Grandmaster Toss Streaming ^.^

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OMG your blink stalker all in so so amazing! props!
back on!!
lulz just beat impa
Keep it up! back on!
owning more noobs
streaming !
streaming :O
streaming now streaming now
y u always stream when im not on lol XD
Oh look who it is, areakitty, Remember what you said in a obs the other day? "Don't waste my time, im here to warm up" Oh yeah and lets not forgot you pretty much told everyone to go **** themselves right before you rage quit. so much for "noob friendly".
lol i'm sorry for you getting destroyed and still in game, it makes it sad that you have to look me up on here and bash me after getting destroyed k? leave my threads alone ;)
gogo streaming again
I finally get to tune in and you're proxy gateing T.T
i got mad today :/ not in the mood to do proper pvp :/
gogo streaming
more protoss streaming!

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