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I use to have Starcraft 2 on my laptop and it couldn't handle it. I have got a new computer, and do not know where I placed my disk, I did register it online and have tried to download the client from online. I get this message, "There was a problem authenticating your download. Please go to to start a new download. I have tried this a few times and no luck. Can you help me?

I'm having a similar problem.
I have SC2 installed on my computer downstairs + it's on my Bnet account. I DO have the CD key and when I DL'd SC2 from my BNET account, it installed fine, and during asked me for an activation key, I typed this in and it told me that I had "the maximum amount of licenses for this game in this region", can I not seriously use the same CD key for the game linked to my account?
Grant, when you already have the game attached to your account you should just skip the step where it asks for the activation key. Its an unnecessary step that you can skip.

Leinhart, are you running the game as an administrator? You may also want to try disabling your anti-virus\firewall.

Let me know of neither of those things solve your issue!
    - TheSkunk, Support MVP

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Same problem different game. trying to play the new D2 ladder while in Japan, i ran as administrator and allowed it through my fire wall, but I don't know how to un-retard windows 8. I tried to rebuy D2 and LOD but it says I already own it, and ive bought a game from the D series at least 15 times, so I'd rather just fix it.
SpiderMitch, can you try creating another User Account in Windows, and try installing on that User Account?

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