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After skimming the files of the targets and reading up on the layout of the area, Vector looks up. "So I have whatever means at my disposal to take care of these stragglers?" Vector asks.

"Yes and no. You will be an given an "operative" status and beyond the regular chain of command. Help may or may not come. You will head in and do as you see fit to get those specimens back, preferably alive. You do this successfully then perhaps your sentence will be lowered."

Vector laughs. "Bull, that's a load of crap you just uttered. I know that you people are using me to test the strength of these...things before you go through other means. But it doesn't matter to me. They are just prey to me. And I will wait for them to drop their cover. And then-"

A knife suddenly appears in front of the officer. Vector moves closer towards the officer. "They will drop like flies."

The announcer booms: "Please be advised, we will be arriving within the hour. Thank you for your time."

Vector sits back and stretches his legs out abreast the knife. "So in other news, how is the flight? Are you enjoying it so far? C'mon now, don't be shy. Tell me, I'm all ears and I don't want this to be a dreadful, gloomy flight."

{Some time later}

[Vector, I am receiving an encrypted video transmission. It seems your beneficiary wishes to inform you of something.]

Vector spoke ecstatically, "Oh goodie! I knew he'd missed me. Some people just can't get enough of me. Patch my boy through Jared!"

"Hello Vector, we will keep this short. There are several videos of the loose specimens in the labs. They are being uploaded into your HUD and you can view them at anytime if you wish to study them. Your AI will also begin to process the information. We will keep you posted for any more updates."

Vector leaned forward and removed the knife on the table, placing it back on his pouch. "Well then, since we still have time, boot up the videos that are done Jared! There has to be something to kill the time. Sour puss here doesn't feel like talking."

Preliminary Analysis of Subjects
All subjects injected with a Zerg strain display increased attributes across the board with varying results. Caution is advised when facing them.

Number 124568 (Wütend)- male, fierce, animalistic and a close range fighter
KnarledOne- Child (?), shapeshifter
Tallena- Female, minature creatures are formed, pronounced Zerg carapace and weapons
Endiguer- Female, copies herself and brain chemistry affected by the virus
Officer Daniel Cobb- Male, can absorb others
"Zanon"- Male, no traits displayed yet
Dante- Male, no traits displayed yet

"Seven! Seven little rats out of their cages for me to catch! This is my lucky day! HEY PILOT! MOVE THIS SCRAP METAL FASTER! THEY WON'T WAIT FOR US FOREVER!"
I walk back down the hall way and I smell white phosphorus as if someone was either putting out a flame or creating one either way I decide to walk slowly towards that area.

I try to listen closely to the area but I hear nothing, then I try to smell but all I can smell is what I killed a little while back.

I start to sense some others but I can't tell if they are more marines or others like me.
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*Damn I'm starting to have another episode, this will surely attract a lot of attention for me*

Rolls on back howling while spikes are starting to form on the arms and legs again.

*I got to find a way on how to control this*

Vereor starts to lose control.

*They are sure to notice now*

Marine: Looks like we got a escapee trying to disguise himself like one of else. Lets tag him and bag him boys.
Marine 2: Well what are we waiting for lets get him.
*Points gun at Vereor*
This is going to be so much fun.

My psionic strength wasn't the best but the strain they had tested on me started to grow not into a force or power but into another sense. While I was on the ground losing control this psionic sense helped me to regain control. This new sense of mine is now starting to replace my old sense, my sight. Now I am using the psionic energy as my new eyes.

This new feeling was amazing it was the first time I could see clearly in a year after being experimented upon. I realized even if the energy wasn't enough to be used as a weapon it gave me one thing that was more important to me, and it would give me a advantage in the long run.

My newly formed psionic sight is slowly allowing me to see better, but I decided to not wait to long and to hurry up and dispatch these marines.

I got up but I lost my balance and stumbled down to the ground again. I thought to myself *I wonder if I can grow these spikes on my the bottom of my feet to help give me a grip on the floor easier*, the spikes were not that impressive at the moment but they would have to do. I threw the lab coat off showing my Zerg Chitin on my arms with the 1in spikes. Some of the marines most have been intimidated by them because they were backing away in a hurried way.

*Vereor smiles and does a quick jab through the visor killing one of the marines while also making the marines afraid of me*

Come and get me aren't you supposed to be fearless soldiers.

Marine2: YES SIR. *Hurries and runs off to the main garrison checkpoint*

By the time they arrive back with your reinforcements I'll be gone and you will all be dead.

Marine: You forget there are 5 of us and 1 of you.

*My adrenaline started to increase, it started to change my personality a bit*

*Charges through closest marine and mutilates him, once I was done the others started to shoot at me*
*The rounds that hit my Chitin bounced off but a most of them hit my chest making my adrenaline increase to unnatural levels while also bleeding. I managed to kill another marine with a kick through the torso but all the adrenaline and the amount of blood I was losing was to much for me and I went unconscious and hit the ground*

Marine: [Radio] Those reinforcements are no longer needed I'm afraid. Well who wants to carry him because I'm not.

