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REALLY INTERESTED. 6 seasons in silver!

Char: 755

please help me get to gold

^^ THIS!!!

hav kindof hit a brick wall on my ladder play. I am using filters bronze to masters silver benchmarks and i can hit them every time,

Help me get to diamond!!!!!
hi gold league terran having lots of trouble vs terran and zerg and im okay vs protoss.
char code: 951 add me.
need hlp getting to plat would be much appreciated
hi id love some coaching my char code is 686 id love getting back to gold and above i was gold before and i went down to silver stayed there for a while and now im stuck in top 8 of bronze and i know you said silver+ but i was silver and gold at one point id love and apreciate the help
Id like to be coached, right now im top 8 gold but my mmr is much lower


thx in advance
I'm not sure if your still coach or not but if you are I am definitely interested. I started doing a Terran youtube tutorial by filtersc. He plays from bronze to masters and theres about 15 videos each one focusing on 1 or 2 things, starting very basic and gradually the videos increase in difficulty. Its designed to take any level player to diamond or masters by following his steps and not moving on to the next video until you hit the benchmarks that he sets. Anyway I'm stuck on one of the videos and was wondering if you could help me out. I'm about ready to move onto to the next video in his series but the benchmarks I'm stuck at are 100 food and 50 scv's by 10 minutes. At 10 minutes I typically get 44-47 scv's and 90ish food but can never quite hit the benchmark. I'm typically available in the evenings.



Thank You
I'm interested as well! Was a Zerg player but switched back to terran! I have been in silver pretty much my entire career of sc2. I took a long break but now have time to play. Any help would be appreciated~
Hi im really interested, low diamond player, currently on a losing streak. char code 237 name, JaL
Free on weekdays and weekends after 6pm and have skype
Hey i would love the coaching! I am available almost any time on the weekend, and Mon- Fri after 6pm (UTC-06:00).

SiNeX 593
i would really appreciate a coaching session im a high level silver and im having trouble with zerg and TvT and also dosnt help when im facing high golds and diamonds
I'm interested as well. People haven't commented on this for a while. But if you're still game so am I. I haven't been playing to long but I am super interested and would like to at least make gold. I'm good to play student :D

Char code: 160
Race: Terran
League: Silver
Reminder: see post date
If you're still doing these I'd love to get an appointment set up.
Before you accept me I just want you to know I haven't done any 1v1's on ladder during all of Sc2 I just play team games with my friends which I've been plat-dia but I've taken probably over a year break so I'm trying to get back into Sc2 and I want to start doing 1v1s!

Char code : #462

LMK =]]]
IM a bronze terran player i have a lot of free time so can you coach me plz TGXuesjr.900 ill add you ty in advance
Hello Wrath!
I´m Silver in 1v1 but gold in team. I think Terran is very good for me.
I have time around the day for training,
This is probably the #1 most necroed thread ever
09/26/2012 06:07 PMPosted by BlackDeath
This is probably the #1 most necroed thread ever

Does Wrath even play anymore?

If Wrath does don't teach these nubs please teach me I want to be gud again.
Fellow Gold Leaguer here. This would be really cool :)
Just hit gold and looking to hit Diamond this year!

Energie 366

Hopefully Ill be playing with you soon :)

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