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I played this hour long TvZ. It was very difficult to grab my own expo. Once i was able to grab it i saw that he was massing banelings. My instant transition was to go into marauders,tanks, a lot of bunkers, and a 3rd base. In the end i lost my expo and my thrid command center. I was lucky i was bad and had 6000 resources in the bank so i kept making marauders and medivacs and tanks and kept trying to get my 3rd base up. It came to the point when i had to make a planetary in the choke point so I wont die. It was baneling bust after baneling bust. I was barely able to hold all of them because he did not get any upgrades so I had a massive advantage. I eventually won by killing off all his bases and to my surprise he did no gg.
SC2 isn't really a game designed to allow comebacks without one of the players making a big mistake. Whether you think that's a good thing or not, is up to you.

Dawn of War II: Retribution is a great example of a game that's designed to allow comebacks at almost any point of the game, though I personally don't think it's as well-crafted as SC2.
I was protoss and another guy was terran. I had a 200/200 supply of zealots, sentries, stalkers, and DTs. I also had immortals and collosus. I don't know his exact supply, but im going to bet it was pretty close to mine. we all-in in the center of the map and I ripped his army apart and still hgad about 150/200 supply or so. additionally i was warping in units at my base and bring them to my army. so I thought I had completely one.

turns out he had a really face rebuilding time. he had like 3-4 of every production building. we both had about 4 expansions so we had plenty of money. he just reproduce his whole army in like two minutes, I had all-in so i though when I got to his base that he was dead. when I got to his base he had enough to hold me off, and basically produced them as fast as i could kill them.

I could not produce that fast so he killed my army and came and attacked my main base.

earlier in the game i had created 4 stargates for void rays later and made a pretty good come back off that base (my main being dead) but i was so far behind that he killed me when I was killing him (my voids in his base while he went all-in)
I am the king of comebacks. I often lose before i win.

When i get behind, i focus on my frustration with being behind, mass only marauder marine medi with good ups and use that frustration to help me micro my bio at an unreasonable level of skillz

^.^ really though, i pretty much play extremely greedy so i get pushed, lose a ton of stuff, and comeback more often than not. terran is by far the best race to play catchup with.
Two words: Dark Shrine
I was playing a zerg player and kept denying him his expansions, at about the 15 min mark he goes into my base after I destroyed his 3rd base a 4th time or so, I decided to base race since my army was halfway across the map, he had the upper hand being zerg since he had managed to get a 3rd base. I quickly chronoed out a warp prism and took 1 probe out of my base since i was trapped, I had 348 mins, not enough for a nexus, i went with the probe and built 3 pylons so that he would have to kill them to win, I had destroyed his 3 bases by splitting my immortals and stalkers across his bases and then realized he had a 4th base, I went up to his last base which i had seen with my hero probe and started killing it with 4 or so immortals, as I was killing his base I was crossing my fingers that it was his last building, when I killed it the game over screen flashed and I was very ecstatic at winning since my friend was next to me and was saying how I'd lost already, later I looked at the replay and realized that his army was about 10 squares from getting to my immortals and quilckly dispatching them, I had literally won by 5 seconds.
i had went for a high risk game by goiing expo 1st. it was gold on antiga shipyard. he didnt scout it but when he attacked with warp ins and a pylon i was losing real bad. 3 roaches from the gold destroyed the pylon and he couldnt re-enforce. i then killed the army and started to defeat him. he raged when he finally saw a nearly mined out gold.
Yesterday, on ladder I played a PvT and opened 1 gate expo. My Terran opponent did some ridiculously bad marine only 2 rax that got completely shut down, and his expansion was later than mine. I pushed out at around 8:30 with a standard 3 gate pressure build, and my opponent had no bunkers down at his front. He had to pull all his natural scvs off the line, and I killed them all and retreated. Then he marched across the map with stim and no medivacs and rolled my face.

I QQ'ed to him, but I realize now that I had storm tech done but never built any high templar and he didnt have any ghosts on the field. I also had better upgrades, but I had to cancel a third and never utilized the storm tech I spent money to get... :(

By any chance did you bm after you shut down the 2 rax marine stuff? Or if you don't really want to confirm/deny that, was it on shakuras? That terran may or may not have been my friend LOL
My best turnaround was in a team game (3v3), on temple of the preservers. It went like this:

Ally 1 was eliminated, and ally 2 saw that army and ragequited.

