Grandmaster Toss Streaming ^.^

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actually.. give me like.. another hour maybe? i'm a bit busy :(
streaming! on higher quality too :D
Just saw you pwn Catz...consider me impressed.

Though I've never been impressed by Catz, a pro is a pro streaming!!
I play terran but i like watching high level from all races i like knowing what to expect as i get better .So +1.
thanks! ^ i'll try to stream some time maybe later tonight or tomorrow, not in the best mood and feeling right now, getting stomped like a noob :(
Is that area tag for area51 gaming? Just curious :D
05/19/2012 07:27 AMPosted by xSPHxZyGote
Is that area tag for area51 gaming? Just curious :D

lol you gave me false hope that kitty was streaming...
streaming, and yea. it is area51 tag
streaming on smurf :D
streaming again ^.^ going gm on my smurf :)
hihi, streaming on smurf, going gm on it!:D
streaming on gm smurf :)
hello :O streaming :O
Hi kitty.

Is Area51Focus you?

Is Area51Focus you?

no, i am areakitty, and focus is currently not in area i believe.
Well then....My bad. I just couldn't find you on the roster.

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