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streaming ^.^ on smurf :O gotta train!
people don't want their builds to get stolen and countered x.x
04/12/2012 03:09 AMPosted by Sidewinder
people don't want their builds to get stolen and countered x.x

Pro players should have like 10 available builds per matchup anyway.

the problem is that each player has a Style, regardless of the builds they do. And that if other pros watch their streams, they can figure out their weaknesses, and able to predict/target their specific builds
streaming ^.^
it's good, but I just muted the sound b/c it's just 2 chinese guys talking in chinese and very low, inaudible music.
Great stream i made sure to follow.
xD okay, streaming in like an hour or 2, i'll make the audio better this time, and i'll turn my mic up.
I'm excited! Just started protoss again and could learn a lot hopefully :D
back on! :O
oops, back on ^.^ this time no breaks :D
great stream and player
thanks!, i think i'm getting carp diem, though i think it's just that i'm really tired today :/ will stream more tomorrow
i wanna play hello kitty island adventure!
I wanted to see the game from your point of view when you were playing against oGsforGG now, but your stream isn't up >_>
T.T sorry, sigh, it was so bad :/ my all in kills 1/2 of his scv and he still survives and rofl over me :(
Hey Kitty, I liked ur 4 replays, brought insight to my game :), anyways i was just wondering when you do stream so i can come take a look(any specific time)? In addition for some reason i keep losing my battle vs Terran, Maraduers and Rines with Medicvacs are a great combo im not too sure what to do against them, i keep going lots of zealots stalkers and if its more later in the game colossus addition to my deathball. Lemme know what u think :)
sounds good, i will stream tonight probably around 9 est, 8 central?

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