For some reason, they took a long time to get to my base... so I constructed 2 extra CCs and turned them into PFs, as well as a handful of siege tanks. This would give me more thinking time.

I eventually realized on the 2nd wave, they never upgraded.

I teched around and Got 20 fully upgraded BCs with ravens and won the game.
I base raced a protoss once. he 4 gated, went I roach/hydra. He destroyed my main and natural, but not my third. I destroyed his natural but not his main. He spent his last mins on a warp cycle to stop me from beating him and killed off my army, but was then forced to long distance mine with whatever probes he had left (this WAS in bronze).
I quickly took a 2nd, 3rd and 4th with the mins I had left and hoped to hold him off until i could tech up enough to beat his small remaining army. stupidly, in an attempt to keep most of his warpgates powered, he built a pylon where his natural should have been.
I hid all over the map, and thinking that I only had a couple small bases, rather then the number I did, he never checked the bottom right of the map. I desprately kept luring him away from that part of the map until I got a large force of roaches and a couple spines. He finally scouted there and sent his army down.
It was a meatgrinder. His zealots were blocking his sentries and stalkers, while they were getting chewed up by my forces. He didn't even GG. Just raged.
The best way to make a comeback is to try to get the opponent not to attack you directly. So you need to do tons of harass or else you will lose. Maybe go for a sneaky expo somewhere, but that can put you further behind if they scout it.
And if you are playing a terran who is clearly behind, he will drop you. Defend the drops and you win
I have a lol story from BW when I faced the computer in a ZvP.

I had a very slow start for some reason, and when the Zealot push came in, The only thing keeping me alive was the fact I pulled out my hydras and it decided to follow them. At that point I hoped to kite, only to realize that I hadn't purchased hydra speed. As they followed it, I was able to mass more hydras and win.

15 minute match, and yes, I did play poorly.
I use Sun Tzu's art of war tactics.
"Pretend inferiority, and encourage his arrogance."
I'll pretend as if I'm about to lose, but in reality I have either opted for some sort of cloaked banshee / drop harass or hidden PF expo.
I once played a terran who was constantly yelling at me about exploits. I went mostly banes/festor since he went rine tank. I killed his main with festors when he was pushing out. He had only one expo at his natural and i had 3, he quickly killed all of those but I killed all his scvs and his last command center was floating away. I quickly sent ALL my drones to make hatcheries everywhere hoping that my last infestor could kill the command center before his army destroys all hatcheries. By the end I won with one infestor and 5 roaches vs a 150 supply rine tank army :D
When behind, dark shrine.

Harassment in general is good to do win behind. It buys you time to get ahead on workers if you haven't killed any.

Warp prism always is a good choice too if available.
Me and a friend where doing random mono battles and right off the bat one of our players left the game, he was a void ray player, due to the oposing teams only anti air unit was a queen player, i feel that voids where neccisary for our victory so i took the liberty of build the abandon player base and my own as well (i was imortals)

in short we where getting pushed hard, our bases where all depleated of minerals, and the enemy had control of at least 75% of the map, i set up imortals on top of my ramp with some observers to prevent roach burrow sneaks and to prevent creep from rising into our base, i also had void rays to take out any atempt to take the south gold, the roach player then spammed spores and spines in front of my base, while queens guarded them. so i had a plan, lure the queens to the cliff with my voids, while my friend (who was high templar) feedbacked the queens, every time i did this the queen player lost roughly 20 queens and i would loose 0 voids. when he pulled the queens away i would let my sheilds charge, then pick off a few spores then pull back for more sheilds, and repeat. eventually we weeded down enough we all pushed onwards and grabbed our victory.

here is a replay of that glorious battle
Well, back when i was in my practice matches i was playing against a toss who defended against my drop very well and then countered attacked. i was down to as many probes as i could fit in a warp prism and i flew off to an floating island where i preceded to mass carrier. Around the time i got the first four carriers was probably the turning point. Although really, if the guy had actually built an air force of any size he could have easily defeated me.

p.s i dont know how to post replays or i would.
I have the perfect example.

So I got cannonrushed without noticing, but had a few cannons of my own and a few other basic structures (I was Protoss). I evac'ed my probes ASAP and went to another start spawn location. I had enough for a new Nexus and I rebuilt my base completely. Fortunately, I'd learned a few things from replays and held off a few early attacks, but he didn't realise that I had left until he destroyed all my structures in my main and didn't win. I eventually won by lots of Void Rays.

I also don't know how to post replays, and I would if I knew how.

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