OOC: The scene I made would probably be a good time to introduce myself to you guys.
smylez you trying to make your post perfect :D
It's not that I am making my post perfect, it's simply that I am adding onto it since no one else has replied. Editing keeps things clean and organized if you want to add something to your character but you are waiting for something to happen. Generally, posting in succession is frowned upon here. This "standstill" at the moment is when you would use the edit button. You're a new face so you'll learn the ropes. Of course, when you edit you run the risk of having someone read your post before you finish editing.

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Oh god.

You cannot believe how much that Kate Weatherall avatar makes me want to punch my monitor.
Oh god.

You cannot believe how much that Kate Weatherall avatar makes me want to punch my monitor.
I can change it if you want me to.
Sorry about the avatar didn't know.
Oh god.

You cannot believe how much that Kate Weatherall avatar makes me want to punch my monitor.

Was that avatar not the one Ace started out with? That must be why, because i pisses me off, too.
Both of you quit picking on the new-guy.

The tiger marine is just fine.
Besides, ace uses the Stalker portrait now.
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Crap. Meant to quote wfawwer's post. That just looked rude. Sorry.
It's OK lol didn't know a portrait could cause such a ruckus.
YES!, Another Anti-Hero!
Break me out smylez, I got a few ideas for attacks.
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{Layout of a map of the facility is shown on Vector's HUD}

[Vector, I have finished analysis of the layout of the facility and processed most of the information from our friends. According to the data I received, there are 7 subjects unaccounted for. Two of them escaped the facility, their location unknown as of now, but five of them are still inside. You should intercept them. As they would want to escape to the nearest exit, based on the movements, video feeds and location of the five targets inside, there is a very high probability that they would head over here to escape. I recommend us to head over there and set a trap.]

"You'd think those monkeys will be able to track them easily and capture them. Hell, its a maximum security compound. How incompetent are those apes?"

[You did not read the files carefully did you Vector?]

"...No, no, I did not."

[Allow me to fill you in. They have their hands full quelling the prisoners along with the escapees. Their main priority is reestablishing order and the rioters are putting up quite a fight.]

Vector laughs uncontrollably. "Idiots, the lot of them. It's too funny how badly they blundered. That's why they need me to clean up their mess. Ha ha ha, a prison break! What a show! And they are tracking those rats inside the facility! And they can't get them! Ha ha ha!"

"We are arriving at the hangar bay. Please remember to bring your things with you," the announcer boomed.

Vector fumbles around for his C-20A. "Now where's Kathy? Oh here she is! Hm, let's switch you up to close quarters. Don't worry girl, you'll have a blast today! Today's course are MUTANTS! He he he! Mutant hunting, reminds me of the plot of a movie long ago..."

The officer shifts around uncomfortably. "Are you ready?"

The door opens. Vector grabs his rifle and gear. "Damn right I am. Those flies will drop when I find them. Now, show me the quickest route to them Jared. I don't want to keep them waiting."
C-20A (A lot)
-Has a grenade launcher attachment, a modified scope to assist with aiming. Can be switched from an assault rifle to a sniper rifle using interchangeable parts. Can be attached with a shotgun mod.

Hellfire Grenades (6)
-Breaks into a number of heat-seeking explosive submunition

-Curved blade powered by psionic. Can cut most known materials with ease.

Knives (20)
-Knives thrown with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Can also be powered with psionic for addition power.

Custom ghost suit
-Functions exactly like a ghost suit with some modifications. Most notable is the ability to house an AI. Has a "detective mode" vision made available by the AI allowing Vector to track points of interest in the environment.

Vector did not receive any information about Aria.
I start to slowly regain consciousness, I looked down and the wounds on my chest had already healed. The marines were taking me to a temporary holding cell until they figure out what to do with me, when they got there they put enough sedatives to knock out a Ultralisk.

Marine: I want you two to stay here to make sure he doesn't escape, if he tries give him another does of the sedative.

Marine2: Yes sir, but what are we going to do with him exactly. This area is still a hot-zone since all of these experiments are running loose in this sector.

Marine: One thing at a time Sergeant, I shall go up to command and request a cargo helicopter to take him to a more secure place.

I thought to myself * I have to get out of here*.

Using all my strength I send out a psionic sound that only Zerg, or Zerg Hybrid could hear, I used all of my energy to do this and the stress from fight back there and the amount of strain it put of my body I collapsed and fell asleep, passing out.
[Vector cloaks and heads inside the facility...]
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[Vector cloaks and heads inside the facility...]
Do the guards know you are arriving to the facility.

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