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I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a while and I've wanted to do it myself but I'm no good with this sort of thing even though I know alot about it. Anyone who has the kind of knowledge and experience to help me PLEASE do. This is what I would like to see added to minecraft and below I will explain how they should work.

- Drone
- Zergling
- Queen

- Hatchery
- Spawning pool
- Evolution chamber

-Creep (purple snow with added properties)

Like the zerg, it all starts from one drone that spawns randomly at a low chance both night and day. The drone can attack other mobs after it makes its first kill it will move around to find a place to morph into a hatchery.
The hatchery produces a few more drones at a continuous slow rate to a maximum number (maybe 3-10) which will look for mob victims to consume and after they do so, they will all look for a place to morph into a spawning pool.
When the spawning pool is created the hatchery will start to produce zerglings aswell as drones with a larger capacity. (Overlords could be optionally added which increase the hatchery max mob.) After the zerglings make a few kills collectively the drones will attempt to morph into an evolution chamber which enables a queen to spawn.
Once the queen is spawned, the hatchery can produce faster and the queen itself is a large threat.

tl:dr? Zerg grow by killing monsters and the swarm develops in tiers of accomplishments.
That sounds awesome... but complicated...

Someone needs to do this!
I dont think it's too complex, the hardest part about this would be making the 3D models. The queen and the hatchery being larger and complex. Right now I'm not even concerned with animations, infact I would be happy with just drones spawning from a hatchery and attacking other mobs if it was way too hard to make my idea work.

If I had a whole team of people to work with funded, I would make a large portion of the swarm.
they really need protoss stuff like a new mob:zealot,stalker,collosus,immortal;boss:zertureal and high templar and other awesome stuff
Hi everyone, I think this mod would be great! However, i am still learning Java, so i cant really do anything about the mod... sorry... but maybe for the mod, terrans could be around randomly? Like you spawn with a gauss rifle (infinite ammo!), and maybe some light terran armor (NO POWER ARMOR!). Then, you can walk around and find other random spawning terran marines! They can help you shoot down those nasty zerg, and will faithfully follow you! and protoss should also randomly spawn, not kill you, and help pulverize those pesky, ugly, and MEAN zErG!

Been working on this since last November. Coincidental that you should have posted this. Anyway, enjoy!
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