Grandmaster Toss Streaming ^.^

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and we're back~!
is it ok with the eula to modify the ui like this? How did you do it?
it's just images, not a big deal
streaming more now ;) rage ladder gogo?
Ooh, you're at UT too?
Just started, so I'll be paying attention to this stream.
coolio, going to stream in 5 min
That is a LOT of clicking/ key spamming... can see what a giant difference a good player is from not, wow! LOL Need to work on the the hotkeys instead of clicking stuff (well with a of of other stuff too! hehe).
hmm, well, i havent played in a while ^.^... just warming up, hopefully for some zergs to kill :(
11/22/2012 07:24 PMPosted by Fob
newb low GM

quit troll
25$ an hour!! no way not worth it!!!
gogo more rage ladder!
streaming like a mad man :(

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