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Some info about map:

1 Race, 8 Towers, Random Mini Bosses, 18 Items, 20 Tower Level Up based on Exp, 36 Waves.

Build Towers Close to each other to Share Exp , Give Items to Towers to make them stronger.

Created By Rage (ZA)


Just want to say I love this map, already maxed out the levels and I can't wait for the next update, this is one of my favorite TDs, items and leveling are so much fun.

Couple of suggestions:

Items/towers are too unbalanced, attack charms are near useless, while getting a nuke/fungal early on take all the challenges out of the game completely. My recommendation? nerf/balance items big time, and buff towers.

Towers need some balancing too.

Bug fixes (Jim raynor is immune to items, kerrigan comes out dead, etc)

Wishlist of future upgrades:
more builders and towers!
ability to upgrade and evolve for towers!
a versus option instead of teams
I'll echo Omni's sentiments. I think the balance between towers and items is WAY too skewed in favor of items. Like he said, an early Nuke/Fungal/Storm basically let's you go afk until wave 15, whereas it's often a struggle not leaking if you get 4 or 5 useless damage items in a row.

Speaking of damage items... either make them scale off total damage or GREATLY increase their percentage. If you make them scale off total, I think reducing the amount of them to 10/20/30% versions would be fine. If you just want to increase their effect, start them off at 200/400/600%. Anything less than 200% is entirely useless since tower base damage is so low. Either way, they have to be changed from the current design. Every time I get a damage item (even a 350%!) I groan and sell it immediately. They just don't do anything.

I really hope towers get buffed and items get nerfed a little bit. The difficulty of the TD is so random because the items are so important. If they did less damage and towers did more (50-100% more I'd say) it would feel a lot less !@#$ty when you get unlucky on items.

Also, could you remove the random sell value for items? Give items a static sale value perhaps?

Love the map, despite the above issues.
Same as above...Items are WAY too important...without them leaking is almost guaranteed. They're also too expensive in the shop for their importance, and the sell values are ridiculous compared to the prices.

Definitely need to buff towers and focus less on random luck item drops.
I'd also love to see a race or competitive game mode. I'm utterly sick and tired of losing because of new players who don't listen to advice. This game is extremely easy with 5 experienced players, and pretty much impossible if you get 4 new players.

I'd like to be in charge of my own win/loss ratio, not have to roll the dice with public players who may or may not be mentally handicapped.
05/02/2012 02:37 AMPosted by Marxman
4 new players.

Is it really so bad?

my literal first game, everyone ended up quitting because some dude leaked like twice. And I went on to finish the game with ease. I dont think a person is going to do badly just because they're new.
I should have said "4 new players who don't listen to advice and have no idea how to play tower defense games".

Example: Yesterday I played with 3 players whom completely ignored my pleas for them to build in the 2-pass spot, and what towers they needed. I ended up leaving that game because it became obvious we were going to lose very quickly with those idiots.
Not sure if this is a good place to do it, but everyone should avoid playing games with VinceNoir. He will steal any item he can and he does so singing a jolly tune. I really implore the creator to add a kicking system wherein if someone steals an item a window pops up and asks everyone if they vote to kick the player. It would stop people from kicking noobs and give people the opportunity to kick trolls. ^^
Is there anyway possible to get past the first wave without leaking on hard? Iv'e tried so many different combinations and placements. It always seems that a few just do not die! any suggestions with what to start with?
The waves aren't so bad until later on, but items are damn important in the mid-games.

If you don't have something powerful like fungal or nuke after the first boss, or if a majority of your drops have been %, then you're gonna leak, especially during the stalker or high Templar stages.

Question. I went away for a while, but had Storm/Fungal always cost 1.2k?
Advanced Particle Cannons and The Obelisk need to be improved, I see way too many new players build those and lose because of how awful they are compared to Lightning/Death Ray. Adv Particle needs to do more damage and have longer range, and Obelisk should probably fire faster.

Speaking of Death Ray... is there a reason this tower is literally 10x better than anything else? I get that it's the end game tower and all that, but does it really need to be THAT much better? I'd like to see a viable strategy that doesn't include "Start saving at wave 10, then start spamming Death Rays until you win."
The new updates are cool, with all the new ways you can configure your towers. However by mid-game it gets too easy even on hard, like you can go AFK and still win.
You can beat easy with 1 cannon and 2 lighning towers
The new version 2.13 does not end. I complete level 37 and then it just waits for level 38 that never comes. If i quit stats are not updated. I believe this is a bug!!
Same here. Final boss lvl 37 does not end.
Great map. One of my favorites.


Experience stealing tower:
Maybe if a player wants to spend, a tower to steal experience from another players builder, IF the tower is build inside ones base (not in the middle)? This would inhibit players from stealing - and if they do, they loose experience points! The few minerals you get doesn't make up for stolen charms.

Lightning towers:
These are so overpowered. It takes only 3 of these loaded with 400&300 speed, 400 damage, 400 crit hit, 60 crit hit chance, 20scope. They kill the final bosses so fast that you may not even see them go pop.

Speed and Damage towers:
..effects surrounding towers. Yes, I know about the speed Damage charms. These towers could be upgraded thru several levels to give a boost.
All the above bugs are fixed. Great job. The authur seems to be very resonsive. Check out his other maps also.

Just... one... more... bug... to... mention...

It seems that occasionaly, a player will not be able to see their drops. We got around this by the bugged player giving control of their builder to abother (trusted) player to have them pickup the drops, then take the control away.
Korvin for RAGE TD . you need to fix the fact that you CANT see charms like 80% of the time when they are on the ground , if your playing with other people you can get them to steal them then put them on your towers/probe..also ruining their game making them go slow , but if your playing solo your kinda up sh*t creek
also cannot see most "good charms" never see my ranged drops and 300-400% stuff only way I get them is by asking a fellow player to pick up with shared control. Thanks and fix if you can!

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