Zerg Building Bug

Bug Report
Affects: Latest patch, as of 4/22/12

Can cause a drone to over commit to the amount of buildings he's queued up to build (i.e., more than one), and thus creates an area of variable size that is a building blocker, but not a unit pathing blocker.

Replay to demonstrate with spine crawlers: http://drop.sc/165153
Wow nice bug found there. I've tested it and it does works and create an none-buildable terrain until the end of the building. The bug seems to work with any Zerg building even extractors. Also, it keeps the ressource needed to build the second building.

i.e.: You have 50 minerals. You have two drones and two geysers. With your first drone you give the order to build an extractor. When he reachs the geyser, just before he transforms, give another commands to build the second extractor. It will creates a list of commands and the second geyser will show the invisible model of the Extractor. With your second drone, you won't be able to build on the geyser until the first extractor finish and the model disappear.

i.e.2: Have a drone, build over it and rapidly ask him to build something else. Same result.
Hey guys,

Thanks for the help and thank you for the replay. It was really useful! We're looking at it now to try and figure out the issue.


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