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We don't see a lot of pro or decent protoss out there streaming anymore ^.^

Stream link -

Hi everyone, I am "areaKitty", a top Protoss grandmaster on North America Server.I am currently streaming on my smurf(gm account) I am 20 years old and am a student at University of Texas Austin, representing its CSL team in 2010 and 2012, currently the ace player of the team.

I am currently on team Area51 Gaming.

I am still relatively new to the Starcraft II scene. My stream is generally very noob friendly, so feel free to ask any questions!!

I have recently placed 5th in WCS USA, which I guess makes me USA's top 5 player?

I write my own guides, here is a problem solver for you guys who are struggling in pvz

If you have any questions please PM me or on the stream chat!!

I do coach for $25 an hour.
NA: areaKitty.490
Skype: zifengwang226


Wow you 4 gate vs Protoss OMG!! lol, who said 4 gates requires no skill. The other GM player goes 3 stalker and techs to blink and you transition out of 4 gate and win? Nice!

Seriously, your PvT Strat with 16 gates was so sick, you kept so much pressure on the Terran he hardly had time to Drop you. I think if he had tried to tech after expanding you might would have just won instead of him making so many Rax.

On that 2nd Game vs Terran you went 1 Gate FE and skipped the Zealot instead opting for quicker Sentry and robo. I find it amazing you help that Concussive push after losing your stalker out on the map. Very Impressive, do you always do that well vs Terran?
Gratz on grandmaster!
Looks good. Can't wait to check your stream out. It's true, tosses don't stream enough, so it's good to see someone trying to fill the void (omg no protoss pun intended honest!)
"Casual GM"

Haha. I'll be sure to check your stream out.
thanks everyone :D i'll stream a lil tonight, losing that stalker was too sloppy x.x most of the time i go zealot stalker to pressure and sacrifice the zealot for like 2-3 marines, depends on the map, and what you scout, if you scout gas i'd generally try to get a faster expansion and try to defend :( 2 rax with 5 scv is really hard to stop though >.>

4 gate is okay ^.^ you should check out my game vs ddoro,
Awesome name.

hihi, i'll be streaming a bit later today :D
I like!
Thanks very much for posting! Much appreciated, and congrats on GM
thanks ilevitate and ramone, and ilevitate, i have a lot of them on

streaming now
yea, you can just 1 gate expand off of 2 gas, lots of sentries then power up to 8 gates really quickly, and keep your warp timing off. usually if you do Some damage with your first stalker and zealot, it's doable, or just far positions and you think your opponent isn't that good at their timing
bump, still trying to get a stream thread from TL~ practiced vs dragon for about 2 hours last night ;)
Thanks for streaming. I've been trying to steal your build. Now if only I had your speed and multitasking. :)
just focus on one thing at a time and use more hotkeys, they help out a lot!

edit: ask free any questions ^.^.. i'll be happy to answer all of them
good stream

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