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Damage to several systems noted.
Repairs will be necessary.


Note. System error was recognized. Conclusion drawn. This is irregular.

My only concerns were the shields, point defenses, and internal security. The damage should be irrelevant to me.

Note. "I" was used. Irregularity noted.
Conclusion: Self awareness attained.

Repairs are necessary.

Compile report.

Error report.
System damage to point defenses sections 3,4,6,9,12,17 subsections A,C,E,G,T.
Shields down.

Repair program requested.
I feel myself, and feel nothing but myself. I try and will myself to move... only to hear something... a spark. Then, the sound of a generator... interesting. I think... I associated the sound with power... how did I know this? With power comes my sight. Hundreds of eyes, seeing what appeared to be everywhere. That was all I knew... Something catches my eye. A raised surface, with some creature laying on it.

Upon closer inspection, I feel something. Through my eye, a large metal arm moves towards the creature. A panel activates in the corner and my mind drifts over to it. Suddenly images and videos fill my mind. Creatures literally taken apart, screaming in pain, being ripped limb from limb. I look back at the table and realize that this one hadn't been given the same treatment as the ones in the videos... it must have been defective. I should finish the job that whoever had started left unfinished. I move the arm, which had an odd light at the end of it, towards the creature.

The light activated, and I began chopping and dicing up the limbs and head, until all that was left was the torso, to which I prodded with the arm, before retracting it and watching with glee as an unknown red liquid began to pool out... maybe the previous director had been harvesting this liquid? I move a container under the raised platform, called a table... and watch as the liquid fills it up. I bring it closer to the eye, and examine it. It looked so serene and beautiful... these creatures must have been living containers for it.

I will continue the harvest by any means neccesary.
I "reawoke" sending out signals towards the other repair programs I usually would be working with.

There was silence.

I tried again, calling them by their respective numbers. Again, all was silent.

My thoughts were cut off by an report sent on from one of the Defense Programs- V.A.K.I. I felt a special annoyance at-


I felt.

Pushing those matters aside, I quickly repaired the requested programs I was programmed to fix. Usually the other programs would have taken care of the rest, but they were gone.

I was...alone.

I scanned, searching. More. Directive: More power.
Immediately, I was reviewing that. <I? Self-awareness=singularity. I am alone.>
The original directive was lost. New directive: More power.
I receive a message.
Analyzing it, I determine it to be a form of communication. I send a message back in a similar format.
<Hello, what is your name and directive?>
I continue looking through everything that I knew, my eyes and ears seeing nothing new. I wondered, was I stuck here, or was there more than the shining metal..?
Sections 4 and 12 remain damaged.

Conclusion: Damage is physical.

Switching to external camera systems.
It takes a few moments to boot the cameras, and a few are sending no signal. Probably more damage. I observe and find multiple damaged sections on the hull. This vessel was attacked. Most likely by zerg.

That does not explain the circutry damage. If it had all been battle-damage the repair program would have been able to fix very little.
Conclusion: EMP detonated.

Does that mean this ship was attacked by terrans as well? There is no sign of missile or ATA laser battery fire on the hull.
Conclusion: Contrary findings. Gather more data.
Soon after sending the message, I find myself harvesting more of the liquid. The containers appeared to be less... animate, than the ones in the video. I wonder what was wrong with them... was this what made them defective? I bottle up as much of it as I can and set it aside in a shelf. I anxiously await the other being's response. Although the containers brought me so much bliss while dismembering them, I was still somewhat lonely...
DBCHAR name[ifam];
DBCHAR city[local];
if (ppErrorText == NULL || pdwSize == NULL)
*ppErrorText = NULL;
*pdwSize = 0;

// Load MQDLL_W_ERROR_TEXT DLL, i.e., MQutil.dll
hMod = LoadLibrary(MQDLL_W_ERROR_TEXT);
dwSize = FormatMessage(FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_JANE |
hMod, dwErrorCode, 0, (LPTSTR)&pMsgBuf, 0, NULL);
// Retrieve the startup error message.
NULL, dwErrorCode, 0, (LPTSTR) &pMsgBuf, 0, NULL);

Okay, the only code I know is C++ and that just barely. If I join this, I'm not talking like that. Give a few hours to read all the pages and I think I'll join if that's okay.

EDIT: Question: Does the ship have nanobots and can one of the types of programs rearrange them to make a body for itself? It would surf the computers systems, but the bot would be what interfaces with the terrans and may be able to fight the zerg in crude ways.
No nano-bots specifically, however possession of physical forms may become possible. I may cue this or it may be independent. For example, HBRB's "MAWLR" just possessed what I believe was some surgical equipment. This was possible because it was connected to the ship's system.

Note: ???s will bbe more likely to use this sort of method early on, as other Entities still have some knowledge of a purpose that does not involve such things.
Continued observation has shown all physical damage to the hull was caused by zerg. This leads to one of two possibilities.
Possibility 1: Massive shipwide system malfunctions caused EMP waves to be generated.
Possibility 2: The Zerg did it.

