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he's a good coacher, i guarentee you learn from him
Not a bad coach. Very helpful tips on spotting all-ins. (the details every player needs to pay attention to)

He has solid builds, too.

Anyone looking to improve need to take this opportunity.
I'm interested, I'm free on weekends.


4/19: I guess I should have said this when I made my original post, but I'm free Friday from 3 pm to 11 pm est and pretty much all weekend (I love it when college is wrapping up with a week left and no homework).
Yea this sounds awesome, I am free tomorrow or Thursday 5:00-9:00 EST.
Hey i can take lessons anytime, i dabbled in protoss, and just cannon rushed, and then tried zerg just to get some points but ended up focusing on terran, i approched pros that considered coaching me, like Flo, and even Dragon, but i dident have the money for their costs.
I am definitely interested. I had just made it to gold this season and am trying to get to diamond if possible. I have build that I could share with you and you can tell me if they are good or bad. Weekends are great for me. Same as you, later than 12PM EST time is good. thanks Ryxter 261
Hi I'm Scilencer.527, I've currently top 8 plat Protoss but I've been looking to switch to Terran for quite a while now and I just haven't known where to start. I would love some coaching to get me going in the right direction. I'm willing and able to put in the time right now to really get good at the race I choose to go with and hopefully get myself up to top diamond before the end of the season :D.
I'm Really Interested I'm gold atm but I just started Terran like 2 weeks ago. I can't get down TvP I'm pushing I'm winning then I'm stuck sieged up can't move up because of HTs can't drop damage because of Feedback I split I make storm hit as few units as possible and when I get it down they just go archon and boom. This one game vs Youki (Masters) I killed his army and I still couldn't win at all because of HTs.

I keep being told oh Ghost that's all you need Ghost. Ghost never work against him because he knows to keep obs right over his army because I scan and kill the other ones when they get close to me.

HappyMiku #582
Can I be coached <3
I would really appreciate if you could teach me :D. Add me and we will set up an appointement whenever that would be possible for both of us . I'm top gold looking for plat.


BTW: If anybody here is looking for a top gold Terran practice partener hit me up !
I could use some Rocks 685
If you can find the time, I'd love a little help. I practice whenever I have time, but I feel like I always lose in really noobish ways (not microing when I absolutly should be, getting caught with my tanks un-deployed, ect)

Char code: SpookY.744
Hey, I am high plat. Mainly need help with TvZ.
Limitless 413
Char Code : 922

I'm very interested I am on and off almost all day and love they game I started out in bronze league and have worked my way up to top 8 diamond, but am feeling stuck around here.

My strengths seem to be my knowledge of terran's units and ability to counter another with unique builds. Along with that I feel that my macro is very strong, ability to expand and protect along with putting down production facilities.

Currently I feel the weakest point of my game is my micro ability especially when face zerg, banelings and infesotors and when facing protoss, collusi and high templars.

Anyway I will look for you online and hopefully be able to benefit from this generous offer.
is it possible for me to add you, via your character code and name and just ask you on battle net? because I don't know what my character code is, I've been stuck in a low league for a while now and am getting frustrated as I am not improving.

did my placement matches and landed in platinum, havent really laddered since, I have no idea what to do in TVT or TVZ, any help would be appreciated

I am available monday,wednesday, friday and saturday evenings.

Got platinum for this season and I'm hanging onto top 8, I'm looking to advance into diamond. I'm available any time and I'm really serious about improving my game, thank you.

Diamond looking to get into Masters. Super flexible schedule and a willingness to improve before University so I can hopefully play some CSL matches.
Correction his ID is Wrath.749. He made a mistake in his post when posting the number but hes only played 7 games this season and only has 1 win so far so its probably best you find someone who is active at coaching.

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