hold. Charge on the other hand is what's impossible to stop at the moment. There's no time to get the dps or stuns needed to protect even a maxed wall from it.

    And lets face it Keran, houses have been in long enough before the crashing began that they're not causing it, you just hate them like the rest of us and wish they weren't around to take up so much space and block tree mining.

    Also I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature of towers, but mage and archer towers aren't giving exp for the damage they deal like units do. Not like it really matter since heroes aren't very important but I thought I'd bring it up in case it's not intended.
    I'm sorry what were you thinking when you gave zomb holes the ability to train builders? It makes no sense at all - I just played a game in which early on (10 minutes in) I go over to the Americas only to encounter death pits. How do you expect humans to colonize anything when zombies by random luck can beat you there?
    Sooo heres a probably very long list of feed back :D

    Spartans are just to powerful overall compared to other uniques, such as the Vanguard for a great example. Their aoe cleave just makes them OP so make their single target stronger and have a 6.25% cleave is what i'd think.

    Vanguards are to weak of a unique, they deal quite literally no damage at all, maybe if they have some other elite that is damage devoted this wouldn't matter but atm it does matter because of how little damage they deal.

    Janissaries deal to much damage when their unupgraded, and when fully upgraded I think their just a bit to strong when compared to rifles, but I'm not sure on this one.

    When will you add Human Killer for Zombies heroes!!!!

    Charge should be removed until it can be better implemented at a better time, also increase repair rate on Repair Bots.

    Make it so all Humans start with 100g, so the rush Teal strategy won't work anymore, it gets frustrating. I'll add more tomorrow, have to go D:

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