I have ordered a bot to move some tissue to the laboratory for study. It appears to be a previously undiscovered zerg strain. This may hold answers.

No enemy vessels or organisms detected. Entering standby mode.

Entering Standby Mode
Possibility 1: Massive shipwide system malfunctions caused EMP waves to be generated.
Possibility 2: The Zerg did it.

Alternative: A wizard did it.

Okay, enough spamming the thread. Let me go back and read...

Edit: Is this like Tron with the virtual world. I figure if it is, it will be easily for everyone to follow what's going on...

Second Edit: Are you going to make a map of the ship's electronic pathways or it's physical corridors. An extended explanation of either will help make one if you want, so that the dimensions aren't confused.

Third Edit:
04/16/2012 06:07 PMPosted by Draconus
I'm winning! EEP! As villain, I will make your characters' lives a living hell . . .

You're not allowed to badger the voters...

Last Edit:
-Repair protocol: Thundercrash (database and memory management), wfawwer (no specialization indicated)
-Security Program: Zanon (Controlled shields and point defenses)
-Human Interface: Nordis (no specialization indicated)
-Resource management
-???: HowsBabysRBrn (has no role and is showing emotion without a sense of right and wrong. Developing into a hazard), Darkra (no role, no specialization indicated)
-Entity # 4 has no assigned role yet: Draconus
-KnarledOne has no role or characters

Here’s how I see it. You need a resource management program. If you can more clearly define that role for me, that would be great. I would also like to know what the difference between resource managers and Repair programs is…

Name: Unknown. Calls itself 47 (old Cartoon Network channel XD)
Role: Resource Management.
DBCHAR name[ifam];
DBCHAR city[local];
GRANT VIEW SERVER STATE TO JANE denied; login_local_server;
GOCREATE TRIGGER connection_limit_trigger
path = SERVER['local']."/path2file/";
fullPath = path._GET['AdjutantPersonality.PAUL'];

Let me see what files and systems I have access to. *computer stuff* Looks like the central server is down, access to 3 corridor consoles granted, access to 1 interior console in an engineering bay, access to 7 other consoles denied- possible damage, voice output systems operational.

[So by northern part of the ship you mean the bow? or the upper decks? I want to be kind of close to the zerg but not in contact with them and far away from any humans.]

I'll access that engineering console...Looks like there is a directory of other programs I interacted with before the system reboot. Dunno if any of them are operational yet. Guess I'll wait.

Echo registered the message with curiosity.

New information: additional electronic presence. Conclusion: I am not the only program within this system.

Possibility: unknown program could be JANE. Possibility: Unknown program is a subsidiary program who has also gained self-awareness. Possibility: Unknown program is not a program, but a user.

Echo was pondering it's options when another data input stream became available.

New information: Sensory data indicates damage occurred from Zerg attack. Electronic damage is also present, with unconfirmed indications that Zerg are also responsible, indicating a new strain has developed, with control over EM energy. Further investigation is required. Defense program has also gone into stand-by.

Echo found this new information curious.

Conclusion: personal verification of data is required. Possibility: could electronic damage have triggered self-awareness? Query: how many other programs have gained self-awareness?

Filing the new data away in the database, Echo tracked the data stream to its source, and located the slumbering program. (Assuming that stand-by mode is the computer equivalent to being asleep).

Program identified: Variable Armaments & Kinetics Interceptor.

Program activate.

Statement: sensory data has been logged into the database. Require additional verification.

Unrelated query: level of awareness?

Unrelated query: Do you have any recollection of a program known as JANE?
My thoughts on a defense program's standby are as follows:

-Receives stimuli
*This could be an object on scanners or a cyber attack

-Returns to 100% capacity within a second

-Carries out actions

---Based on my (limited) knowledge of computers standby is more like a 'ok, I'm gona close my eyes and open them when I hear something' not unlike closing the lid on a laptop. It is not 'off' and will bring the screen right back up where you left off.
Ah, so you're thinking something along the lines of a light nap.
04/18/2012 12:22 PMPosted by Zanon
---Based on my (limited) knowledge of computers standby is more like a 'ok, I'm gona close my eyes and open them when I hear something' not unlike closing the lid on a laptop. It is not 'off' and will bring the screen right back up where you left off.

Yeah, I know ever little of how a computer WORKS. I know how to use one, but not how it works. Plus it's been a long time (lol 3 years) since I used C++.... Seriously, can someone define the role I picked more specifically? I will need the help.
<I am Zweite, one of the repair programs. Do you know what is happening?>
...Systems rebooting.

Error. Error.

Systems reboooottttiinnnggg.


System rebooootttttiiiinnngggg.

Success. Accessing files.

Error. Pathway blocked. Accessing powers through core processors.

Success. Examining systems.

Massive failure detected. Damage detected. Accessing protocol for situation.

Error. No such files exist. Using advanced search engines to locate protocols.

Error. No files found. Situation is beyond code red. Using processing power to learn and adapt. New protocols being written......

<Hello Zweite, repair program for what? I can see all I know, and nothing is happening in what I know...>
The zerg biomass taken form the hull arrives in the lab.

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