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[Draconis Rising]
-NA clan on North American servers-

-What are the benefits of the Clan?

1) Everyone is Welcome, we are looking for people that love to play the game.
2) Less chances of trolls in customs, fun clan wars, custom game events, team tournaments for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, FFA, PVP, Ect...
3) Coaching from members in the clan.
4) Bonuses for joining the website.

- - Clan requirements and info - -

1) Must be over the age of 14. If younger your membership will be evaluated. You must be a mature player.
2) Skype and a headset or mic is strongly recommended, but is NOT REQUIRED, English is our primary language.
4) We have a clan tag, but no need to change name.
5) Must abide by the clan rules and the forum rules.
6) Must be active in game and on the website.

-About the clan

Draconis Rising (xDRx) We started off with a small base of members playing Starcraft 2. From then on we have grown ever so quickly into other games.
Today we run many games that we host for our members and have very enthusiastic team players for each of the games we run.
These "teams" all compete in clan wars across the gaming scene and are looking for more players everyday.
For the people that prefer to play socially, just come into a game and Skype to have a chat and just generally have fun, we have a wide base membership that love to do that every evening.
Social players are always welcome to Draconis rising We love meeting new faces!

Here are a list of games that Dracoins Rising currently supports:

- Starcraft II: WOL
- Starcraft II: HOTS (in development)
- Mechwarrior online (in development)
- Rain of Thunder (in development)
- Dabilo 3

--Clan Website: Draconisrising.guildlaunch.com --

-Clan Alliance

1) Dark Revolution Gaming
there website: http://www.darkrevolutiongaming.com/

-Casters from the clan-



Clan name: Draconis Rising
Clan Tag: xDRx
Contact: xDRxDevourer.388(SC2)Cryptwalker#1720(BNET Tag)Email(Gensan017@aol.com)
Chat Channel: Must join website for in game chat channel info.
Clan Leagues: Bronze-Masters
--Clan Website: Draconisrising.guildlaunch.com --

Thank you for your time and gl hf all!
Should probably try posting this in General Discussion. Very few people ever even look at Joeyray's Bar.
i did
I am in a clan and was wondering if your clan would care to verse ours in a team kill type game. I am not sure on the details BUT it would be awesome to let me know!
Necro. -_-
Let's hear it for a 5 month necro!
Seriously, release the hounds. *Monty Burns impression*

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