Matchmaking Changes Have Been Reverted

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I really enjoyed the new matchmaking while it lasted- it felt like there was more variety to the game.
I think this should be stickied, because there are some posters that don't know that the changes have been reverted.
that.. must be a lie because i still only face slightly favored players...
I liked the change it made me feel like my chances in silver league were going to be pretty good since I was beating 5 out of 6 of them and and I loved the points I was getting when I beat the 4 gold league people I fought during it xD.......I can't wait to get out of bronze -_-
Has the system really been reverted?

Asking, since I just got matched up versus Diamond, where as I'm still in Gold.

I beat him, but I was surprised to have a matchup versus Diamond player.

At the same time, I had a couple of easy matches versus top Silver, just a game or two ago, which was just silly, I actually felt bad for the poor souls.

How can I get matchuped versus someone two leagues above mine?

I only played against 1 other gold player the entire time i was in gold on my other account >_>
Pianist, I feel the same way. I"m in silver and just beat a gold and 2 plats. I had no idea this system changed back. I've been getting several favored or slightly favored matchups lately.
They definitely did not completely revert it. It's obviously somewhere in between new/old.
this is so !@#$ing annoying i dont even wanna play im just learning how to play and am in bronze and i keep getting put against silvers WTF how is this enjoyable for anyone trying to learn how to play? GET BENT blizzard
Playing diamonds again, very interesting. I seem to have better time with diamonds than I do with Platinum players. LOL
I think Blizzard actually struck the balance between the new and the old, cause I'm getting a few somewhat easy matches and a few that really worry me, while most of them are even.
As a lower-tier player, the changes were not fun, like at all. I love to lose and learn - but you can only lose so much before you want to stop learning. Thanks Blizzard for listening to the little people.
They didn't listen though. The changes are still in.
They did listen, the changes went, but they're bringing them back. I haven't played an even match in my last ten games or so. I can NOT possibly be running into that many low MMR plats and high MMR Silvers in a row.
That's odd... I just got crushed by a Rank 1 Plat. Trying to chase people away from SC2 so they'll buy Diablo 3, Blizz?
Lately, since this was first brought up, My matchmaking remains everywhere?

Example being last night, playing with 3 other masters players in 4s, we go 5-0 and get plat while playing all masters teams for our placements?

I've had that experience this whole season. Consecutively roflstomping #1-#8 masters teams in 2s/3s/4s and not placing higher than platinum?

It's not MMR I would assume, as the other day my team and I went completely goofy builds and got placed silver, and we were still pairing with high masters... and again beating them silly over and over and over. We got bumped to *plat* big surprise there, but couldn't progress any higher. Even after an 11 game win streak against, you guess it? Top 8 masters 4s players, every game.

So, what's changed? I would assume being paired and beating high caliber players would help?

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