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Wraith hasn't played a game in three months, so I doubt he's still offering coaching.
Recently got out of bronze, im top silver, I can really use some tips for advancing into the world of "decent". thanks so much for creating this!

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yo dude i'm available anytime juz add me
Great coaching, Im low/mid masters and he caught on to some really important things in my tvt that I would have never noticed! Give him a try!

Wow that's quite the complement for you Wrath good job :D
Hey man, just read the forum, and definitely I am interested. If your still doing the coaching of course. If you are please email me at so I can give u details on when we can maybe set something up or vice versa of course. Anyhow I hope you still do this. Hope to talk to you soon. Later
I'm intrested, can you please help me. I'm a silver player and want to get to plat/diamond.
I think my skills are fine but doesnt know the mistakes.
Can we practice 2gheter pleas.
Send me a PM.


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Do you stream at all? or have replays poseted some where I could watch? my tvz my firend is high plat and I introduced him to the game it drives me nuts he is better than I am lol need some ideas for tvz

hey! I'm an ex-masters current diamond Protoss player but I'm trying to learn the Terran race on the side. TvZ and TvT are my main problems, as i already have a pretty good idea of what to do against Protoss.
If you could help me that would be great :)

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Hi I am Top Gold and want to get into platinum/diamond and I would like to get some coaching.
I have a real struggle against TvP and TvT. Can you please help me?


PM me for other info :D

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