Matchmaking Changes Have Been Reverted

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Good riddance, glad this didn't drag on for too long.
Darn I had exams and couldn't play much. TBH I liked where they went with this, I'd like the opportunity to play a greater range of people.
There was only 1 or two qq threads.

I thought it was fun and I learned some.
But ok.
The newer one i was kinda on the fence to being Gold and fighting Plat players was funish, best game i had was a 50 min macro war with a Terran. He was Gold with me and was the funnest game of the whole damn day.
That's a shame :( it was fun to face a wider variety of players and skills.

Ever since the release I thought there would be problems with the lowest of Bronze getting crushed and GM being annoyed at playing low Masters but I had thought Blizzard had seen this coming :/
faster que times!
Think you should give what NonY proposed a try:
Thanks Blizzard! :)
Aww... I was looking forward to playing some mid to high masters and seeing how good they were.
I think ladder rank needs to be less sticky =P
04/12/2012 12:33 PMPosted by DudeMan
Reverted too Soon™? :D
so yea... that was bad and dumb please completely fix it... i just faced a middle plat player.. we agreed it doesn't seem fair for either of us to have to play that out
hah for once the problem must have been as bad as the forums made it seem.

glad to see Blizz is watching this sort of thing carefully.
Aw man, I really enjoyed it, I found that everytime I was favored I got rushed making it easy, and every time someone else was favored I didn't rush and it confused them.
I suppose this is okay. I understand about the far ends of the ladder being really hurt by it. This was sort of quick though. But, if they got the kind of information they needed in that time it's all good then ;D
means people of lower skill were getting !@#$ing @@!@d
I was really enjoying being matched against players better than me - it's much better practice than constantly fighting people who are about as good as me. :( Disappointing. Maybe try having the matching range more broad in the middle leagues, and narrower at the ends?
Thank you so much for listening to us. :D

It's not fun to get stomped nearly every game and stomp a much lower league player; it just doesn't make for good improvement in a competitive online game like this where everyone generally aims to get better.

Thanks a bunch. <3
04/12/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Caveman

But I do understand what blizzard is saying.
keep the changes, i got promoted :/

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