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I had a practice partner that played this build like 20 times in a row for me, I found that ling/hydra counters it every time as long as you engage in a reasonable manner. Obviously if you get all of your hydras killed for nothing you will lose, but as long as you sandwich with lings and then bring in hydras (with range upgrade) you should be OK. :D
3 base relies on pretty thin timings to hold these types of pushes off. If they are off by 20 seconds they might miss half an immortal and a few stalkers, but if you are off by 20 seconds, you could be missing around 20 roaches depending on where your inject and overlord cycles are.

You basically need to macro perfectly up until the push hits you to hold it. If you aren't comfortable with that prospect, you should probably do something other than 3 fast bases.
The biggest thing you have to remember is his army (Sentry, Immortal, Stalker) is based on the idea that you are going infestor roach really, he is expecting you to play that comp since its zergs primary jump to their hive tech broodlord plays....Ling flooding or hydra defence are those kind of things that will make him have to go grab colo's in order to counter you again.

At this point you would have either made him wait too long or you let him see the hydra or mass lings too early and he already has them made if thats the case then swap back to roach infestor, its going to put you back a little bit but when those colo's are up then you can remake or already start making what you need to fight this comp since he wont have as many immortals and he will waste enough on the sentrys already so his major roach killers wont be there, get a few corrupters to take the colos out while you wait for hive if he still pushes early (which he will) and that should work. its all theory and untested in actual ZvP but thats my idea how to handle this if you expect toss to do this all the time
Um, to be honest, this push is insanely strong, and really relies more on the Protoss player making a mistake then the Zerg player actually countering it.

Although you can definitely do some things to maximize his potential of screwing up, but you are going to have to accept that you will have to VASTLY outplay the Protoss and you will still have a chance at losing.

#1. Do not even miss the semblance of a beat on your macro
#2. Go light on the Roaches and heavy on the lings
#3. Bait the FF (Good Protoss players will not fall for it)
#4. Start using Hydras (I have had mixed results, an actively scouting Protoss will fall back defensively and tech to Colossus)
#5. Flank, this is imperative to have any hope of combating this push, not flanking is a good way to watch your army kill about 2 Stalkers before being decimated.
#6. Spread creep as much as humanly possible, this is to allow easier flanking.

Gl....you will need it against that push.

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