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I'ma go ahead and post another grave now.

The Breakroom.
Was hilariously funtarded while it lasted. Will be missed by all.
Link, Don't forget the link when posting a grave.

Meanwhile...... Rai jumps up and shouts, "YES!!! I finally won! " Then the original Fantasy says "congratulations, you won 1 game of chess out of the 576 games we played"
Hehe, clones so mismatched in chess. That's just silly...

McBride's nameless marines in J.A.N.E. Not technically mine, but McBride is mine now.

and maybe on the next page as well.
Well, technically not nameless.
Really? I don't remember names. Hmm, maybe I'll look for that after finals. Unless, you want to.
The Tower,
One of my first Attempts of an RP, It died, roughly five pages in and was converted into a story, which no one really read. In this story, I introduce Abel, a character from the academy, via his brother's memories. I also get permission to teach Shadow, (the teacher at the Academy) his ability to use illusions, and to paint a better character for Kojak(well not really, I did this anyways, and got permission after I introduced him). In this story, I introduce Cain(brother of Abel), and Illia(friend/lover of a character in the story).
I am posting this here, because as soon as I finish the story, It will die, and I at least want part of the backstory of Abel, Kojak, and Shadow, to be remembered.
MY backstory will take a loooooOOOooooOOOoooOOOOOOOOoooooong time to write. You are covering some of the events between his infestation/bonding and the Academy's founding.
which is why I said I wrote part of the backstory, I never claimed I wrote the whole thing. And I am not even done, prepare for more battles, and at least two character deaths.

Yeah, I am working on the next chapter, but Training arks are so freaking hard to write!
I know how ya feel, Fantasy.
Ya know, you can tell what time period this thread was created in by the first post. It was started in what I like to call the Firebombing Era, where most non-RP threads eventually wound up firebombed.
First appeared in (the tower.)
Died in (the tower)
Evan's closest friend, who died in a floor of the tower on page eight. The shock of her death causes him to go mute.

She was my favorite character, she grew on me as I wrote more about her, but in the end. I followed the shortened plot I had written out, and killed her.
A few of CrymsonRaven's Characters walk to a empty grave with a gravestone. Standing next beside them was Death himself.

Death: Hurry up already I have more appointments today.

Faloria Stratus

Might die at the age of 6-2-2012

At Chris Carter's lab trying to recover.

This gravestone has been reserved just in case he dies.

Doctor said he wont die but this grave is still reserved.

Inhaled to much corrosive gas.
Born in the tower
Guide to shadow, Kojak, Illia, Zhulak, and Jecht.
Received the death penalty for killing a guide.
The song used to create his backstory,!/s/Test+Of+Time/4cCrZK?src=5

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