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It was just updated today.
Eventhough the trees help with early game lag. The special effects and units really still lag the game.

may be even some leak
Maps seems broken... game crashes everytime it load
Game will start to load as if everything is in order then there is a long pause from when data is streamed to the computer and shortly after the streaming starts game goes down
Would it be possible to have a to-do list posted? Also, could we have a changelog for any updates when they come out?

Thanks for the great map, keep up the good work.
this game is dominated by trolls. People who don't get what team they want (or get stuck playign zombies) just unally one another and kill each other. I played several games in a row that only lasted a couple of minutes becuase the zombie players killed one another then left.
You should probably disable the zombie plays ability to unally one another or this won't ever stop.
If that was done then dumb zombie players who are with you are ruin game can never get ridden of.
every time i get into the game it loads the game, shows me the starting camera view area then puts me back onto the main sc2 menu. whyyyyyy?
Going to find some awesome historical events that could be added, possibly super ones.
Sweden super hero - Olof Skötkonung, first king of Sweden
Large rebel attack on Russia - The Ruś invade and successfully take over Constaninople.

More will come. Add some kind of event that needs to be completes for Olof to spawn.
Just to clarify, real life information comes after the hyphen.
The map is pretty solid and a lot of work has gone into it. My biggest problem isn't gameplay but its the time it takes to fill the lobby with 12 people. Even on a good day (peak times) it still can take a long time because people generally dont want to wait. It usually takes 5-10 minutes for a game to start then there is the problem of getting in to the game and some important player is AFK or newb and thus zombies steam roll and end the game.

I would say make it an 8 player map, 3 zombies 5 humans and combine some of the countries to have control of some of the other countries. Like Italy can have Spain, Germany can have France, Norway can have England, Turkey can have Egypt. Of course there will need to be some allocation of events and resources to all players, but I think it would be for the better if more games can get going sooner.
The land walls of Constantinople protected the western side of the city from land based attacks. Known as the Theodosian walls, it was situated 1.5km west of the original Constantinian walls. The Theodosian walls, built around 412, stretched 6km. 4

The first line of defence was a moat that ran along the lands walls. It was about 20 metres wide and 7 metres deep. A stockade on the side of the city reinforced the moat. If enemy troops managed to cross the moat under heavy arrow fire, they came to the land walls of Constantinople. 5

Around 90 square or octagonal towers lined the walls every 70-75 meters. These towers provided additional defences and a position to mount catapults on. A low outer wall about 9 metres in height provided the second layer of defence. Enemy troops that made it past the outer wall and accompanying projectile fire would find themselves obstructed by the last line of defence; an inner wall. The formidable inner wall was around 12 metres high and about 6 metres thick. Adequately manned, the land walls of Constantinople were impregnable.
Way to much land to manage if you played the game more you would know that. Turkey having Egypt would not work they are connected by a single bridge with a sea in between. Games going sooner aren't that big of a deal. I've waited an hour for a game before when it was on 7th page. I mean if you have a problem then you really don't have the patience to stay on the game for a long time. This game is really good the way it is. Except for the changing completly of some of the old strats with that update. Like the less calculations though. The war bear still op. Noobs don't know get brawlers and even then they can still win if they mass and they are Russia. Constantinople is kind of understated in its abilities. It was the hardest city in the world to attack I don't think that's at all stressed. Constantinople was like a ancient super fort, is there any way you could incorporate that instead of really good walls in general. Resources to all players btw would kill the fun of the game. I mean noobs spending your money.
Hey those unlockables i really want them. If you need any help let me know. Maybe like some other versions of a superfort if you do certain things and unlock it. Tank upgrades maybe(your welcome jay). TIER 6 UNLOCKABLE. A10 jets unlockable maybe. WALLS PLEASE UNLOCKABLE SOMETHING CHARGER RESISTANT. I really want those unlockables really really really. :D.
oh come on use a double prong attack cyclops always hide away pits for flanking. use some sneez to cover. Boomers shoulda killed them all really quick. I mean tanks by jay is impossible to defend you shoulda complained about tanks. Only reason they aint nerfed cause no one knows how to use them.
use anub as your main force its mostly about holding and keeping Anubis alive. If you can hold anub and make peasants then you good. Make some towns if you have to make lots of clerics. put ranged units in front and if anub is getting attacked alot then pull back other range so clerics can concentrate on him. don't mass melee in front they don't tank damage just get in way of peas. put melee close but not in way. peasants should also be healed so clerics are a big thing. try to upgrade peasant health and anub damage and stuff.
project dead?
Nah its still being worked on, Official website here

Honestly the only true flaw I see is that Teal/Green are really the only major deciding factors of the game. If teal/green is noob then humans are screwed, if they are pro then zombies are screwed.

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