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Sometimes when I'm in a game the game will stop responding to my mouse. It will ignore mouse clicks, my ability to actually move the mouse goes in and out, etc. This always starts when a big battle is happening, for some reason. Basically, it's the exact same problems you'd experience with a wireless mouse that had trouble staying connected, so at first I thought it was a problem with my wireless mouse. The weird thing is that whenever it happens, my computer's trackpad stops working too, with the same symptoms; it might or might not respond to me trying to move the mouse, and ignores when I try and click. This has happened a few times in the game, and I chalked it up to issues with mouse connectivity or mouse drivers or something. Sometimes, the problem continues after I close starcraft. Today I had spotify open, too, and after I force quit starcraft, spotify wouldn't respond to clicking, and neither would the finder (I'm on a mac, obviously). I had to restart the computer to get everything working normally.

Again, I originally thought this was a problem with my mouse, but it affects the trackpad too, and it only starts this behavior when I'm playing starcraft AND a big battle's going on, so now I think it's probably a problem with starcraft. Any ideas?

I'm running Mac OS 10.6 on a 13" MacBook Pro with 2.66 GHz CPU and 4GB RAM, on minimal graphics settings. The mouse is HP wireless x4000, although like I said whenever this happens it seems to affect the computer's trackpad as well.
I'm having a similiar issue. On my iMac the game doesn't see my mouse click at all. I have to use "a", "m" or command. It's really cumbersome and not fun. I really want my mouse click to do something like attack and move but it's not working, :(

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